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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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andrew heath a hobbyist user from UK writes:
I owned one of these in the 90s, bought it 2nd hand @ £1400. I loved it but sold it due to the purchase of a fully loaded Yamaha EX7. The best thing about the S2 is the ability to load WAV & S1000 files, put them through the filters and they really do sound good. I did have alot of output noise, but that was probably the desk i was using.

I would consider PXing my EX for another one, but it would need to be the Turbo, and with a bit of cash.

posted Tuesday-Dec-09-2003 at 06:01
Mick a part-time user from USA writes:
I first meddled with the S2 when it first came out in 92. My M1 was sent in for service and the shop offered to loan me another board for an upcoming gig. I started playing with the S2 and loved it but couldn't swallow the $2300 price. As I recall, that was even more than the O1W. I opted against the purchase and instead bought a second M1 from the classifieds. A few years later I came across a used S2 for under a grand. I had since retired on1 M1 and purchased an O1W-FD. About a month into ownership of my S2 I sold the O1W and haven't owned a Korg since. I just can't figure out why these things have so little resale value. 10 years later and this thing is far from being obsolete. For a Midi workstation this thing is very cool. this is just another example of lack of advertising on GEM's part. M1's sell for about the same price that a used S2 sells for and there's no comparison. oh well.. The informed ones know how to spend their money!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-16-2002 at 15:07
jens ingvordsen a hobbyist user from sweden writes:
What in the head am i writing? 32 voice polyphony it is. Not 32osc per voice. 2osc per voice Good Synthsounds & Fantasysounds

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-15-2002 at 11:54 writes:
I got my S3 for 400 euros...and it was turbo version! Seller didn't even mention it. It is fully working and with 4 original sound/demo disks. After few days I wasn't so impressed but after weeks and months I have discovered everything(almost) and I really like it. Editing is awesome and sounds are really great. Acoustic sounds are not good as you would expect (only 6mb wavememory). Pads, strings and synth sounds are great! Good machine for ambient/new age producers. Acoustic drums are very good(I don't need/use 'em) and you can use translator to get your own samples and kits. Filters(2 of them) are great and LFO's are MIDI synced..really plus. Keyboard is great with poly pressure and I use it as mastercontroller. I like the action and in my opinion it is better than D-70 or quadrasynth (owned). 7 sliders are user-assignable so I use to control my Kawai K5000R -> great. Sequencer is great even I don't use it. 250 000 notes and 16 tracks. Effects are decent. Much better than in K2000(can't be any worse). Two effect processor for reverb,delay,chorus,flanger,leslie etc but there is no distortion/overdrive algo. There is two sets of midi in/out/thru and stereo out + 4 i-n-d-i-v-i-d-u-a-l outputs. I use to route them to my Machinedrum and Novation Nova. There is so much in this great synths that I can't tell everything. If you find one and need some backing strings/pads or great synth sounds, get it. Good controller too. If interested, feel free to ask me more, just use the link.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-14-2002 at 06:57
Kev a professional user from England writes:
I was the proud owner of a Gem S3 Turbo in the mid 90's. I loved it from the moment I bought one, and have never found one that compares. It is relatively simple to use, although it has a real depth to it that enables you to create almost any sound imaginable. I am rebuilding my music studio shortly and the 1st keyboard I will be purchasing is a Gem. I have tried out the latest and the most pricey of synths, and I have not found a keyboard that offers such a wide range of sounds and options, in a layout which is never difficult to fathom out. A top, top piece of work.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-21-2002 at 18:00
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