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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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bern larao writes:
Guys please, lets play nice!. If we are gonna establish a friendly relationship between the box, the producer and the listener, we need to cut the trance crap ok?!. With the korg-emx1 it is more than possible to create some amazing electro types of music. Personally myself, i'm into 80's music, jean michel jarre, prodigy and anything which makes a noise. But trance?, no1 likes it anymore, and lets face it, it dosent take a genius to make it. Mr matthews, you was the laughing stock of the night because your music probably sounded the same as anyone else making "trance". Its boring, no1 likes it, apart from monkeys who have no taste at all, you really should ween yourself from trance, techno, drum n bass and garage. The emx-1 has all the features and sounds for what i make, and it does sound very very impressive. Stop following the idea of everyone else and make something fresh "for a change".

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-04-2004 at 09:55
Chad Hugo a professional user from VA writes:
I was relly impressed @ first! But as soon as you start working with it you realize that this piece is crap! The 16 Synth models could have been reduced to 4 would not matter. A special Modeling mode for an Unisono?? But when I realized that there is no velocitiy switching in the Parts, I went crazy and smacked that EMX on the floor. 2 poins becuz of the Valveforce technology and the little yellow lights behind em (Korg really thaught they could fool people with this fake Valve lights!).

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-21-2004 at 06:44
dave parker a part-time user from edgecombe writes:
This box is surprisingly incredible. You can do most things on it from editing to creating fully original songs. The preset patterns are surprisingly accurate, and in my view give you a true proper taste of up to date professional "pattern orientated" dance music. I noticed many styles among those used from mainly 2002 onwards, so dont expect to find last generations collection of "tacky sounding" groove sounds, this offers a really modern 2003/2004 feel. Depending on what you want out of this box, approaching it and using it will be complicated. This box really would go nicely for any type of musician / dj, from beginner to professional. The preset sounds are good enough, but the serious stuff starts when you decide the time is right to edit and create your own sounds, of which can be very exciting and rewarding. I have never really taken great interest in "intergrated" all in one type production stations, because the true saying is "everyone sounds the same". The only way your be sounding the same on the emx-1 is if you follow the presets. The EMX-1 is a professional music production system capable of anything you chuck at it. Remember this box is "pattern orientated" so if you want to make something good, you have alot of work to do. On the down side, the tubes do not sound the best, although they do add alot of warmth and deepness to your sound. I think that instead of using rubber pads which flash to the beats and accent, korg could of gone all the way and finished it with chrome buttons and non flashing pads, instead maybe put an "led" above each pad. It also has an external power supply with a "on off switch" on it, so if you hit that during operation, your emx-1 will obviously power off. Other than that i'd give this box 10/10 because it is a serious bit of kit, and is worth the money. Huge potential, and yes its far more better sounding and more capable than the mc-909.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-18-2004 at 09:06
i actually compared this to a virus n it stood up nicecly. Sounds aint crap and it can kain the mc-909 regardless of the missing sampler :, its how you use matey. Same with anything else.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-16-2004 at 15:29
grant matthews a professional user from england writes:
this box owns, no doubt about it. Its phat, powerful, robust and very versatile. Its just great. Never used anything like it. Modern, and unmatchable. I use this to make trance, and boy does it sound sweet.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-16-2004 at 03:45
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