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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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Manson Family Dog a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Just got a beaten-up unit for $40 US. Sounds great. People above said "its built like a tank." This one was used like a tank and still 100% works. It is so beat up that I think I see a bit of dried blood and hair on one end. Must've been used as a murder weapon. Limited synth section, but still capable of TONS of vintique sounds. I wish I knew what some of the rear jacks like voltage control in or trigger are for. Need a manual bad. Going to mess with the trim pots now. Goes great with my Roland juno-60. Rock on!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-12-2004 at 15:00
Luke a part-time user from London U.k writes:
The Korg Delta is the best sub £300 analogue synth you can buy. It has its limits but turns out awesome bass, string & sound effects. If it was good enough for the "Human League", it's good enough for me. If you're on a low budget and want a real analogue synth. The Delta cannot be beat pound for pound...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-15-2003 at 15:56
Steve B a hobbyist user from UK writes:
Not so sure I'd be QUITE as enthusiastic as the last poster, but this is OKJ at the right price, It is indeed fully polyphonic, but the single VCF makes for some rather odd effects when you play high lines over held chords in the bass, for example. Also, the vibrato is a bit OTT on the strings.

This does not sound anything like as classy as, say, an Elka Rhapsody or a Logan String Melody, The strings are metallic rather than shimmmery, but it does have a certain vintage authenticity.

In short, don't lose your head, pay sensible money and you will get an adequate synth.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-20-2002 at 04:32
Marc a professional user from United States writes:
Newsflash for everyone having reviewed this synthesizer: If you want MIDI, if you want multitimbrality, if you want presets, if you want built in effects, if you want the slick sounds programmed by nerds at Roland, etc.... why in the heck would you buy this board? Because you got it for $10 at a garage sale? Then what are you complaining about??? This is a wonderfully versatile synthesizer for the time it was made. Sure, there were more powerful or feature filled synthesizers, then as now, but for the price then and now, this synthesizer is fantastic... as long as you're looking for a vintage polyphonic fully analog synthesizer. The specifications on this site state that the polyphony is 4 voices... which struck me as odd before I purchased mine, because I knew it used oscillator divide-down technology, which usually means full polyphony (all notes will sound if pressed). Sure enough, I got mine and pressed ALL of the keys... it has full polyphony. If you don't know, let me just tell you... there aren't many inexpensive fully analog synths with full polyphony. Everyone characterizes the strings as being bad. True, they don't sound like an orchestra... but no synthsizer, including most modern ones, do either. (only samplers sound close) The strings are dated on this synth, but they're great if you're looking for fully polyphonic analog string sounds. The synthesizer section is basic, but once again... FULLY POLYPHONIC! That's FANTASTIC for a cheap keyboard from 1979. The envelope triggering is bizarre compared to modern synths, but creates some interesting effects. The filter section is fantastic, and the joystick controller can create some very unique effects. Combining the strings and the synth sections, you can generate some excellent vintage sounds. When the two sections are combined, use of the joystick can create some great effects because it only affects the synthesizer section, not the string section. This is a VASTLY underrated synthesizer. If you want vintage analog sound and don't have a lot of money to spare, FIND ONE OF THESE.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-19-2002 at 23:07
Keith Middlemass a hobbyist user from Hawick, Scotland writes:
Just bought n repaired a battered old Delta. I have to admit I wanted it because it looks cool. Sonically it's a Jack of all trades n master of none. The string section is, well, wanting to say the least. My Polysix runs rings round it in that department. However, the basic synth section is actually comprehensive and good for leads and basses. If you mix the synth n string sections you can get some passable sounds and even better through outboard efx. Repairing it? A word of warning, the key divider IC's (AMI S10430) are becoming scarce. There's more monsters in Lochness Ness! If you ever get the chance of aquiring one check to see if all the keys are working (it uses divide down technology so the same notes in each octave will fail throughout the whole keyboard hence the S10430). Since I'm a sizer fan I love it anyhow...

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-13-2002 at 16:36
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