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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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king david from Da Boogie Down Bronx!!! writes:
To hell with the MPC2000!! All you non-believers who complain about the ASR-X(or Pro)have yet to fully recognize the power behind it's black/red frame. Other than a so-so sequencer,the functions surpass anything in its price range.The sampling/ resampling is supadope,the FX rock severely,& the envelopes/filters/modulators are immense in quality and quantity. I've done whole tunes without Cakewalk or a PC period to me & my customers satisfaction. Did I mention that I have the urban dance card with it;the drums on it kick elephant culo!! If you look throughout the web, the ASR seems to get a lot more user-support than the MPC2000, which only has a great sequencer and nothing else. I heard the MPC, and it sounds too "boxy" for me. As far as the sequencer timing, I'm hoping the aftermath of the EMU/Ensoniq merge will have this corrected in no time soon.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-03-1999 at 14:07
Cyberpunk a professional user from USA writes:
Why people step on this thing to get to an MPC 2000 is BEYOND me. I guess cause a couple of rappers put the MPC on the cover of their album. The ASR-X is hands down superior in every aspect except the screen size, and the sequencer. I never really played around that much with the sequencer but when I did, It was frustrating to work on a two line LCD screen. Anyway, the ASR-X has built in FX, and Resampling. Something that the MPC 2000 does not. I guess If all you want is an all in one workstation, The MPC gets the cup due to its sequencer. However, unlike the MPC, the ASR-X is multitimbral so you can use it with a real sequencer a lot easier. I really like mine, but its not for everyone I guess. Research before you buy.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-16-1999 at 06:08
circuit slave a hobbyist user from US writes:
We'll, the ASR-X Pro isn't new, or should I say it's newer than the original X, but has been out for a while. I hope not to be biased, but I have been looking for an Ensoniq sampler to begin with. I was originally looking for an EPS/EPS 16+ or an ASR-10 when the X came out. I have heard of bad tech support and horror stories with getting repairs done by the manufacturer, so thier reputation was a consideration. On the other hand, many an artist from Altern 8 (with their EPS) to BT (with his original black X) was something to consider.

You see, I was looking for a REAL sampler. This would be my first "professional" or "true" sampler, and I didn't want to be limited to JUST looping or phrases. I thought taking "the best of" the ASR line and putting it into a box was a good idea. But I didn't want a rack sampler, I wanted an actual "all in itself" instrument to play.

As far as sampling, there's a lot to do with the sound in the Pro, it's got envelopes, filters, lfo's, and modulation options up the butt! I like a lot of editing options, and the voice architecture is pretty damm good in my opinion. Sample anything and mangle, twist, warp it beyond original recognition. The EFFECTS top of your samples wonderfully. I mean the X/X Pro's effects are of the quality kind. The effects have lfos and filters of their own, for crying out loud!

And then there's the RESAMPLING option that set's the X apart from other samplers. You can resample the output or the input or both with effects or without. Take a bassline, add distortion, loop it, resample it, add a 909 loop, sequence that, resample it and assign it all to just one pad, then add this add that, run it through the effects and resample the whole thing! And then take that and then...I mean resampling is only limited to what your imagination can think of. Not, to mention freeing up effects and memory for other things. As far as the on-board sounds, I mean they are usable, but unless you sample them to use or have a PC and a software editing program, you can't do much to the sounds from the front panel. And I don't use a PC for musical purposes.

As far as the onboard 16-track sequencer. It's adequate, I guess. I mean it's got all the usual suspects of pattern creation, song mode, quantizing, overdub, replace, punch-in recording, muting/solo of parts, mixdown. But, I think the X's sequencer is more of a composition or "idea concept" sequencer than something for us "Orbital" crowd. I personally don't really mess with the internal sequencer too, much. I mainly sequence the X with two MMT8s. Which work pretty well with the ASR-X Pro. Having only one knob for changing parameters and one knob for editing values and a measily old-fashioned two-line display, I think that's the major weak point of the X when it comes to performing live. But with Phat Boys and MCR8s, and Peavey and Kenton controllers out there, you'll find ways to "tweak" the red beast. With the "all-in-one-box" theme being the name of the game right now, the ASR-X Pro is a good contender in the sampling ring. As an introduction to sampling or music production, on it's own, the X Pro can do a lot for you. Add it to an expanding setup and it will do more!

Sampler (not just phrase-sampling), sequencer, effects unit, rompler, all INCLUDED in one box! Check mark all these options when looking at the competition. The red X is a great building block or foundation for the ultimate dream studio.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-16-1999 at 17:19
mw a hobbyist user from USA writes:
The ASR-X is great. I love it. Simple as that. Mine came with the SCSI option, 8 out option, the Exp3 Urban Dance rom, and Os version 2.53. I have ordered the new 2.67 OS. Along with my Kurzweil K2VX, I feel like I can do just about anything. I'm going to be getting a CastlewoodSystem's Orb 2.2GB 12.2mb/sec removable media drive to use with them both. Right now I have the ASR-X hooked up with the K2VX to my pc running Cubase. I plan on getting a Gullimot Isis to record with. Ooh... this is so much fun. Get an ASR-X. Have fun, go crazy with it. I know I will... am.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-08-1999 at 12:34
Rodney Gipson a professional user from USA writes:
I bought my ASR-X several months ago and thought I made a mistake. But after learning it and really listening to its sound quality-this box is a winner. The hi-hats are very realistic. Bells and synth sounds are crisp and have lots of presence. I also upgraded the OS with the new chip. This makes the ASR-X sequencer very usable.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-17-1999 at 06:14
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