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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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first of all the interface of the EPS is really easy. The loading times aren't bad, especially if you're smart about using memory. Mine has been quite are they unreliable? were you using an old OS? Mine hardly ever crashes, and then it's only when I do something stupid.

Also you're wrong about the analog processing. It's all digital.

posted Thursday-Sep-20-2001 at 23:17
Sphrone a part-time user from Australia writes:
Had two EPS originals and was going to use like a MPC together in real time. Sold them both. Why because they were not the right instruments for me. Really bad interface makes for painful work, loading times are unbearable and ensoniq products are totally unreliable. Crash after crash, regular servicing needed. Bad you say beyond hideous very painful, however here’s the paradox, the sound. EPS so I have heard has full analog processing, moog, prophet, Juno, Emusp1200, Mpc60 samples all sound very big and analog very warm. Layer 8 different bass sounds together yeah. The effects are shit don’t even get me started on the filter. I only wish I could take the sound chip and create a wicked synth/sampler. Maybe because of the horrible time I had with interface and reliability the effects were not truly explored. Nevertheless being a hybrid sampler synth workstation I expected more. If you want to have fun twiddling knobs and creating easy beats do not get the EPS. if you can handle the shitty interface and constant problems best of luck.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-20-2001 at 22:25
Ensoniq keyboards of the late 80's and early 90's (this includes the EPS, EPS16+, VFX, etc.) have been known to have problems with the keyboards. There are 2 boards in the keyboard assembly with a wire connector between them, the slight flexing of the keyboard over time will break the contacts, usually resulting in calibration errors. Also a couple of other connections have been known to go bad, causing crashes, etc. I haven't heard of it causing velocity problems, but it may be worth a look to see if there is a problem with the connectors. Don't bother trying to clean the contacts as there aren't any, all the key sensing is capacitive, however it could be possible that something has fallen into the keyboard assembly or something.

Also just to be sure, check the velocity sensitivity settings.

posted Wednesday-Aug-15-2001 at 21:50
Squid pop from In the Bush Country writes:
I have had the EPS-16 since 1993. At one time, it was my main ax, other than trumpet and a little Moog Concertmate and my trumpets. Now the EPS has been relegated to a controller After reading what you all have to say, I think I need to dust it off. Somebody gave me a Digiplex kind of download, which I used to use a lot to loop sounds off the keyboard. the keyboard is a problem. Maybe its the heat, because I have not had this problem since the end of last summer. It gets real funky about velocity; up to a point it produces soft sounds. Just a bit harder strike gets a dramatically elevated punchy note. Of course, it is hard to play and contrl with this. Anybody have any suggestions?


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-15-2001 at 20:56
mr-keezey a part-time user from california usa writes:
it's great for hip hop! it offers lots of instruments and tremendous bass sound from the TR808 drum kit, ideal for any drum beat that you may need for a hip hop composition.(not to mention the instruments that you create on it yourself)

Pretty much it's good for any music that you may want to create. the only true problem that i run into is not having enough memory to load up all instrumrnts that I want to use at one particular time.

posted Wednesday-Aug-15-2001 at 18:31
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