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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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gary l. swearengin a professional user from houston, tx writes:
i love my K5000. yeah, the thing's difficult to program, but the results/possibilities are so unique that it's really worth it. sounddiver helps, too, of course. as mentioned previously, they were blown out at $450 a while ago, very little chance of finding them for that now. going prices are between five (if you're lucky) and seven (if you're desperate) hundred. i think i paid $650 for mine not too long ago, and it was worth every penny. nevermind the sounds, though, the thing's worth $700 just for it's abilities as a master controller. the action is also totally unique, and is the best i've ever felt. complex, *programmable* arpeggiator. SIXTEEN knobs that send controller data. the thing's a dream come true for me. nice extras: kawai tech support is the best, the silver and blue color scheme is "really pretty," it's built like a tank, and the display window emits a faint high pitched squeal. it's the new silver box for the '90s....errr....'00s; definitely worth looking into, and highly recommended.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-12-2000 at 01:59
Donovan a part-time user from The Birthplace of Speed writes:
In response to Adam's comments regarding patches recalling differently than when saved: I spent a whole day trying to figure out why this was happening, and finally figured out that on the S only the settings of the PARAMETER knobs are saved... the assignable ones (which are the ones I always seem to spend time tweaking to fine tune a sound) are NOT. This means that if you didn't sequence the tweaks on user 1-4 then the sound won't play back the same the next time u recall it. Moral of the story: If those knobs do something cool, check where they are assigned and tweak the parameter knobs instead... saves alot of frustration. (and much better than having no knobs at all like the K5000R i first had...) As for the rest of this machine's capabilities I agree with most of you here... it's a truly inspiring and origional synth in a world full of groove-approved homoginized crap. It demands to approached and appreciated on it's own terms... a modern classic.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-07-2000 at 03:45
benito horta a part-time user from usa writes:
This is a unique synth, it falls in a class of its own. I mainly use it for bells,pads and ambient sounds for scoring. this will be the next DX7 5-10 years from now. anyhow the sound is great, it can be warm or cold in your face. it fits nicely into a mix and adds a nice ambience to the overall composition. I only wish I bought a 2nd k5000r to store away

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-28-1999 at 23:29
xmatrix a part-timer user from binary wasteland writes:
I have to say this synth is totally mind blowing. It makes sounds that just inspire you to write. Its added a whole new dimension in sound to what ive written. Very digital sounding, but so what. Thats like saying an electric guitar has a strong "electric guitar" sound to it. Not for the "techno" preset kids. This synth has a character all to its own....totally unmatched.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Sep-25-1999 at 03:11
Adam from Australia writes:
A note to Formant and others... Yes, the keyboard is good quality and it IS a Fatar - I know since I pulled my K to bits! Damn thing, every second octave of keys won't trigger so it's back to the shop with this one for a repair. I don't play this board THAT hard so I'm wondering if it's actually the keyboard or (most probably) an internal signal routing fault from the keyboard circuitry. Damn damn damn! This machine is ace at organ sounds (I thinks that's additive's strong point, much like how a drawbar organ mixes fundamental frequencies). I love the Trinity's raspy dance organ preset and, unbelievably, I actually managed to program an EQUAL on my K5000 - that in itself almost makes it worth owning! Kawai should make a next-gen K5000 with features like: * sample playback (ust the ability to playback wav files, etc) with SIMM expansion * multimode filters (LP, BP HP, BR) with selectable precision instead of fixed 24 dB/oct * a quality ROM wavetable (at least 16MB) * a good sequencer like Yamaha has on many of their boards * synth keys instead of semi-weighted ones (we're playing a synth here people NOT a piano) * a ribbon controller (he he!) * K5 colour scheme (silver sucks - black plastic feels warmer and looks better) * 16 part Multi The K5000W has some of these features but misses some really important areas. So come on Kawai - build the 'Special K'!!!

posted Wednesday-Sep-22-1999 at 20:48
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