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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Overand a part-time user from writes:
I just discovered something interesting, and as far as I know undocumented. On the K5000s (I have version 4.03) hold down the Section up and Section down buttons for 4 or 5 seconds... "phrase preview" comes up! It's pretty cool, and loaded with demo riffs for all the singles. Don't ask me for more info, since I don't have it. Just... this keyboard is quite cool, very unique, and to top it off it has a great action.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-23-2001 at 20:28
JnQ a hobbyist user from US writes:
I posted this synth for sale 6wks ago and I'm so glad no-one buy I'm now in love with it sounds. I was in a struggle financial situation so I got to sale most my gears and I didn't take enough time out to really play with the K5000S cuz I was disappointed with the sound when I first got it a year ago and then mainly used it as a controller for all of my modules. It only til recently that I discover the hidden treasure I never knew I had. I tell you the rest of my VA's can go except for K5000S, FS1R and my sampler E5000. Sure its tideous and steep learning curve but the sounds you get are nothing short of amazing, though at time it ears pearcing pitch got you screamin for mercy of why you left the darn volume so high. This is an ambients/pad machine that I mainly used for darkwave, synthpop music types. It's great for back ground noises on your track, the drone pads really stand out over the rest of my other instrument and sounds beautifull, its really bring your track up a notch. But that's not all, I got some analog(Moogs) leads, sweeps that are just amazing(thanks to them wonderful, intellegent programmers out there that post them up for free) and the PPG & Fairlight voices that you have to listen to believe; it sounded almost exactly like a Fairlight that I'm used to hear from the 80's tracks! So you guys that are out there with K5000S and used it mainly as a controller or thought of selling it, give it another try before you rid of it. This won't do if you're doing them wonderful pop tune sounds, but anything in the ambients, darkmoods, soundtracks, newage... will work wonderful with it. The sounds are nothing like any of the synth I heard before, and it did some great emulation of the classics and it sounds full and meaty, even better than most of the current high end VA's. It just can't be beat for the current price/performance value of this synth(around $500-$800). Happy hunting!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-14-2001 at 00:01
chuckie a hobbyist user from US of A writes:
as an appendix to my earlier review, don't get this synth unless you're ready for some insanely complex editing time. i have been unable to grasp the synthesis engine so far since there are so many different parameters to change. the formant filters are very good at modeling vintage synths and especially e-mu's z-plane filters like on the morpheus and ultra proteus.. but my ultra proteus in some way seems a little warmer. the wavestation-esque patches make me miss my old wavestation ex...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-09-2001 at 07:42
Chip Gremillion a part-time user from USA writes:
The K-5000R is the little secret in all my compositions and SFX's. I use a Voyetra-8, Micro Wave,Micro Wave XT, and Mini-Moog as well as various Kurtz and E-mu sample playback modules. Everything has its special or "ballsy" sound, but the K-5000R has the most unique and sonicaly pleasing quality to my ears. Great control, and the PCM and additive editing provides for very creative sound development.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-06-2001 at 17:12
Adam Wilson writes:
Forgot to mention the only problem i've had with this synth was that soon after i bought it new in 1998, the screen died. Basically everything went blank and I had to wait 3 months for a replacement part from Japan. That was annoying and I wasn't that impressed with Kawai.

posted Monday-Jul-02-2001 at 12:10
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