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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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ulvulv a hobbyist user writes:
Sure, it's a nice synth, but I really don't like the sound of the digital waveforms. The filter, however, is very nice - and so is the programming capabilities and the aftertouch. I usually feed it to an ART compressor, which pretty much makes up for the dull waveforms and deliver some more analog warmth. In my opinion this synth offers no big thrill, but it's a nice workhorse capable of making some cool sounds. Oh and it can be beautiful when stacked with other analog gear!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-27-2002 at 08:41
Ralph a part-time user from Toronto Canada writes:
Bought it in the late 80's for $600 Canadian. I didn't do too much with it till recently - then discovered it is very versatile. Nice analog sounds, not really fat but perfect for ambient textures and stuff. Otherwise some of the waveforms make it sound pretty DX7-ish (ugh!) for some reason. But avoid those waveforms and it's nice. The joystick is great; I use the DW8000 as my midi controller and most recently used it to modulate the tuning for an Alesis DM5 pattern - neat effect! You can assign the joystick to vary the filter cutoff which is cool when used with the arpeggiator and the delay (very nice in stereo!)I like the board, it's my budget vintage and until I can afford the Nord lead3 I'll keep it as my main, but never sell it. By the way I take some of the pad sounds and put it through an MXR Phase 100 - swoooosh! nice....also there are some nice fat analog bass capabilities, which I put through a wah and then the overdrive channel of my Fender Hotrod Deluxe - TB303 anyone? Overall this board is capable of very warm and also very reedy sounds and timbres. I'd like to get the mods - anyone know where?

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-12-2002 at 17:41
Dan Cosgrove a part-time user from U.S. writes:
I bought mine new in 1986 for about $800. It was then and still is one of the most useable analog type synths around. It will make all the big, lush, warm 70's and 80's synth tones that the sample player synths just don't get. Mine has finally given up the gohst but I played it as my main conrtoller for 15 years. I also had the Angel City expansion board in it which expanded the memory 8 times and allowed splits, layers and other cool things.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-04-2002 at 21:19
chris a part-time user from usa writes:
the dw-8000 can do some cool sounds..good punch basses and killer sweeps.but its bad with strings/pads.i got mine for cheap($200 or so).its worth the money.when i first got mine(used) i had to fix the selector buttons.some were sticky and didnt respond very well.i gotta tell you, it sucks taking it apart and fixing it.and i have restored many synths and none were this involved..find one in mint shape and youll save yourself alot of hassle..i think the dw has a good sound but it seems to have the "same sound" on almost every patch..its nothing to get very excited about but it still sounds good for the money..i agree that the keys feel very cheap...

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-29-2001 at 16:25
anakroyd a hobbyist user from italy writes:
Simply one of the bests hugly and warmer if you need this there's no other choise.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-20-2001 at 20:08
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