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Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
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Yves Jeudru a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I've been using the proteus 2000 for a year and loved it. I do R&B and Hip Hop mostly. You need really good vision with this module, as they do sound dull. But take your time processing the sound, and it can sound really nice. It is a difficult synth as it does rarely inspires me, I have to inspire myself with it. But I love it and expanded with pure phatt, world expedition, and vintage. Try it at a store first tho.. I didn't and had to stick with it for a long time till I really love it :D

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-07-2003 at 19:14
Vitaly a part-time user from Sweden writes:
I bought the p2k because it was really cheap and after one day using it I was very disappointed and fell into depression. I found it completely uninspiring. I will try to tell you why in a good manner but believe me it will not be that easy. It seems that EMU put the number of voices in this sound module just to say that it has this number of voices. OK, you'll find some 50 really good sounding ones out of nearly 1000!!! Pads are completely unusable and sucks in a way the pads ever can suck! I would pay ever spend some bucks just for seeing the foto of that man who put those pads in the composer soundset! I could imagine to hear those pads in something like overdose-trance-rave rom special edition but definitely not in a bread&butter module! Next, scratches, when you are buying the b&b soundmodule do you often ask for tons of scratches? If you do so the p2k is for you! May be bearing in mind that scratches might be inspirative for b&b soundmodule user or for some other reasons emu put tons of scratches and sfx in this module spending a place in rom memory. Next drum kits, OK, some drum kits are quite good but once again, emu engineers, bid on quality – not on quantity! I would like to have some 8-10 fantastic kits instead of 3-4 good and 15 average! The synthsounds and wav sections might be useful in some compositions and specially if you are tweaking and “moving” them in a real-time, otherwise most of them are “static” and cheap. Most sounds which I found be more or less useful are located in guitars and strings sections and some bass sounds. But they are NEVER comparable to ones from the Roland’s XV or Korg’s Triton. The most useful properties of this sound module is its beat mode, arpeggiator and ability to tweak sounds which comes with the new OS. This would be good sides of p2k as a ROMler but not as a soundmodule. The arpeggiator will renew some sounds and you can also send the aprnotes to the output and hook them to something better sounding. The beat mode is great for live performances, once again, if you will find something good sounding, which is problematic. One thing is drilling my mind – a group of peoples, presumably sound engineers at EMU, made the soundset called Composer put it in a p2k module and agreed that it will be very good soundmodule! Was it a joke or do the hate the company (EMU) they are working for? Or are they very badly paid for things they are doing? I also noticed one thing: whenever I’m reading a review which comes from the seller it says that the p2k is the best sounding module on market today, on the other hand when a review comes from the user it almost always loaded with a negative marks. So, I’m joining those who experienced disappointment, depression or vomiting playing p2k and my verdict would be: the p2k might be a good or even a very good ROMler, but it definitely sucks as a soundmodule. My last hope is that the upcoming expansion roms might be loaded with more qualitative presets and EMUs sound designers will be more creative and motivated in the future. If you thing that I was rather aggressive in my comments relating the p2k please write to me and help to find those positive moments, which according to the manufacturer are there,

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-08-2003 at 03:29
looralay a part-time user from germany writes:
I'm using this with the ZR-board (with the sounds used all the time by Jam&Lewis: perfect piano and the electric piano's) and the Phat-board (used by Timbaland/Missy a.o.) The module on its own is o.k. but with the expansions it's a great sound bank for me.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-15-2003 at 05:50
The SoniX a professional user from USA writes:
This fucking sound module sucks.Im glad i didnt purchase it!I work out of my cousins studio,and he has other modules like the JV-2080 and he has an alesis Qs7 keyboard.Let me tell u, the proteus sucks.I dont care how cheap it is.It is a horrible dull sounding module.It will make u want to quit music.I really almost hate it.The effects are not even that good.You can get some use out of it,but that is rare,and let me tell u I do basically all types of music.Electronic/techno,Rap,R&b,Pop and the sounds are pretty lame in all departments.This module Left a bad impression on me and e-mu products.I think that the other e-mu modules like the vintage pro,the mo phatt and the orbit 3 may sound better than this,but is still dont know since its all e-mu.I mean any company that makes sounds this crappy, cant make a module that saounds too much better!I just love quality sounds.Like the Motif,The Roland XV-series and the Virus,and Triton.Thats good inspiring sound.But this is ass!!The strings make me vomit.Ill say the most decent sounds are the keys,some sound effects and it had some unique pads and leads,but still pretty average.I made a couple of songs with this module so i used it quote a bit.I have a Cs2x, and an Rm1x and I know for a fact I can get better sounds from thjose peices than this.Im sorry dont get it,to whomever is thinking about it.I laugh when I hear its an industry standard.Ill tell u I use my cousins Jv-2080 and THAT is a good sounding module,I have came up with better shit on that thing than this.This is dull,boring unispiring.Even if u can scoop it for 500, look else where.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-14-2003 at 19:59
Savy writes:
Again, typically Emu, sounds are dull and non-really-pro. There is no quality to the sounds, just the quantity, and effects make them even worse (reverb is bad, delay is okey). But there are lots of sounds, so for every 100 crap presets you'll eventually find 1 decent. I can't say what it's best suited for - I believe only for a genre, called "amatourship". Should not be considered as a primary sound source, but if you have at least couple of decent Rolands, Korgs, Yamahas or Kurz you may add this to your collection. They are cheap now anyway. I have it with Techno Rom - which is also somewhat boring and repetative. Oh well, for the money P2K good. Just don't expect miracles from it.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-09-2003 at 04:57
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