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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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mike a part-time user from royal oak / michigan / usa writes:
i got one of these some time ago.. i mean when i tried it out at guitar center it was the greatest thing since sliced bread so to speak. i mean .. holy shit it was really really good. i was "freakin it like a plane" real awesome stuff i thought. and so i slept on it went back to guitar center a couple days later and tried it again.. still the greatest thing i had ever used. i run home and buy one on ebay. wait wait and it comes and then i realize.. holy shit this cant do anything original! and then i weep as i lost a lot of money.. it is a horrible drum machine.. the sequencer though 909-esque, is horrible for todays (as i see it) need to be totally different than everything that is popular. i dont make a living at music, and if i ever were to it would have to be with something new something that isnt.. schneider tm. something that isnt kid 606. and if you wanna be that then i give this machine more than 5, because that is all it can do really.. nothing. i almost tricked myself into forgiving this machine as it does do interesting things if you put one of the drums in random pitch mode and turn the decay all the way up. you can coax deep raver bass out of it and i thought that was neat-o but really not anything that i havnt heard on a record before. and i know that there is that idea of.. there is nothing you can do that isnt already on some other record. and im cool with that but really.. maybe i want to do something thats maybe on a little bit rare record. i think i may have gotten a little off topic.. pros: (as some people can see it) is that it can do reall good 909 emulation (except for the snare) and good 808 and even like cr8000 type stuff. i do have a soft spot for the roland cr machines so that was the one thing that i thought was real cool.. but not worth really the dough as those machines really didnt have tweakable sounds and i had the samples downloaded already.. another pro is that you can do those gabber kicks and it is quite fun to program in a piano roll from a computer (though terribly time consuming) i was real happy for some nights that it was velocity sensitive programming somewhat of a gabber type drum n bass but.. cons: all sounds have been "totally played out" in popular records

so.. i reccomend this machine to people who want to do like.. house music, and for people that might like to make electronic music with lots of digital sounding drums (read: totally bassy, but in no way sounding like they were played on a real drum kit) i realize now while im sitting here writing this (this was all written with no plan in mind, which explains the random nonsense) that im going to sell all of my musical equiptment. writing this has given me somewhat of a.. i dont know if its an epiphany or what but im not doing what i want to be and i cant do it with what i have. im going to sell them thats it. on ebay. and i hope that you buy them because you find they might let you be able to realize your musical calling, so to speak. korg er 1 digital drum machine though interesting, is not for me. i would stress to you that you think long and hard about what you want to be doing musically, before throwing the money down for this box. i hope that you find what you are looking for. thanks, mike.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-20-2003 at 23:06
juan pablo donoso a hobbyist user from chile writes:
great for the price. would prefer individual outputs, but thats too much for the bunch of dollars it costs. snares maybe weak, but bass drums are heavy. i would have liked a single delay per instrument per instrument (part) the audioinputs are really great and i have even directed de aoutput to the audio inputs and heard through de headphones. It was too much

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-22-2003 at 17:37
Ban_Dildos from ])@]_][email protected], +X writes:
The Er-1 will be a sought after unit in about 10 years. I forsee about the same interest of someone looking for a Kaoss pad or a D2/D-beam device. It's unique!

Having said that- I wont even go into the limitations, becuase for less than 150.00, you get everything you would expect.

4 dedicated synth sounds: (I only use it for Kicks and hits) 4 sampled drum sounds: ohh,chh,clp,crsh Motion Seq. and a fucking awesome GLOBAL delay.

You can really make some nice sounds with the box, and it compliments my other boxes well via midi- mainly it's used as a synth percussion echo to my other drums and synths and gives tracks alot of depth.

I couldn't imagine someone using this solo though- That would be some linear as music production.

As much as I enjoy the unit I'm giving it a 3/5 because 2 sounds cannot be heard at the same time. WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT? I thought it was pretty fuct that a drum machine couldn't hard pan a CHH and an OHH in different channels @ the same time. Again- something that makes the box unique.

Dont pay over 150.00 for it. If you see a deal- get it. It's fun stuff.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-29-2003 at 05:54
Jeff Lyon a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Well I'm no aging vintage moron who can't stand any other clicks and bleeps than the ones on the holy 909, so I won't compare the two modules. This little box is so versatile... in just the two days I've had it, I've been able to emulate the drum sounds from some of my favorite groups like Prodigy and Acen. I read some reviews on Synth Site before I bought it used off Ebay... They accused it of having a weak sound, plastic-sounding sound, and cheap construction. The 4 oscillators plus the PCM sounds are more than adequate to produce a good strong beat. If the sound is a little "plasticy" it's nothing some compression in Cooledit (or on your favorite rack limiter) can't solve. As for people talking about it having a cheap, flimsy design, all I can say is they're wrong. The knobs are plenty sturdy, the box is not flimsy at all. It looks like it could take a beating. This is a drum machine not a battle tank... there are plenty of other drum machines out there with plenty worse construction. And I'm talking about a used module here. The sounds on it are very cool... there are plenty of combinations that can be expanded on using the motion sequencer. And the PCM sounds aren't too limiting when you take into account the ability to change their pitch and decay. It's so easy to use-- right out of the box I was making awesome sounding rhythms. The sequencer is a no brainer. I figured it all out pretty much in one night without touching the manual, and that says something about its interface considering the large number of cool features it offers. I would say that for any electronic music, this drum sequencer is a must-have.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-09-2003 at 23:53
Mike a hobbyist user from US writes:
The strength of the ER-1 comes from the easily-tweakable and modulation-friendly synth percussion that you can get out of it. The sampled claps and hats are somewhat pedestrian, but this thing really shines when you get into the synth engine. It's simple, but you can get really extreme modulations with the twist of a knob. It doesn't really sound like FM or analog, it's got kind of a plastic squelchy sound that reminds me of a Nord modular or Absynth or something. If you played around with this for long enough, you could really make it sound like nothing else. It's perfect for abstract techno or ambient or whatever you do- if you're looking for weird sounds that change shape and evolve- you should really give this box some attention.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-14-2002 at 14:09
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