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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Seb Colmant a hobbyist user from Belgium writes:
My first Synth, so i may be a bit biased but this is and is still a great synth, yes i doesn't do Real sounds but what you get is a synth who can shape its sounds, it got plenty of possibilities. The manual was awesome, i learned a lot on synthesis just by reading it. Keyboard is kinda nice to the touch (but that obviously very subjective), only drawback is that the controls are a bit fiddly to getting used to. price wise u can find it for around 300 $ which is great, i had mine free from a friend who bought some new gear and needed room. I d recommend this if you have the patience to learn how to use it properly.

A great all around synth

posted Monday-Sep-01-2003 at 22:19
Akai96 a professional user from Nashville writes:
I was blessed with this synth yesterday. Wow!!People keep looking for the JX8p,JX3P and pass this one by.If you don't have this synth you are missing out on a true analogue classic.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-06-2003 at 07:37
reactor303 a part-time user writes:
hmmm.. this is an odd synth.. it is kind of analog sounding, as it has an analog filter, but at the same time all of the waves are digital so it always keeps a digital feel.. one important thing i should say about this keyboard is that is absolutely sounds horrible (in my humble opinion) with no external effects, but throw some reverb on it and it can sound great.. it does strings very well, piano like sounds (not sounds that resemble a piano though) well, and surprisingly it does excellent organs. i really dont use it for any of the typical analog sounds because it honestly doesnt do them very well, although the filter sweeps sound good the basic waveforms, even the square saw and triangle ones are lacking something... but if you have external effects and are looking for something that will sound different than i would say get one, they are very cheap anyway and they sense velocity and aftertouch.. which is the main reason i bought mine, but to my dismay when i got it i discovered you cannot turn the local off.. also, it has a very easy interface.. every paramater has a dedicated button so there are no munus at all, even though it is knobless.. would i pay more than 150-175 for one? i doubt it, but for the price it is a pretty good synth

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-16-2001 at 22:21
James a part-time user from USA writes:
For the money, this machine is an extraordinarily good deal if you want an analog edge to your sound. The filter is sweet and the analog effects are shockingly good as well. Easy to program too.

Bass and pads are its immediately obvious strengths, and the results are comparable to most other analogs in this regard. If you bother programming it, you can also get excellent housy comping sounds out of it. The K3 really is an often overlooked gem. And its built like a tank.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-13-2001 at 13:03
Kapten Fruktkaka a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
I just can't understand why anyone would say the K3 isn't good for basses; it absolutely ROCKS! The MIDI implementation is very good also, you can switch stuff like portamento on/off realtime; and why does everybody say you don't have realtime control of the filter? Set the Pressure to VCF to some value apart from 0, and then use your synthesizer och Knobby or whatever to change the cutoff! Ok, you lose aftertouch... By the way; I personally think the K3 (well, K3m in my case) beats the Roland SH101 big time when it comes to trance/goa basses! The poly is a problem with pads, but if you buy another K3m, you can actually hook 2 together and get 12voice poly!! The MONO mode is the strangest ever heard (no, it's not the usual mono, it's a wicked (and, unfortunally very unpredictable... sometimes i have to restart my sequencer 5 times to get the right bass sound...) unison mode!) and the chorus is also very neat. The only bad thing i can think of is that the additive waveform seems to be without phasesync, it is thus very hard to synthesize a particular waveform with it. Oh, yes, there are to few modulation possibilities (no real pitch envelope for instance, and no oscillator mix envelope). I can't possible understand how anyone can rate the brass sound this box makes anywhere over 10%. Or the bass sound below 90%.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-29-2000 at 05:40
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