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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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a part-time user writes:
This synth gave me something to play before I had my studio together and I must say I spent hours and hours programming the hell out of it. It sounds much better than it has a right to, the waveforms are all 8-bit multisamples fed through some custom Korg chips (waveform mixer, VCF and VCA on one chip) and then into a simple 12-bit digital delay. It *should* sound all grainy and aliasy (well the waveforms alias a little on the top end but not nearly as bad as something like a DX7) but it sounds very thick, warm, smooth, etc. I think the great sound comes mostly from the excellent filters (best I've heard anywhere) and the generous anti-aliasing in the delay. It's a basic mid-80's hybrid, 16 digital waves 2 6-stage envelopes, a single LFO (goes pretty fast though). So it's not terribly well featured but there's enough to keep it fairly interesting. The sound is very unique, very warm, not much top end at all, but the oscillators don't go low enough for really really deep bass, but this isn't so bad. The filters are amazing, not moog-ish at all, they seem to have a very unique character, usually smooth but with a lot of resonance they get really acidy, a bit like the SH-101. Overall, the synth is best at odd digital-sounding pads, smooth deep analog-sounding pads, and bass sounds. With unison mode it's almost too over the top to use. The pads it makes are almost comparable to those of a D50.

For the bad parts, the case isn't terribly sturdy (it's alright but the top is made of slightly flexy plastic), the keyboard sucks (very noisy and clunky...still quite useable though...and good velocity response), and it tends to get stuck notes, etc. It's also monitimbral, low polyphony, no knobs, etc. but that's just the nature of the beast.

Anyway, as much as I love it I'm going to have to sell it, I've now got a half-decent studio put together and now there's no room for the Korg. I got an ESQ-M to give me similar sounds. It does alright, much better features than the Korg but it's hard to get the same sound out of it. The filters aren't anywhere near as good.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Sep-29-2001 at 19:50
george nilson a professional user from USA writes:
The DW-8000 is one giant Analog synthesizer. When I read some of the reviews I felt sorry for these guys that couldn't see it. if you can handle the Analog editing/creation of new sounds -Buy a JV series module! To me the DW-8000 is like a fountain of creativity among other cool synths. The parameters are orgenized in a very logical way. 2 full envelopes, 16 oscilators, 16 waveforms, great LFO that can be assigned everywhere. Screaming 4-pole 24 db LPF filter with velocity/after-touch/KeyTracking. Great arpigiator. Programable Digital delay with it's own modulations. Poly/Unison with portamento. Stereo outs. This is a monster. If you understand analog programming, you'll be able to program some great sounds from Acid/Deep Bass to mellow strings thru amazing psycadelic pads. not to mention the great E.piano that you can come up with. I also have the EX-8000 which make me a happy cat !

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-24-2001 at 01:09
Philip a hobbyist user from Dallas, TX USA writes:
I bought this in fair condition for $100 from a friend who needed rent $, although I normally see them for $250-$300 in good condition. After spending more time with it and hearing some sounds from Deep Magic (sells DW sounds!), this is an amazing machine. I'm able to get textures out of it that I can't on my other synths, analog or digital. It does sound dark and cold sometimes, but can sound pretty lush at times as well. The timbres I can get for arpeggiated sounds are excellent. The onboard delay adds a whole other dimension to this synth. The only 2 complaints I have are the mediocre synth strings and the crappy keyboard action. Don't bother w/ realistic sounds. This is an ambient machine that produces wonderful synthetic tones. Unison Mode makes it a beast. It's pretty easy to program and is very reliable. A bargain.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-17-2000 at 22:28
sPider a professional user from US writes:
I have the DW-8000 manual and tape w/ presets on both sides. Great tweaking board by the way. My first one, too.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-22-2000 at 23:46
Lenti Lenko a professional user writes:
The 1st synthe I ever programmed was a Korg Poly 61. The DW8000 was the latest thing back then (1986/87) but it was a very underrated synthe- the 1st to use stored digital waveforms and digital effects (delay/chorus/flanger). I love it's sound- it is analogue/digital and it is easy to program. I get some nice organ sounds running it through my Alesis nanoverb (with rotary effect). Electric pianos are quiet nice as are the pads, strings, synthe clavs and basses. Don't expect realistic instrument sounds from it though and don't think you'll get DX7 sounding bells and EP's even though it says 'DIGITAL' on the front. It's synthe architecture is analogue subtractive. It is a nice MIDI syncable arpeggiator and a 'phatt' unison mode for stacking all the oscillators- THIS IS AWESOME FOR BIG LEAD AND BASS SOUNDS! As far as I am concerned, this should have become a classic synthe like the Roland Junos (it is more flexible than those synthes), but it didn't. I brought mine only 2 years ago a very happy man and will not sell it (UNLESS SOMEBODY OFFERS ME A VERY LARGE SUM OF DOSH FOR IT THAT IS!). It should be a classic!!

posted Monday-Nov-29-1999 at 07:47
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