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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Nermin a part-time user from usa writes:
I exchanged my sh32 for this synth and my god have I made the right decision.This thing is so much better for dence/underground sound than sh by far.The essence of the sound is so much more flexibile and real.The sh has more features but those are useless couse the sound is just crap and no metter how much you effect it(with like 40 effects that it has) u still get crap with more crap.EA-1 also sounds a lot more analogue style and for the live performing its very smuth when you twidle the knobs,but with the SH-32 when u try do do some slider or knob movements the sound just jumps all over the place and the filter is the complite moron(so steppy and dull).So I dont know,the sh could be good for something But for experimental music its a rebublican. The EA1 is amazing.I just love the way it sounds and even the pressets could be used(which I never do}.The bass is just awesome and full of character and life I just cant put it in words.Some people sey that the plastic case is a drawback but how come tr808 is what it is even with plastic everything.I realy like it in live situations couse when you change the parimetars in real time it is very playable and smooth.So please people dont judge it by cheapnes or the structure,judge it by the sound and its flexability wich should make you cherish this thing forever. So all you peaple who realy wanna push some boundires and be original and if you want your sound to stand out........ gooooo00 ... runnn...take a f.... plane do whatever just get it and you will not regret it for one second

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-01-2002 at 10:15
Brandon Allen-Trick a part-time user from Madison, WI writes:
I just got this thing and i'm impressed. I've used a lot of gear/soft synths, professional and hobbyist level alike and this thing is just freakin' amazing. is it the tb-303 reborn? no. though if programmed right it makes a damn decent emulation. it even has slide (just turn the gate time up one one note enough to engulf the next note and turn the portamento up). here's the way i see it overall: it has a lot of similar features to the tb-303, but it has a very different sound. which is great, if you want a 303 get one. but if you want a very reasonably priced box that's pretty damn versatile, get this. i've had it for only a couple days and i've done numerous acid tracks (which is what this baby was born for) but also some chilled out ambient leads and phat house basslines.

the features, one by one: oscillator section-5. amazing and simple, 3 knobs for finding just the right sound. filter-4. cutoff and resonance are fantastic but the EG int is just useless and the decay does next to nothing amp-psh...u call that distortion? i'll take a RAT pedal any day. 2 effects-5. good god the delay rocks. the chorus/flanger thing has me confused but if tweaked right you get some freaky shit. the sequencer is as easy as pie to use, the interfaceis absolutely straightforward. i never had a manual and the first time i sat down with it it was like an old friend. memory-256 patterns of up to 4 bars a pattern, 2 part patterns so really up to 512 patterns. thats pretty f-ing good.

and the motion sequence part is just useful as hell. i wish that you could stack the tweaks indefinitely though.

anyone who's thinking about getting one, you probably won't be disappointed assuming that you're looking for something that can make wicked sounds. it has that Korg growl to it. roland pumps out lame groove products while korg continues to innovate...i'm impressed.

considering that they're dirt cheap right now, i got mine for 150 but you can easily get one for 200 or 175 even, i have to give it my highest approval.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-10-2002 at 03:51
miek a hobbyist user from dallas writes:
tHE kORG eLECTRIBE a is awesome. I use it for live situations and this thing fits the bill perfictly. Here some info that you may find helpful. - After opening the box I played with it for a bit, scemed through the manual, and got to know the thing. After getting aquanted with the unit, I deleted all preset patterns, everysingle one. If somone uses presets in their production, they should be shot! Presets are so obvious, and I caught a few people on use them, have they no shame ? Not to say tha the presets are bad, they are wonderful actuly, so wonderful I took the time to memorize some of the sequences and play them on my kewboard. Korg has some awesome preset programmer guys (Roland are you listening?).

Well anyways, after delete all preset patterns I have 256 fresh banks to play with! While playing with it, I found it kinda undesireable to have 2 seperate sequences per pattern, (Not that this is a bad thing!), So what I did was make both parts (1 and 2) the same exact sequence with same sound, with part two being alternate of 1 (intro,outro, whatever) This way I make my electribe a monosynth with 512 patterns. I find it more convienent controling one sound with 512 patterns than 2 sounds seperately with 256 patterns. Soundwise? This is an excelent monosynth with its own sound. Yes you can make psudo-303 patterns and psudo-moog sounds, but this thing has its own Electribe sound, witch is a good thing.

Inside you got 2 oscilators with ring, sync, and decimator modulation. There are no pulce width knobs, but you can fake PWM by ring modulating two squarewaves togeather, and move the pitch of osc 2 off just a bit up and down. Decimator is a digital distortion feature that crunches oscilator 1. Works good on Tri and sawtooth waves--> then you get a DX7 bass sound!

I like the filter, it delivers a 4 pole LPF with self oscilation. Well I dont think selfoscilation is the right term here, see it sounds to me like there is a fixed sinewave with the resonance, and resonance acts like a balance between the filtered signal and a sine wave. But other than that filter has some bite!

there is a distortion Switch witch is fun to transform your sound,I typicly use it to emphasize differnt parts of a pattern, sorta like a mute switch, or tapping the sidt switch to the tempo.

Then there is a chorus/flanger that you can use to flange or doble up your sound, chorus make more string like texture for progressive trance stuff. While delay is sync to tempo, you can also use delay to fake a release in the envilope section.

I just wish there was a tri/saw LFO assignable to filter and pitch, then this thing would dominate!, but you cant ahve everything...

-- Miek

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-26-2001 at 04:11
Steve B a hobbyist user from UK writes:
I'm using my EA-1 to play retro Berlin school electronic music. It fits that bill wonderfully and is capable of more than you first think. Exporting the MIDI to a sequencer adds a whole new spread of versatility to the output too.

doesn't do much, but does it well.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-11-2001 at 07:03
Malfunkt a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
Well, having owned cheap and pro gear before this one sits right in the middle - mediocre. It is not to say that it is useless. If I wanted to make some spaced out, resampled, progressive polka music, I'd use this, but I am disappointed in this synth as I think Korg tried to cash in on the VA craze w/o delivering a solid VA. Had they put a few more instruction sets into their DSP we could have had a synthesizer. The filter is horrible, especially in the higher register where the resonance distorts (in an unpleasant digital alaising). No LFO, no envelope stages, oh well. If it had batteries it would be a fun toy for the road. However, I could see how one could become attached to this bleeping, noisy, SillyBox.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-01-2001 at 01:29
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