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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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frank a professional user from US writes:
Good synth if you're into spending alot of time creating a sound. It gets a little simpler with an editor, but overall, it takes up time. It's definitely not for someone who writes and records their own music and can't be bothered with tedious programming. You're better off getting something more user friendly, like a K2000 (believe it or not). Most of the presets aren't good, but some of the sounds you can get off the net are OK.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-18-2004 at 15:51
simon wright from uk writes:
Ok I am not going to bore you with my history but after years of djing I ventured into music production, a course at sae and some kit. I bought an mpc an x-treme lead and a k5000 as controller. Now I have a g4 mac, virus, wald, rol a full studio and the thing that has been there from the beginning is the k5000 its simply love at first sight, the x-treme lead bored me and the kawai sent shivers up my spine with those unique sounds and it still always gets used in the mix somewhere. it is an individual and if you are, you will love the sounds you can create... Don't get me wrong I love all my other synths and I desperatley want an andromeda but I will never get rid of the kawai because it is seriously one of the best synths around.. And dont listen to those specky tech geeks in music shops who slag it off they are just boring and normal unlike the k5000S..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-22-2003 at 11:27
Manuel Mora Fairen a part-time user from San José, Costa Rica writes:
This is easily the best synth that I've ever owned.A really misunderstood and little known machine that really deserves to be in the Hall of Fame of synthesisers. It can both produce those digital glassy sounds I love and convincing analogue recreations. I use it as my main source of sounds and inspiration, even though I have some other powerful machines and a lot of soft synths. Beautiful, rich,evolving and lively sounds, always full of personality are what this machine was created for.Don't waste the opportunity if you find one for sale. It's worth every cent.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-08-2003 at 03:31
Fred Formant Filter Fourier, esquire from USA writes:
I just want to add to the love fest.

I've been watching, lurking and wanting a K5000s for several years. Ever since I started hearing the buzz about it I knew I would have to get one or die unfulfilled. Either that or disappointment would set in: "How could so many be so wrong?"

Well, I just got one. No one here is wrong. They're all so right it's unprecedented, IMHO. This is *easily* the most inspiring synth I've ever played with. Not that the others are bad. Far from it. I've lived and loved many. But out of the box, the K5K defeats synths with superior real-world instrument tones by virtue of its chameleon-like nature.

I've owned a Kawai K5m for many years. I loved some of its sounds and could readily see its potential, as well as that of additive synthesis in general, but it lacks bottom end, overall amplitude, effects and polyphony.

All of those problems are remedied in rich, glorious abundance with the K5K. Everything you read in these reviews is true, not just a collection of potentially misguided subjective opinions. It can sound like practically anything. It's cold, it's warm. It's digital, it's analogue. It's whatever you have the fortitude to make it. The utterly BADASS arpeggiator is just gravy on top of gravy, smothered in gravy.

People SHOULD be lusting after this. It's only natural and it's worth every last penny. If Les Paul was going to make a keyboard that resonated with people the way his guitars have, he'd make the Kawai K5000. I could lie and slag it off, in the hopes that one tiny voice could help stir doubt and drive down second-hand values so I could snap up several more, but that would be ungrateful. I know this sounds crazy, but the K5000 is like a gift from god.. and I'm an agnostic! It's like the love of a good woman, the feel of a shower, excellent food, stellar music and art. It's a thing of beauty in every conceivable sense and, ultimately, good for the soul.

If you're poking around like I was, wondering about the trilogy of woefully un-appreciated, internet-celebrated synths (FS1R, K5000 + Fizmo) that were released to failure before the onslaught of softsynths and VAs, look no further than the K5000. The FS1R is damn fine too but the K5000's nectar is sweeter and harder to pin down or wear out.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-11-2003 at 20:39
Jose a part-time user from Santiago (Chile) writes:
Well, it's November 2003 and this thing keeps amazing me. I didn't know about the PHRASE DEMO feature (you need to press and hold both section buttons at once and you'll get hours of fun listening to the presets).

I've added other synths to my list, but the k5000s is still great. I've made a lot of things with the Korg Microkorg, because it is warm, powerful, and cheap. I use the K5000s to control it, so i access a full keyboard at once.

It is hard for me to mix my K5000s on my songs since each patch is a song ! This thing is huge in every sense. It is hard to disguise it under other synths, because everything else sounds weak next to it. That's not a k5000s defect, that's the other synth's problem.

I don't play guitar, yet i've fooled many people with the K5000s. Distort any sound and it will become a guitar.

Another problem with the k5000s is how to use the knobs as a control device. You can't; it sends strange midi messages everywhere driving your other synths mad (i.e: Roland).

I've found also that Gary Numan used this synth on his album Pure... and he used a preset ! How did he dare to ! :)

I don't mind any of the problems i've mentioned. The k5000s is still the main man at my setup. Advice: Keep the volume DOWN. Otherwise it will go mad and kill any other synth in the mix. (check the song "Food" there and you'll hear the k5000s, the microkorg and the roland mc505 getting along very well)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-03-2003 at 14:29
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