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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Lior a professional user from USA writes:
I've heard many times that it should be compared with the Roland Jupiter-6. I can compare the Jupiter 6 to the Sx-240 because I do own both. However, It is not fair to compare the 2 at all -The Jupiter 6 is only a 6 voice synth and does not have this SX240 big fat sound at all. Jp-6 is an ACID machine in my book. (killer Multimod filter) I will also ad that the JP-6 is Thiner than the SX-20. So, I will try to compare it a little to the Roland Jupiter 8 instead. The SX-240 Is a Big fat "sleeping" monster. When I got to play with it for the 1st time, I was in shock. I thought it will be like the "Juno" synths... NOT AT ALL !!! ALL The Juno's are a "toy" by comparison. Think about this for a sec: ******************************************************** Take the 2 DCO's ( they do sounds like VCO's) Sawtooth,Pw,PWM, and the Width control. Range 16-8-4 feet. Add another Sub Octav to the party,( allready 3 osc) Now, How about Detuning them or maby a Ring mod? AH? Ok, Make a nice ADSR envelope for the VCA Bent it auto or/and manual up or down, want lfo -sure thing. It's time to start the filter going. ( Cut off, Res, Vcf-Eg, Kvc, Lfo-mod and Auto bender ) and how about a HP filter to add some acid flavor here? Ah? Sure thing. (no res just like the JUP-8) Now you are ready for another ADSR Envelope - for the VCF. Got a nice sound going? Check the cool LFO - 3 waveforms, Delay, Speed and...Reverse !!! You can route it almost everywhere and in the same time. Than, there is a 2 knobs to "start" the LFO on your request. People, I've programed from the extreme FM analog sounds to the most Slower Lush Sweeps you can imagine... Oh yeah, I've almost forget something here, It can do both (- ) and (+) detuning in the same time on the Ring Mod and also you can mute the 2nd DCO while its still Ring modulating the 1st one. There is a seq - Who needs it these days? Basic MIDI ( Jp-8 doesn't ) and the coolest feature are coming up: 1. the most unbelivable Ensamble effect. I could swear that the sound spreads more to the "left and right" than my speakers.. 2. make 2 different speed sweeps and play in Dual mode ( like the Jup-8) Now youv'e got it going. Now It Shines. 3. 8 voice/4 voice/Mono modes. 4. Glissando and Portament with speed controls. 5. Itis built like a real Tank. ( and also weighs as much...) Please Write it down: ***There is nothing out there like the sound of the Jupiter 8 ( that is why I own 2 ) - It is impossible to duplicate its sound because of the VCO boards** ***There is nothing out there like the sound of the SX-240 either!!!** If i had to choose between the 2 ( I hope i never have to) I will surely go with the Jupiter 8, After all it's got the coolest ARP and it is made With "REAL" VCO - Discrete Boards.( It also costed me 5 times more!!!) also, There is no way to make a BAD sound on the Jupiter-8 But the Jup-6 and the SX-240 can be programed to suck... Things I hate about it: Even with the cool LED's on every parameter, They used Buttons insread of faders. (but You get use to it) also, Kawai did not design it at all, It was designed by Tiesco company. When it comes down to it, Both are amazing synths and it is up to you to make them sound great by Programing and Playing it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-20-2000 at 03:15
r. turner a part-timer user from usa writes:
This is one cool synthesizer. I've so much as considered selling off my other synths, and just using the sx240 along with my samplers. I've been able to get some of the coolest bleeps out of it, it's hard for me to write anything without throwing in a pad from it (I just love its pads), I've also been able to get some dark growling basses out of it (for drum 'n bass), hell, it even has some cool electric piano sounds and a nice organ sound... I would buy it again without question (got it for $200 from a used musical instrument store)....

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-20-1999 at 04:07
Joe Fehrenbach a professional user from USA writes: WAS a great synth, but recently while playing live at a local dance club there was a power drop and it fried my SX240. I have used the SX240 on various releases. People always ask me what type of synth I used for the hook in my top selling track and after telling them about the SX240 they look confused....."What's that?". I'm currrently looking for another one cuz it's hard to write any music without it.Definitely a mighty analog synth....just use a power strip!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-19-1999 at 17:32
stormtroop23 a professional user from midwest writes:
It's fat sounding, but a bitch with no manual.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-03-1998 at 17:31
Tage Petersen a hobbyist user from denmark writes:
what a great analog synth.!! by the way , you can use in a sequenser setup. I sent it a omni off message from cubase and then it works on channel 1 alone thats all. keep playing!!

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:41
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