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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Freshie a hobbyist user from Kanada writes:
Just got a v2.09 X-Base unit. The bass drum is everything everyone says it is. Can do any kick I've ever heard from a 909 and more. It's always super tight and kicks hard. The snare is 909-ish, and although it is more versatile it is not phenominal like the kick. You can create either a hissy noise snare or a 808-tom/cowbell type of snare and some things in between but it's not especially snappy or hard. The hihat section is alright, the tuning range is decent, although the samples themselves aren't anything to write home about straight out of the box. They beg to be EQ'd and compressed. The X-Base's greatness really comes into the light when you program some patterns. Partly due to the tremendous kick and partly due to the limited polyphony I've managed to create some very slammin' and interesting patterns, of which no two sound alike. The fact that all features can be accessed while the sequencer is runner is a huge advantage. It's fairly easy to create patterns with different knob settings for individual steps. I also like the fact that the START button on the sequencer acts the same as on the TR-606, where it will retrigger the beginning of the bar when hit. Great sounds along with a fantastic sequencer make the X-Base one of the most creative and fun drum machines to work with. Especially great for live use.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-27-2000 at 15:44
Ricky Ray Mayer a professional user from Orlando, Florida. USA writes:
I've owned the JoMoX Xbase09 for several months along with the FutureRetro 777 Bass Sequencer. It is the Phattest Rhythm Section on the Planet. Period. Orlando's musical claim to fame is Funky-Breakz and Intellifunk. The XBase09 is really misunderstood by people who try to use it like a TR909 or TR808. It is NOT designed for Imitation, but Innovation, just like the Airbase99. Same with the 777. People just keep trying to make the XBase09 do 909 or 808 crap. It has less voice instruments, yes, but the quality and melodic capabilities are awesome! Who says that RHYTHM has to sound like drums? The XBase09 is for real exploration. People who own 777's don't have a 303 problem, and love that box I love both, woudn't do without them. They are Magicke. Period. Cubase is best for the Airbase 99, I've heard. Try a Maq16 by Doepfer...

posted Friday-Sep-29-2000 at 20:03
gasstationfodderboy:nubey a professional user from usa writes:
No prob,

Me I'm running out of space and I really can't get another of anything into my itty bitty studio, I'd get the jomox rack myself, but with that in mind if you have the space spend the extra dosh and get the xbase09, the sequencer is top notch and intuitive, if I didn't own a bass station and 2x tr808 I'd have a jomox providing my kicks. They're really really good, I though the polyphony would be a major issue, it's not it just forces you to be a little more minimal/creative. My friends, jomox sounds down right brilliant hooked up to his FR777 (future/retro). I just have the unusual problem of too many drum machines already.

Now for the finals: (by price/$)

Cheap drum machine: yamaha rm1x (hands down!) korg es-1

Expensive: *high end: akai mpc2k/3k/e-mu sampler

Moderate: novation drum station (better than the impression people give it) jomox (less on board sounds/polyphony but is analog)

Major major cheap drum machines: roland tr606 ($100-250) roland tr707 ($50-100), any yamaha rx ($50-200), korg kpr77 ($100-200).

Based on your needs, those would be my best suggestions... Get the Jomox anyways (hehe) -Nubey


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-14-2000 at 18:06
freq09 a professional user from minneapolis writes:
I sold a TR-909 for $1500? and bought 2 of these.

All I can say is if it was set up with the same amount of overall control of the 909. The 909 would need to find it's place in the drum machine hall-of-fame and be laid to rest.

How long can you go on about a machine that is being sold on eBay for more than $1000. When I picked a few up for $50 each.

15 years later and everyone is stuck on the 909.

I cannot get enough of the Xbase. It punches harder than my 909.

On a girly note it looks cute. In a unique sort of way. By comparison of all the TR series modules.

You though the Electribe ER-1 took a lengthy 15 minutes to master. It's just as easy if not easier to work.

If your going to pay alot for a 909 (like $1500?) Please consider an XBase09. Besides it's new and sits well in the studio.

A great buy for anyone that loves a quality piece.

Thank You Jomox for the wonderful product.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-26-2000 at 06:18
AMINE BERRADA a part-time user from Morocco writes:
It kicks !!! I have jv2080 techno expansion card, EX5, Nova, Triton w/scsi, they all are absolutely not comparable with the xbase09 punch (I am talking about 909 sample).

Lacks polyphony. Clap is not excellent.

It is even better than 909 (I used to own), and more versatile.

Little bug though, When I use as sound module, suddenly a patern gets to play by itself. Is it a Midi problem ? Can anybody help ?

I rate it 5/5 anyway. I would never sell it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-26-2000 at 07:15
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