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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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David Vesel a part-time user from St. Louis, MO, USA writes:
The one that started it all. Clearly, if you're looking for realism these days, look elsewhere. But crunching 8-bit sounds and a whale of programmability makes this beast an excellent and low cost (around $100 these days) noise maker for electronic musicians. The quality of samples to be found are all over the map, and the best ones tend to be the ones off the beaten path. Today, it's worth more than you'd pay, just keep your expectations modest.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-05-2004 at 19:27
mooghead a professional user from england writes:
Ignore this guy that states an sk1 is better.I think he needs to take a shit because it is coming from his mouth and not his arsehole.He obviousley has never spent the time required to learn this machine or he has not got the intelligence,mmm,probably the latter. This comment is from someone who wants a machine to do all the work for him and gets no enjoyment out of making uniq sounds with machines.I think he should wait until the technology is available that has a button on it that says 'make music for me' and he will be in his element. trust me this guy is talking utter shit,this sampler sounds the bomb.sample some beats into it and you will wonder why people spend a fortune on an amu sp1200 when this is just as phat sounding. Obviousley i would not have this as my only sampler but i do have hard disk recording and use the mirage for making phat bass sounds and beats and I have been on loads of great albums includingDJ sasha's and that says it all. This sampler is awesome and if you take the time(as with anything) I promise you will be rewarded and you can leave toy music to talentless people who use toys like the to the user who keeps making this ridicules statement about the sk1 ...Man if only you realised how riducless you sound you would be advise.get some time,get some kit,learn how to use it and enjoy oh and maybe buy some new ears as the ones you have got are fucked.sooo soo sad. I am giving this machine a 5 out of 5 because it just always comes up with stuff that you would never get from a new sampler its all down to the bandwidth and 8 bits and analog filters and analog envelop generators for both the filter and amp and lfo's and chorusing and waveform selct by modwhhel or velocity and loads of so many features that make this great.To the guy who prefers the sk1..go back to school do some maths and get your head into a mirage and make some phat beats,then smoke loads of dope and make some more beats.Hex is easy,the op system on this is simple,you just do not have a clue man..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-07-2004 at 12:13
Buy an SK1. More fun, better user interface, same sample features and 1,000% easier to use. Also, they cost £30. The SK5 does more. This is an horrendous waste of time and money.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-05-2004 at 11:51
synaptic_gap a professional user from england writes:
Let me just say this sampler is fantastic.Really gritty sounds are to be had from this freak. Very small sampling time 2.2 seconds at its highest sample rate of 29khz more seconds if you lower the sample rate and this is where the fun begins becuase the gritt that is applied to sounds when you sample them in 8 bits at a low sample rate and play around with the input frequency to in turn play around with the nyquist frequency which aliases big time but in a good way. Yes programming is in hex but this is not so difficult. basically to sample into one of these things do the following:- 1...set parameter 26 to 1(this is sample no.1-8) 2...set paramet 73 to 34 this is sample rate(29khz 3...set parameter 74 to 80 input filter 4...set parameter 75 to on 5...set parameter 76 to 10(sample trigger threshold) 6...set 77 to on(multisample) set parameter 72 to 35(no of keys from 1st left key) 7...set paramete 60 to 00(memory start of sample)(in hex =00) 8...set parameter 61 to ff(this is 255 in decimal and depicts the sample end in memory(you can set this smaller for shorter values) sample lower and the disply should read sf and after a few seconds you should get a bar in the screen which should fluctuate when the sound you want to sample is playing(get the level so the bar just flickers into the top) press enter.

hey presto you have a sample. utilse parameter 67(course tune and 68 fine tune) to tune sample. if the sample sounds like a fast theeep sound you probably need to ajust paramet 67 lower.

hope this helps anyone who does not have a manual. any info needed email me..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-05-2004 at 11:02
Solid_state_freaks a professional user from uk writes:
Ok let me just say this machine is truly wonderfull,I love it.Yes it is not straight forward to program because every parameter is accessed by keying in a number but once you get used to it(which wont take long) it is cool. The sound is so lo fi and dirty it really adds a bit of fizz to a mix in this world of super clean audio and hard disk recording.I have 3 mirages two keyboards and 1 rack and always use it for philphy drums before recording them to my mac running logic.Pure Filth.Ensure you get a few disks with it and a manual or buy a manual from web.Try to get the masos disk.

don't pay more than 100 pounds for one. but hey they are sexy little noise makers.

Just smoke loads of dope then try programming it,it should then make sense.

I am giving it a 5 out of five because depsite its limitations such as sample time and it will not give perfect reproduction of i am giving it 5 out of five because if you take the time to learn this machine and use it you will be rewarded with samples that will add interest to your tracks and this machine is great because you never quite know what she is going to do with your sound that you just sampled.

And all this is an honest opinion of mine.

Peace brothers.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-11-2003 at 19:20
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