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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Tony a professional user from England writes:
This machine is EVERYTHING I need for drums & percussion & some fx/synth bits too !!!!!

Had it for about 6 months, & it's still my favourite bit of kit.

I understand the criticism of sample rate & quantise, effects limitation, delay on all parts etc, but...

I s'pose it depends what you're looking for. I've found a machine that helps me create my own distinctive style... which is where the emu's of this world are lacking... they're like marks & spencers, when the ES1 is like a 1 off boutique... a style of it's own.

Because of it, I've moved from 4/4 beats to all kinds of wonderful styles, whilst keeping a BIG feel of a style of my own.

Yeah, there's more possibilities in life, but who wants opera anyway?

ES1 is so-o good for 2K punk

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-13-2002 at 22:13
Ben a part-time user from Australia writes:
Looooooooove the ES-1. Took me a little while to work out how to string the patterns together to make a track, but now that I know what I'm doing I have a few tracks being played on my local dance radio station!!!!!!!

Wicked and detailed onboard effects too.

Brilliant work to KORG!

posted Thursday-Mar-28-2002 at 15:45
Justen a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Great tool for the imagination, easy to figure out, inexpensive complaints.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-27-2002 at 22:44
Sushilover a part-time user from Sweden writes:
Those of you complaining of the 32Khz resolution for the S, here´s the tip of the day : Don´t worry about it. Nobody complains about bit-resolution, supposadly muffled sound, or squelched higher end unless, repeat UNLESS you´re a snob , not so accomplished musician ( Read : Boring 4/4 Techno) OR you are totally confused about what you CAN`T buy with money ( record contract = decent songs in 4/4 techno/Ambient/Soul/Funk with a wailing ebony beauty from any suburb in the world ) Let remind us what makes a really good floorfiller ( Not the gadgets or the tech. specs.) At some point, in the critical phase of monitoring during the production in the sweet spot of dedicated monitorspeakers you may not like what you hear. Thats human. And unfortunately humans got ears to detect that something is missing in the Picture. And the second tip of the day : GET ANALOGE MASTERING ! I´m not joking, I AM REALLY SERIOUS ! Explanation : Every now and then ( But mostly all the time) The digital domain is not to blame because it still is in the infancy of becoming really, really interesting. But, it is still emerging technology. It has got a HOLE incorporated inside of the bits , and THAT is what you CAN hear sometimes. Those of you comparing analoge with digital quality of a signal, DON`T ! It´s like comparing apples to peers. It is a big monsterous mistake to leave out one format in favour for another. The thing is ofcourse to master your final mix onto analoge tape. A lot is "Fixed" with ,especially, a phat bottom end missing in a Tribesample. A good analoge two-track dedicated analoge mastering reel to reel is capable of a warm and compressed +9Db signal from the source. Now, try that with a digital mastering preset in any plugin on the market ! It won´t work because digital technology is still in her childhood and analoge´s been around for almost 100 years ! If that isen´t good enough for an explanation, I suggest you try it out for yourself. And anyway, when all the good stuff is sampled again and again ( Amazingly enough from all the goodies from the Analoge - Tape era ) What next ? Is there any market today , exept for Michael Jackson , U2 , Prince , Peter Gabriel.... who still could afford to spend 2 years in productiontime for one album ? I think the "Muffled" sound of the electribe es 1 is a minor , minor question compared to digital technology five years ago ( And, curiously enough ,people actually diden´t care about bitresolution on the dancefloor !) To the question of where you could pick your next sample from. More likely that you would pick a sample from an analoge somebodys skilled hands on the mixerdesk, recording from an analoge something source ,into an analoge recording device to our analoge ears. Maybe Ivé convinced someone outthere to blend our technologys at hand, rather to complain about lesser resolution. It has it´s charms, but unlikely yet to compete with the endless resolution from an outstanding reel to reel ! So, Get Reel ! Tip 3 : Drums , percussion and BASS ! Here is the simple formula of what to import and export to/from analoge tape (Make sure at least 15ips/1/2 inch tape ) to Digital ! GROOVE ON !

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-24-2002 at 15:38
mr. rob a hobbyist user from Usa writes:
The es-1 is a beutiful piece of equipment yet its not perfect: The effects are not flexable in assignment to the different voices or available parameters, and there's only two outputs. The sound quality hasn't been a problem for me; Anybody who complains about the 32khz sampling rate is missing the point of this box. As well, the lack of deep parameters and deep sequenciong in the tradition of the rm1x is actually in my opinion an asset, as this machine's UI and overall conception is far less cluttered then my rm1x.

This is a drum machine not a super loop deconstructor, and it's a very straight forward step sequencer with minimal effects wich can be motion sequenced. So, take the 606,808, 909 and add a phrase sampler! For sequencing, if you are really into programming flurries of triples, and adjusting the velocity of each note, and want everything to sound perfect with its own channel etc, do yourself a favor and get an rs7000, because this machine does not do that.

Now, on the electribe you can grab a loop and chop it up into hits, but if you grab a vocal snippet, or some other sound dont depend on this things effects to lend any sort of brilliant qualities to the sound; you may want to grab something like an sp505 or 808 for that. Better yet, save up for a tc fireworx. There's also a delay, unfortunately it delays ALL the sounds. There are 2 outputs on the electribe s; your not going to be able to send one sound on its own channel to go through a delay or something. Still, you can pair this up with a second device that could handle those other duties. You must get the sounds how you like them prior to loading them into this machine; then everything works perfectly. It is a very simple drum machine. It has motion sequencing, so you can automate modulations of efx, or the pitch or filter on the sounds, wich doesn't sound like much but its indispensable, trust me.

What this box really has is mojo, if you beleive in the electribe it will reward you. Its just far easier doing some things on this than other machine because of the accessibility of certain parameters. The rs7000 can do far more with more control, but its more work. For a beginner this is a perfect machine, because the motion sequencing of the efx, and the grid sequencing give you some cool tricks wich can give rewarding results. With a studio sampler you'd have to learn how to actually use all it, and work with midi and use cubase before you could start doing any rewarding tricks. And even if you know how to use cubase, its still unadulterated fun to use, so you maybe get all creative and bang out a bunch of happening beats instead of reading through thick manuals about mundane paramenters, wich I actually kind of enjoy doing strangely enough. Still, I must maintain,.a rewarding trick is a rewarding trick. I'm happy I got this...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-23-2002 at 03:52
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