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Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
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Kreg B from USA Cali writes:
A couple of observations:

1. The manual is the smallest manual I have ever seen. My VCR manal is bigger. I would say this has 30 pages of actual instructions....useless

2. The software disc that is SUPPOSED to come with it is actualy a coupon that says "Please send in this coupon and we send you the editor disc when we make it". This disc will never come out , especially since it is being blown out.....pointless

3. The base of the cabinet is constructed from very thin aluminum and when you tap it it makes a hollow echo sound....ridiculous

4. The "vocoder" is not a real vocoder but merely a effect preset which is the exact duplicate in which you can find on the ASR-10 waveboy disc.....misleading

5. The buttons are made from a low grade plastic that may possibly cause complications from just a few weeks of use......budget

6. They keys are very stiff and make a weird crunching sound upon each press. Especially the last keys......subordinate

7. The knobs have little bits of plastic flaking off the edges and are not placed on correctly. On all the ones i have seen some knobs are higher than others and you can see the metal underneath. May fall off during live playing......careless

9. Only 64 presets. No room to store your own. (Not that you would make anything worth saving)......unbelievable

All in all not something that I would spend 500 bucks or even $200. Reliabilty is an issue not to mention the sounds which have been already been discussed here in great length.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-19-1999 at 20:39
Miek Kjus a professional user from Holland writes:
If any of you have ANY doubts about buying this synth (like I did )becasue of the negative reviews posted here well I have something to tell you. IT'S ALL TRUE AND THEN SOME. After paying 170 dollars to get the synth shipped here(which is MANDATORY ACCORDING TO MUSICIANS FRIEND!!!!!) I was very angry when I opened the box. I slid out the styrophoam and pulled out the FIZMO. I instantly knew I was going to have problems when The whole top panel came right OFF!! It seems that Ensoniq decided to cut corners in making my Fizmo that they chose not to screw on the panel to the bottom. It came right off and I had to work without it being firmly attached. I was very upset. I plugged it in anyway but the power cord kept coming RIGHT OFF. This thing i could see was guilty of every compaint on here. Anyways, I stuck some tissue paper in the power cord slot to temporarily hold it in place. I turned it on and the led pad did not light up but you could still hear sounds. Another damn defect. The first sound i heard was EXACTLY as everyone has descibed it. ICE COLD, PAPER THIN, LOW AMPLITUDE, AND A PIERCING HIGH PITCHED TONE. Just terrible! I spent 1 hour trying to tweak it. It was just no good. I was almost on the verge of breaking it even more so just like that one kid did. Well, anyways , I ended up calling the store and they are going to pick it up but I dont get a refund. THAT SUCKS!!! So now I have to find something else that costs 570 dollars . I am so dissapointed I could cry. I don't want to even think about this anymore. A total waste. I am sorry if I have let anyone down .

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-17-1999 at 21:48
Oj a part-timer user from Brentwood,CA. writes:
Well, I went down to my local Sam Ash this afternoon. I wanted to see for myself. Looks like I wasted a gallon of gas. This thing is pathetic. Built around a paper mache' base sits wobbly keys , the kind you would find on an Ensoniq Mirage (of course it would be Ensoniq). I would'nt doubt if they used old Mirage stock for the Fizmo. Above the keys are little knobs that ,from what I can tell, do relatively nothing to the sounds except add a piercing hum. It seriously sounds like a defect. There were no headphones on the Fizmo I was using and as I turned the knob it sounded as if the Fizmo was breaking (not the dance) and the salesclerk turned around and said "turn it down please". Maybe I had a broken model but I dont know why they would have something broken on display. Although, the model I was using had a cracked LED screen like someone had pushed it in. Maybe a Fizmoo hater or something. Anyways, I was messing around with the faux "vococder" section and I really could'nt hear a change except what sounded like horns or tubas behind my voice. I asked the saleslady if she could get the vocoder to work properly and she said "that's it. you're using it right now". I couldnt believe ensoniq had the audacity to call this a vocoder. Holding my nose while talking sounded better than this. Then I proceeded on to the patches and editing. This I think has to be the weakest part of the Fizmoo. All the patches sounded EXACTLY alike. You get nothing but plop-plop-poop with a little mix of a dog bark sound as featured in the SK-1. Totally useless. I spent approximately 25 minutes going through the presets. I was tired and ready to go. I couldnt stand this piece of crap. But , I still wanted to hear something good, so, I turned off the Fizmoo and went over to the Triton. It was funny cause after spending all that time with the Fizmoo trying to find a useable sound, pad or any weird noise, just anything but stupid horns, I immediately found a good sound on the Triton just from the first patch. Mind you it wasn't my type of sound it still sounded quality yet mesmerizing. Something the Fizmoo is definitely NOT.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-16-1999 at 18:39
Got mine yesterday, I like it. for less than $500 what do you expect, a nord lead 2? the effects are great, though the quality of the actual synth's production is questionable. One of the buttons on it which is supposed to have a little window so the LED can be seen, has been incorrectly installed and doesnt have a window, but i can see the light coming in from around the button. no quality control. i'll never buy another ensoniq, or emu. creative labs sucks.

The manual is crap as well, and the display is smaller than some wrist watches i've seen, but the synth is what I expected.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-14-1999 at 23:04
a part-timer user from Los Angeles, CA writes:
Here it is...the FIZMO list. It's small but hey it's a weird instrument.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-12-1999 at 20:36
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