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Carvin Knowles a professional user from Los Angeles, USA writes:
The Juno-1 was my first synth. Bought it new in 1986. Others have come and gone but I have used the Juno on every recording I've ever made. It's phat analog bass has been more than enough to fill up the largest room. Run it through a cabinet and it becomes mean and testy. Run it through distortion and it grows teeth (I like the POD for both). It's LFO goes from slow and undulating to ring modulation. It's filters are so wide that I sometimes have to ride the gain while mixing. Ditch the factory presets, nobody uses them. Make your own sounds (that's what analog is for, ain't it). If you want easy, get a modeller with sliders, this baby is only for people who already know synthesis. But if you want phat and agressive, nothing beats the Juno-1 for the money. I have two and use them both every day. I use 'em for sweeps, basslines, unidentafiable ethnic instruments, pads, bleeps, leads...whatever you'd want to use an analog machine for.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-23-2001 at 23:35
a part-time user from UK writes:
Just took delivery of the Juno today, and for about a hour I played with the virgin factory sounds - very dissapointed - 80's cheese, but then I started editing and hey, this tiny little synth sounds AWESOME!

A really inspiring sound. Very easy to edit. Don't beleive people when they tell you you need the old 106, this sounds better! Why spend your savings on an expensive emulation when the real thing is this cheap. Mine is mint and barely played. £160.00 delivered to my door.

I don't know what the factory sounds are all about, pianos, brass, all utter S*~t! The strength is in acid basses and cool trance pads. Buy one before everyone catches on and they become collectable.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-04-2001 at 20:02
Greenie a part-time user from USA writes:
The Juno 1 was one of my first synths. At the time I thought it was great, but after a few years I found myself using it less and less, and ended up selling it. (Now the guy I sold it to is going through the same thing.)

It has a rather cold and sterile sound for an analog (after all, everything's digitally controlled) and THE worst programming interface ever - nothing but a one-line LCD window and a data wheel. Terribly tedious. It's also kind of ugly.

Its strengths are filtery pads (hey, it's a Juno) and weird noises, and this is THE machine for hoovers. Decent for Goa-esque arpeggiated basslines, but not so good for jungle/dub bass. Okay leads. Nothing to get too excited about.

Unless you're dead set on getting the hoover sound used in techstep / hardcore / old school techno, or you find one for less than US$250, you can do much better.

Here's a link:

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-16-2001 at 15:43
F.J. de Boe a professional user from Holland writes:
He there analog sound lovers.....anyone knows the song "Dominator - Human Resource" ??? Guess where the lead sound comes've guessed right! the alpha juno 1 it's just great, the sounds aren't that great, but if ya add some echo/delay and verb.......waaaaahh those are definenatly the sounds you want to have for your trance-song!!! offcourse there are lots of better ones, but for the price you just can't beat this little devil!!!!!!! just play around and find out what this babe can do for you!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-23-2000 at 18:28
Åsmund Mæland a part-timer user from Norway writes:
Bah, I love this little synth. I paid just under $200 for it and I think it's well worth the price. It's great for those cheesy trance leads and basses. I've made some perfectly useable pads too. The thing that annoys me is that it only has one dial :P

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-15-1999 at 07:35
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