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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Ranny Ray M. Codas a professional user from Iligan City, Philippines writes:
I bought my 01Wfd while I was In Korea for a 1-year gig.Back then when I had to decide which keyboard to buy, I search some literatures to help me in my decision. It was then that I read about the 01Wfd and how it set the standard for a fully editable synth. But during the first month of use I was very frustrated. The keys stucked and sometimes during my brass fills on stage with my band, some keys wont return and that note keep on sounding- ruining our music. What I did was to put some folded piece of paper in between keys for a quick solution. When I was back here in the Philippines and have time to look for solutions, I opened the keyboard and successfully fix it. Because of that I gained experience in cleaning keys and now created a moneymaking sideline "fixing keyboards." I have put my 01Wfd on stage side by side with other professional synths and it didn't give me any shame. It sounded full compared to the corresponding Roland sounds. I'm using it now as a stand-alone tool for an upcoming Christian album. But I'm having some problem with the drum sound. Are there other ways to make it sound warm other than editing it? My value+ button also broke. How can I fix it? But so far This synth gives me pride whereever I go. I hope to learn more about using this synth, particularly sequencing, in this site.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-23-2000 at 20:45
Quest a professional user from USA, New York!!! writes:
Being that Hip-Hop and House music are the entire realm of music I create (I can do others), the 01 didn't seem like it could deliver. Actually, from the beggining, the sounds were no problem. Even when peering into edit mode, I knew it was a world of endless possibilities. But those drums, those stupid drums! HA! I found a way around them as well. The drums are too crisp, flaky, etc., for the use of Hip-Hop. I didnt want to use effects to treble it down, so I had no choice but to enter the world of editing. Let me tell you, if your a lazy person, dont even bother with this synth. It will deliver mind-blazing sounds as is, but if you want the synth to work for YOU, you gotta work ON the SYNTH!

There's no getting around it. Sooner or later you say to yourself, I need more sounds! Well, how 'bout this: Go create'm! Ha ha ha. . . For real, I needed those dirty drums and found out how through editing. Trial and error baby, trial and error. Once I did that, I started editing regular sounds, and it goes on from there. I dont know where I'd be without the 01, but I wouldn't have over 100 Hip-Hop tracks, I'll tell you that!

I've played live as well, though not too much, and the only problem I've ever had with it are key problems. Man, if your one to "do it yourself", you know what a pain that is! You have to literally take apart the ENTIRE keyboard to get to the keys! No matter, that only happened twice.

I've gotten into creating my own sounds, that I'm on a project right now to have both banks (A&B) filled with all sounds I'VE created. If you need some just e-mail me. ( If you want tips on how to make your drums sound the way YOU want, e-mail me. For anything, e-mail me! I've fallen in love with this synth because it does so much. The sequencer is a blessing: 16 tracks, editable, are you kidding me?! Step recording, quantize, the whole 9.

This keyboard is 10 out of 5. If there was one thing that I could change it would be this: to have 2 individual effects PER track in SEQuencer mode. If I could add anything to it, it would be on board sampling (and some more polyphony). The 01w/FD is the all time synth!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-11-1999 at 18:30
Jason Diaz a professional user from Boston MA writes:
I have the 01/Wpro and it kicks some serius booty. for example, my friend has the Trinity pro and when he wanted to check out my synth out. He said Dammmm!(and we were in church!). He was very mad that the Trinity's ep's and a whole lot of other thing sucked compared to my synth. The 01/wpro is a synth to be reckoned with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus with the new acoustic paino the PRO adds it just sounds better than a real grand piano. Plus with my 5,ooo extra sounds on disks. One can not go wrong with it. GM GX...NO problem I fixed that delama real fast.!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-02-1999 at 03:22
MAV_901 a hobbyist user from England writes:
I bought my Korg 01/w almost three years ago now, and as soon as I found out how to layer programs A27 (Analog Pad) and A08 (Residrops) over one another in Sequencer mode I knew I was going to like this synth. For years I'd heard and seen loads of cool synths on the telly and couldn't get any inspirational sounds out of my old equipment. I've also found our about layering Analog Pad and Ephemerals together, which creates a very nice, wide synthetic sounding pad. Many of my compositions are based entirely on chords (which are usually made from upto four layered preograms), bass lines and drums, and I think the 01/w synth satisfies my needs here. I am now getting into creating some new solo sounds as I always seem to use Raw Deal and WS Analog - two programs which sound excellent layered together and detuned I hasten to add! I also found a way of making the 01/w sound like thunder, but it didn't take an hour to do. I took the program called JS Dogflight and pushed the joystick fully down and fully left, which created a low, rumbling sound. Moving the joystick left and right to modify the pitch creates wind type sounds. Not fully understanding the principles of the 01/w's filters yet, I have just had to experiment, pressing buttons and changing values, and then as soon as I hear a good sound, I put it on disk. I once tried changing the Clav program so that the multisounds used were two detuned PWMs, which created an unusual, old-fashioned synth sound. The sequencer on the Korg 01/wFD is truly excellent. It contains all the essential elements such as loop recording, overdub (useful for complex drum lines), and punch in/out. I agree with David Bignell about the construction of this synth. When I first saw some photographs of it I thought it was made out of plastic, but I later found it to be made of steel. It really is a substantially built synth. It looks cool, and it sounds cool. Many people creating reviews here have complained about the 01/w's inability to support MIDI files, which I too found a dissapointment at first, but being as I can play music by listening to cassettes and not reading music, if I hear something I like I can copy it. MIDI files were created by someone else anyway. The 01/w is a true composers piece of kit. I have read in a KORG PROVIEW magazine that 01/w's built after 1995 had a MIDI compatible interface built into them so that they could read MIDI file data, and I have heard that older models can be retro-fitted with the device so that they too can read MIDI data properly.

In summary, I think this is a truly excellent synth which I will never let go of. It will stay with me until it becomes irrepairable. This synth scores maximum 100% 5 out of 5 for a very affordable synth (particularly 2nd hand) which can provide some very inspirational sounds.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-11-1999 at 09:47
Aram Hovagimian a part-timer user from USA writes:
A pretty good synth for your basic sounds. I'm not too big on the sticky keys (i found an easy way to fix them though, just push them back into the keyboard [just put your finger on the edge of the key and push it into the box, not down, but into it..] it should fix the problem). I think the sounds have a character to them, i dont really like that character but what can i do :). I prefer some of the roland sounds but i wouldn't be able to do half the stuff i do with the o1 with any roland synth, or any other synth for that matter. The program editing is intuitive and the Combbination mode is a godsend.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-24-1998 at 21:54
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