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Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
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dj2sday a professional user from dirty south writes:
i have had the fizmo three days now and i am in love. wave tables are bad ass and the possibilities are endless. i reaaly cnat see how some poeple cant get any useable sounds out of this board. i thnk its hard not to get useable sounds. oh weel more for me!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-14-2002 at 13:52
Brutal Enigma a part-time user from Texas, USA writes:
This is my third review. My last one was pretty harsh. It turns out that alot (maybe all ?) FIZMOs were produced with a big flaw: The wrong internal voltage regulator on the main circuit board. One of my bandmates is a savvy electronic engineer and he replaced the factory regulator with a different one (supplied by E-mu - thanks !). Now my FIZMO is up and running again and has performed very stably so far. I still wouldn't use the supplied external power supply.

My verdict, if you get this mod done, you will have a fantastic powerful unique synthesizer to play with. One that easily rates a 5-mark score. Here is a link with instructions to perform this fix:

Now you should go out there and buy a FIZMO while they're so cheap and under-rated and have someone fix the design flaw.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-25-2002 at 03:27
Victor writes:
I've been a Fiz owner for a couple of months now, and I just wanted to mention something that I think is crucial to understanding the synth.

Before you trash it... spend some time with it. I think the biggest problem the Fiz has (and a big part of why so many people trash it) is that all the parameter settings go WAY beyond what's musically useful. Turn the resonance or the FX Mix up past 50% and it clips (ugh). Turn the LFO up past 50% and it goes so fast it might as well be static. It's really important to keep the DCA down below 50%, or EVERYTHING clips.

In short, everything on this keyboard "goes to 11". So it's really hard to get the hang of programming it, not just because Transwaves are conceptually difficult, but because all your parameter adjustments have to be made VERY carefully or you just get lots of burbly farting noises down low and screeching digital distortion up top. And the presets are mostly too "weird" to be muscially useful, too, so you can't really judge it that way.

I really like my Fizmo. It's kind of cold and digital, but it's extraordinarily programmable and has a great interface. IT WILL NOT REPLACE YOUR VIRTUAL ANALOG BECAUSE IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO. It also will not replace your ROMpler or Groovebox. I definitely don't reccommend it as your first (or only) keyboard. But as an addition to an otherwise well-equipped studio, the Fizmo can definitely create unique sounds that set your music apart from the rest.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-22-2002 at 00:10
Norm Vogel a hobbyist user from NJ; USA writes:
The Fiz makes sounds unlike any other synth i've ever used (and, i've used a LOT!).

It's THE synth for ambient music, but can be used for any kind of electronic stuff.

I've written a procedure for fixing the regulator/power supply unit in ENGLISH:

There are some synths that sound like no other; the main two i can think of are the Fiz and the Microwave XT!

AMAZING machines!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-11-2002 at 20:24
Joe a professional user from Germany writes:
Wow! New dimensions open up for this synth if you start editing it with emagic´s "sounddiver"... unbelievable, with this proggy you gain access to almost twice the amount of functions compared to Fizmo´s hardware interface. Try it! Even the FX parameters of eg. the "hall reverb" algorythm can be edited in a way that makes a Lexicon MPX-500 look old! :) Using this software tool makes the Fiz a really worthwhile synth with a load of features that you´ll never see if staying to the hardwaresurface only! btw, I own two of them now as my old kb-version finally came back from repair after unbelievable 13months and 10 days, also the red plasticcover of the display was gone and it had 5 different repairstations´ number-stickers on it. Must have been a really bad odyssey for my poor Fiz. But it works now and I got a rackversion in the meantime, which works, too. Double Fiz´s, double fun editing! ;)

posted Tuesday-Jan-22-2002 at 02:09
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