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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Jukka-Mikael Järvinen a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
JX-3p (my Very 1st SYNTH..) The Roland JX-3p is very reliable IF you don´t transport it around without any packing in the middle of winter, snow and coldness.Unfortunately, this is what happened to my JX-3p (I have a PG-200)when I lent it for my friend (who used it with such a great care)but as I went to get my synth back.... =( Since that (1997/1998) the synth has been broken; althought I can still somehow play and program it. The Chorus effect gives a distortet, buzzy sound and some presets (and users) sounds funny and/or faultly. This is because the synth got radical temperature changes and too hurry to power it on after I got it back home...

Most of the preset sounds are Ok, some are just Great (like bank B 12 Sync sweep) ;D :D

I still swear for this synth after all it´s not fully functionable; I use it a lot as a soundsour ce as controlling it with another keyards/ sequencer :) Btw: As I´m aware of MKS-30 (rack version of JX3p ) I would like to know if MKS shares the same factory presets as the keyboard version . I´m considering for purchasing MKS-30 :D

" J/|/|J" ;D :D

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-09-2005 at 03:14
Martin Hailey a professional user from Australia writes:
This thing has been fantastic. i bought it second hand hardly used with the programmer and cases. It has made it onto several records doubling basslines and providing fantastic ethereal and acid soundscapes. I "grew up" on a 106 and can't complain. The 3P is a unique, responsive instrument. If you can get one - get one. It will open up many sonic possibilities for you.

Many thanks to LoHR for the MIDI/Programmer hotwire. Nice one.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-04-2004 at 07:39
Cane from US writes:
Thr Junos only have one envelope per voice as well. It's liking having two junos, sort of. This synth was designed by Panasonic, I think. It sounds quite thick and powerful and very 1980s. It's not as good as the JX8, which has more features and looks and feels, and sounds more expensive, yet comes roughly at the same price second hand. You will enjoy this synth. I think it looks great.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-05-2004 at 01:57
Eric the moogman a hobbyist user from usa writes:
I didnt pay but 150 for this thing. as of this message, I've owned it for 20 hours. Its ugly and the control interface is a joke, but i got very fast at programming it anyway, and I pulled beauty out of it. It has all the potential, since its like having two juno 6's put together minus an Env gen per voice, but still, you can cross mod! the weak rez issue can be fixed with a screwdriver going in and turning the pots up. the 4 pole filter sounds great after owning synths with 2 poles. so if the weaklings can get over not having a bunch of sliders and stop complaining, maybe they make music instead of being little bitches

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-04-2004 at 13:50
Shim a part-time user from USA writes:
I don't know why this is listed as a "Juno JX-3P" as it's no more a part of the Juno family as a Jupiter is. This should be listed simply as a "JX-3P" but you're not allowed to put reviews in that one.


If you're looking to buy one of these and you're undecided because its old looking, there's no display, and a lot of people complain that it's difficult to program without the PG 200, then allow me to tip the scales: BUY IT!

This machine is perhaps one of the better deals on the market (aside from a dead-but-easily-revived PolySix). The sounds are very nice and analog. Even a lot of the presets are good. The filter is great with a good amount of range and it does go into oscillation. The envelopes are snappy but also have a lot of play. There are very useful and plentiful modulation routings.

The keys feel good, and if you were to open it up, you'd see it's built just as well as any Juno, JX-8P, or Super JX.

There are enough parameters to really get a lot of useful sounds out of the JX-3P, but not too many where programming without the PG 200 is painful. Frankly, it's much easier to program without a PG than a JX-8P is. I don't know why, but I find I fly through the parameters on the 3P and make sounds much quicker than on my 8P. It's very easy to call up a parameter like the filter during performance and make adjustments on the fly.

It has a different sound than the 8P, where the 8P has big lows and a crisp high end, the 3P has a great low-mid and the remaining ranges are always present in the mix.

I'm sort of on the fence between this and my 8P. The 8P has much better MIDI, a better set of parameters, portamento, velocity and aftertouch, but the 3P sounds more present and is so damn fun to play around with. Both are great, but at this time I'm leaning toward the 3P as a better all around analog synth.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-09-2004 at 17:27
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