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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Il_budha a hobbyist user from Netherlands writes:
I had one of these for review a couple years back, and it totally blew my head off. I haven't directly compared it to a 909, but it's hard to belief that ANY drummachine can match the bass and punch of this machine.

Having direct control over the parameters is excellent, and the step-sequencer is a real plus - some functions of the machine were hard to figure out using the translated manual.

The only slight setback is the 3-note polyphony, but using the machine creatively you can get around this.

Anyway, I think this is THE machine for those looking for real electronic funk!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-26-2000 at 02:48
:||CHAMBER||: a part-time user from United States writes:
Well, I've had mine now for a week and thought I'd give my impressions.

To start off with. The unit looks great. Really nice knobs, good feel, nice overall construction... the wood panels could have had a better finish but that is about it for physical complaints. Now onto the sound which is really all that matters. Before I really begin. People that mainly use samplers or things like the Roland XP/JV stuff... this really isn't for you. For people who have a passion for analog, for a more "living" sound, you will find this cool, and if you also like to have lots of control and flexibility over sound and programming you really need to check this out.

Yeah, I could use all the words that you have heard already, killer bass, huge punch.. blah blah.... You all know that already. Everything on this sounds really good. An aquaintence of mine had an 909, played with it, we all know it's sound, this does it, but really... that is probably the most boring thing you can say about this drum machine. The sequencer is awesome. Everything on this can be controlled and changed in realtime while the pattern is running and recorder for playback. Everything transmits MIDI. Everything on this is great.

The sounds you can make with this thing are truely amazing. I paid just a bit more than $800 for it and I honestly believe it is worth every penny and then some. Plus is just a great place to order from. Mickey is really cool.

If you just want typical drums or you only want the overused 909 sound don't buy this there are other things out there like overpriced 909's, ER-1's, a new sampler or another JV board. If you want a great ANALOG drum machine that offers a ton of possibilities this is something you must own. This is getting the highest marks from me. Now I'm really eager to check out Jomox's Sunsyn synth when it arrives. This company is really cool.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-23-2000 at 04:17
Rix a professional user from netherlands (europe) writes:
the X-base09 is by far the best 909-clone there fact it's the only real drummachine of the 90's.....909-users should stop moaning about the qualities of the xbase09....for people who don't have a large budget to buy a TR-909, the xbase09 is the only fair alternative....most important: it KICKS!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-17-1999 at 02:27
me a professional user from where i spend most of my time writes:
this is in reference to phonk-eeu message:

the airbase (rackmount) has all the features of the xbase less the realtime sequencer and controls. HOWEVER, the airbase CAN play ALL 9 instruments at once and there is a dedicated rimshot. Plus analog toms. the airbase could almost be viewed as an expander for the xbase.

this is in reference to nick k:

in light of the timing problems, could it possibly be the midi interface? Maybe even your sequencer? I use a hardware sequencer, and I have absolutely NO midi timing delay problems with my Airbase module.

------- nick also states that he is very pleased with the Airbase's earth shaking analog kicks, but then closes his review by stating he would rather just stick to the drumstation. nick- did you perform an a/b comparison? is your hearing 100% all there? I'm really curious because the Airbase and the Drumstation are not EVEN in the same league, or category in terms of their basic sound generation. It's *sort* of similar to comparing a Nord Lead to a Prophet 5.

The airbase is very solid. The sounds stand out, the kick and lower mids are thick and punchy, and overall an organic sound quality. As stated before you can actually get into programing individual istruments including filters, lfo mods, etc...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-16-1999 at 00:05
Benny D a part-timer user from USA writes:
This machine is loaded with firepower! If people would just read the damn information at Jomox's home site they would understand it is not solely a 21st century 909. It is a different analog monster! The eight adjustsments for the kick is what sold me on the 09 alone. It has two assignable LFO's and is probably the easiest live performance weapon to program. The TR-909 and the X Base 09 are the shit!!!!! Don't underestimate either of them!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-26-1999 at 19:58
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