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Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
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Richard DeFaria a hobbyist user from Cambridge,Mass/ America writes:
My Fezes or whatever you call it just gave out on me. DAMN! I heard there was a problem with the internal power unit. What I'm really mad about is that mine did not come with a warranty card and I bought mine new. It makes me mad because I had to put the screws back in that were loose before I even took it out of the box .The inside made a loud popping noise and I thought it was something cracking inside or a blown out fuse. I don't know what to do but mine did not have the warranty so I guess I am left out in the cold. I wish that Ensoniq did not get sold. Now they are like Yugo's or something you would get free for opening a bank account.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-18-1999 at 05:59
SynthPro a professional user from USA writes:
This is the biggest ripoff so far by a synth company. I never saw so many design flaws from the case to the electronics. The unit I tried at G.C. had diodes out on the LED, some knobs were lifeless (turned them but got no response) the volume knob lagged horribly, the sound is too thin (who are you people that claim to get phatness out of this thing? LIARS!! Shame on you. Ya, I know it might be cool for ambient, but it didn't seem to have the strength to cut thru a mix. I know this was the demo and probably beaten somewhat, but the other demo synths there (Triton, JP-8000, EX5, Z1, etc), looked mint and worked just fine. That says it all... the fizmo just can't hang with the big boys! And don't gimme shit about the price difference between the fizmo and the others, the fizmo origianlly came out at $1500 ! I feel bad for those who paid that!! STAY AWAY FROM THE FIZMO!

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-17-1999 at 01:08
Dylan Klebold a hobbyist user from Texas~USA writes:
I just recieved a gift certificate from my Sister and I used it on a Fizmo. STUPID ME. I know , I know, I should of listened to it first! The problem I have is that it just doesn't sit in a mix too well. It has an almost 1 dimensional sound. It's like , you hear the sound but it doesn't really go anywhere except to clutter up the dynamics in your song. I erased every single preset and made my own .... I made 64 of them . Actually I made 69 but the Fizmo some how lost my information and I had to redo them. (Another reason why I should have tested it out first). Anyways, the built in waves used to make a sound really are drab and uninspiring. I wish this was like a real synth but it's almost like a rompler in a lot of respects. I had put it on Ebay already but the bidding closed at 7 dollars . I don't think I am going to sell it for that amount but I certainly don't want it. I can't believe that I only had 2 bidders and they weren't prepared to pay more that 7 dollars. I think that ALL FIZ owners should NOT get rid of your Fizmo for less that 10 dollars than what you paid for it. People that want it should be prepared to pay you full price or don't buy it at all. I may just keep it but I won't use it that much. It's alright I guess. Im tired of programming on it though. I have already exhausted all the possibilties and it is not much but I am not getting rid of it. I want at least 469$ for it or I may just use it for parts.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-15-1999 at 02:59
Roger Turnell a professional user from Ventura ,California in America writes:
Beware of the soon-to-be-infamous Fizmo bug. There is a problem with recording Fizmo's notes into a sequencer. My little local keyboard club has experienced this bug and thinks that it may be a software issue but quite possibly the Dae-Woo chips (who now make cars equivalent to the Hyundai's from 1989). Also , to test how crappy the software OS is ,do this......Play a patch on the keep it pressed turn down the MAIN volume fast .... watch how the sound stays at the same volume and hear how long it takes the Fiz to recognize that you have just turned down the volume. That is so sad that even the volume knob is not hard wired but rather controlled by slow software. You will also notice other timing issues related to the massive delay in knob twisting. This is almost a like Fisher-Price® "My First Crappy Synth".

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-13-1999 at 17:23
alpha drop a professional user from denmark writes:
To add to the chaos, heres my review of the most controversial synth out there. I bought it on blowout, like everyone else did. Lets talk about the sound. I think the presets really, really, really blow. I found maybe 5 out of 64 that I could use in a mix. BUT! I think there is power here which the preset programmers did not begin to tap into. This synth WILL NOT create 'thick' sounds. At least, not what I consider thick sounds. This whole thick and phat issue reminds me of the 'brown' tone issue that EVH started in the 80's. To me, thick is DEFINED by unison detuned analogs lead sounds and similar stuff. This synth's sounds should be described as 'deep'. By that I mean, in a single patch, you can hear 4 different layers of strange, spacey digital creepiness all churning into an abstract single entity. In my experimenting, I attempted to make a patch which I would consider thick and phat. The closets I could get was a sound that resembled an overprocessed heavy metal guitar (pretty damn cool sounding too!) This machine creates the yang to my AN1X, Nordlead, and BassStation yin. You can't get really great main lead sounds, but for those ambient head trip underling layers its perfect. Main critisism: The sound doesn't cut through the mix well. Thats obviously partially because I use it for ambient pad shit, but this applies to so-called lead sounds as well. They kind of get lost in the sonicscape. I think this synth is pretty cool.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-07-1999 at 19:57
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