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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Norman MacDonald a part-timer user from USA writes:
INCREDIBLE... If you are willing to take the time and learn how to program this s.o.b you'll find that it becomes 100 synthesizers. I'm poor, so let me tell you how great it is to have such an open-ended machine with limitless posibilites. Great construction, great keys, smart looks, and a synth engine to die for.

The word 'presets' has little context here. 'Kewl doods' who wanna make me-too dance music would be better off with a Roland dial-a-groover.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-03-1999 at 02:17
jb5000 a hobbyist user from usa writes:
i bought for 500$ from sam ash. at first i was over whelhmed by all the structuring and i just finally got a computer so i need help a couple lines of how to run it {soundiver,wav to add,} also own cs1x.dr5.roland s-550-pent3450mhzcdrw into indstrial {whatever that is]has trouble downloading 4.01 version or unzipping it :{ cant get clean copy of wav to add or s550 to wav

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-08-1999 at 15:40
Aenar a part-timer user from Holland writes:
Just want to let you know that this digital beast rules!!!! I bought one about 2 years ago with JP8000, EMU E-64 and Quadrasynth +.

I was forced to sell my home studio due to very expensive education, needed a car etc.etc.

Those years i always remembered the sounds of the K5000S Now i`m back in business and bought my first synth again ----> yes the K5000S!!!!

The new software V4.01 is great, with lots of great sounds

Can anyone explain to me that 3rd??? single bank it has the same sounds as bank:A but now with Link 1,2... above them !!?? I ordert a Korg Triton with MOSS Expansion, i have played with it many times, it sounds great, as soon as i get it (at this moment there not in stock) you will get a review

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-08-1999 at 06:46
FSW 1 2 maniac a professional user from USA writes:
I looked at many synths out there and found nothing that had the creative possibilties the K5000s and w had and has. The stock sounds are good. One of my favorites is creatures. However,one problem is with the footswitch control editing, when you want to check new footswitch funtions,each time you try one after add octave, it takes away from the sound when you want to try a new function re:any of the eleven following,which makes it time consuming to keep going back to check out each fsw function so you can hear the original sound before the footswitch is applied. I feel the fsw 1&2 functions are great and give the s a wonderful touch and expressiveness. On none of the sys upgrades has Kawai fixed this. Go into common on patch to fsw and check this out. It changes the patch after the 7Th fsw function. You must depress fsw 1or2 to change the sound and if you want to test another fsw function, it affects it further. It does not go back to the original sound unless you go back to the perform mode. It's set back timewise for fsw addicts as there are many unnecessary button presses which could be avoided and would simplify the appropriate fsw paramaters desired as a possibility of change to your sound.AS I stated earlier, the first 7 fsw functions does not take away from your patch while trying to find the fsw function that works well for you in the edit mode after your foot is taken off the pedal, which is the way it is supposed to be. If this is something all of you other fsw user addicts would like changed,please contact Kawai and let them know so they will fix this and it will make it much faster, easier and less frustrating for all of us fsw maniacs and new found fsw maniacs to use this wonderful function. Thankyou for your patience in reading this and making your voice heard. Kawai will listen and fix this glitch if enough of us fsw addicts let them know this is important to us,however,they need to hear it from us and they will fix it, because, they truly care about their customers. They've been great and I know I will purchase other Kawai products,because their customer service is the best, they don't put out me too synths their true musicians, sound programmers and real people who have great integrity. When they say they will do something, they do it. I think the folks that are part of the Kawai Team are great and have been honest. I am impressed overall with Kawai on every level. They are not like Roland, Korg or Yamaha re:upgrades, customer service, integrity and honesty of products and employees. I am still waiting on a Korg N1 brochure from Korg I ordered 2x. Korg and Roland kept repackaging the same stuff.Z1 is ok but overpriced. Roland on the xp stuff the same which is also very thin sounding and just pcm sub stuff, not alot one can do on the creative side like Kawai products allow; also, don't really care about the customer and fix bugs like kawai does. They forget that customers are why they are in business. Kawai remembers us, their customers and show us by their great products and service and integrity. I thankyou for all of your patience on reading my book. As I said, Kawai is the only major music that I knows their business is about people, just like us, their customers and when they take care of us, they make, earn and keep our continued business and prosper through their continued integrity and concern. They truly take care about us,the customer and if they continue on their path,ie. great customer service, innovation honesty and integrity as I have experienced, I will continue to purchase their fine products and spread the good word about them and their products. If your still with me,to sum things up on the K5000s and W synths, they're great and I am very happy with them and I will keep them in my synth arsenal. One thing I do suggest is for Kawai to keep advertising their products in every issue of the mags so their products will sell better and stay out longer. Unfortunately, they stop advertising their great products and enough people don't see or hear about them. Also, lazy sales people don't know how to or want to sell products that people don't know,because it takes a true sales person to sell a great product people have not heard of. If Kawai continued their advertizing in the mags, I know this would assist the customer,sales person and Kawai in popularity and sales with great demos and Knoweledgeable, and educated consumers and sales people who care about product growth instead of the same stagnant companies and synths being made and sold. Let's remember the customer like Kawai does and support them on their innovative products. Let Kawai know you appreciate all of their support and let others know about their great product, integrity and service the industry will catch on to what Kawai has done. Kawai even fixed a problem with the old K5 for no charge even though it was long discontinued. I don't believe any other company cares to do this, especially at no charge. Let us continue to support Kawai and other companies like Kawai that care, so all of us will continue to prosper in all ways. Let them know they make a difference so all of us will continue to enjoy the benefits and those companies that don't follow suit will need to conform or will lose us the customer. Tell them what you want, don't continue to allow them to dictate what they want. Be an appreciative, caring,concerned, educated and supportive consumer and customer and not a robot like lazy companies want. Let your voices be heard. without us customers, there are no companies that do not care and are lazy and greedy. Remember,all you K5000s footswitch maniacs out there to let Kawai know about the fsw glitch so we can all utilize this wonderful feature with greater ease and less frustration for the possibility of greater creativity. Thankyou and be well. Happy Kawai K5000s, r and w creating. FSW MANIAC.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-03-1999 at 08:21
Jaswolf a part-timer user from Paris (France) writes:
Tecknoz players go away, music's players you're welcome.

This beast IS the most versatile and powerful synthetizer for creating supra-cosmico-interdimentional-sounds-of-nowhere...

This is the only synth who gives life to the sound

The tweakers are great for live, they drastically change the sound's timbre in some few rotations.

The Advanced Additive concept is truly amazing, you're modelling your sound with harmonics, the most little components of a sound (see Fourier 's Transformation Theory) and manipulate them with Formant Filter (128 Bands!) DCA DCO LFO FX and more...

Hard to manage first, but very grateful at least!

So, buy one, press some keys and let live the sound...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-25-1999 at 08:30
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