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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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The Buddha a professional user from San Francisco writes:
The ER-1 rocks. But to get the true power out of it you MUST understand analogue synth theory and you must know how to post process the output. The real time control makes it possible to create sounds other drum machines can only dream of. The beauty of it is you can dial in the sounds tha best suit your mix. You don't get that kind of flexibility with a sample playback box. But, if you are not interested in analogue style sounds get something else.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-04-2001 at 21:18
Scotty a professional user from usa writes:
I am using the er-1 as a sequencer for my Novation Drumstation, and heres why. Even though the sounds on the er-1 can be quite sweet, it doesn't really seem to nail the original 808/909 sounds in the hihat or snare area. The kicks are good, and for detroitish electro, it rocks out. After playing with mine for hours on end, I decided I would use it with the Drumstation. I found this to be a great alternative to a 909. The only thing missing then is the flam, which would rock... The key to being original is your use of the er-1 would rely on your staying out of the presets, move to the d-section of the presets and start from scratch. You can also copy your edits of the presets to the d-section. By the time you have all the d-presets full you should know enough about using it to not miss the presets ... even the cool ones.

You can use the er-1 to control any drum module, but you have only 10 midi notes that are globally programmable over a single channel of midi. Go to the midi option, scroll down to midi note and press the soft key of each drum sound and you will see the corresponding note (c2 is middle c btw), hook up your drumsound module and you can preview the sounds while you go.

The coolest thing about using it as a sequencer, is you can still use the features of the er/ea combination and get many different drum sounds live. You can also use the solo feature of the er-1 to manage which of the 10 sounds are playing at once, to help stir up the flexibility of your drum parts.

Hope this tip helps you a bit. Synthsite rocks! So does, check em both before buying anything...

Peace out, Scotty Tripping in the Fall

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Nov-19-2000 at 06:43
Loop a hobbyist user from UK writes:
Damn cool little machine, stylish well built and some great sounds.. Wow! Cheap too

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-09-2000 at 13:57
bernie dankman a professional user from usa writes:
Well I have glanced at some of the reviews here and it seems to me some people are missing the point of this drum machiene.... I personally think this D.M. was ment to get little candy ravers into the "make your own beats" kinda minda set ... Which to me is a great idea I wish people would not rate the gear but the time you spend and the hours of fun you can have with a new piece.. But to say the least it is an awsome piece for the price .. And I may not spell but i know what sounds good and personally I got a ER-1 the first month they came out.. and.. I also got a ea-1 thats a whole differnt story.. But i also own a roland r8 and doepfer modular a 100 system and a sherman filter bank and i opted for my er-1 over a 606 even if the 606 has killer high hats but it is a door stoppper compared to a door blowerr like the er-1..enough said!!!!!! P.S. Remember it's not the gear it is what you do with the gear.....

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-31-2000 at 17:09
synthelabo a part-time user from italy writes:
...emh... i think that lots of reviews miss the point. the 909 is the 909, the 808 the same etc etc ect. if you buy the er-1, you are buying an electribe, dsp based, analogue similar, but unique...i mean: it's not a clone of some others pieces of gear... every box have his own sound possibilities, so if you want a drum machine to make rock or other similar stuff, go away from the er-1! the er-1 is very sperimental; you can create from really boom kicks to low long synth drums... it CAN'T be compared to a 909 or 808!!! here you have to make your own sounds, so the range is enormous... if you want to make tekno, hardcore, trance, electro, the er-1 is awesome....yes, really good! if you want THE classic 909 808 sounds, buy a 909 or 808!!! the jomox: i love that unit, but again: the er-1 is more sperimental then the x-base, so you have to try it and judge by yourself. i've tried the jomox, and i love it cause it can create more similar 909 and 808 sound then the er-1, and also all the analogue stuff.....but i prefer my electribe: i can get from this little red box terrible things that no other machine can's...unique... there is NO one drum box that can do everything if you want more realistic sounds you can go with a zoom 234... what i want to say is that i really don't understand the critics to the er-1 about the fact that it doesn't make this, doesn't do that, has no that's stupid: if you but the electribe you are not buying the most packaged drum box ever that can do everything from rock to tekno to macking eggs.... you have to use every piece of gear for what it can do, and a bit of xperimentation is good for everyone, i think!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-30-2000 at 11:37
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