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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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a professional user writes:
I will honestly tell you this. The KORG ES-1 sampler will goe down in history as being something that is a classic. It reminds me of the SP-1200 as far as painstakingly user-friendly. Very quick to make a beat! I'm talking about todays beats! It's looks are deceptive. Beyond what the eye can see is an extremely complex synthesis artchitecture. It sampling frequency is set at 32hz. Which is good to me and most people who like to sample at 22khz. So that is a step up. The sequencer is rather basic with a very interesting twist added. Man let's face it right now. You may have an MPC or Asr10 (not the X or X-pro) but I personally will tell you that this samplers accessability to sound synthesis parameters are light years ahead of both of the units (MPC/ASR10). You can alter your samples so easy it makes it very fum and inspirational to create music with. I guarantee that this one will be the hot one this year and to follow. It is not a toy but can sound rather toyish in the hands of the inexperienced folks. I will tell you that you can crank out a groove faster on this machine than any workstation sampler. They are tricks you can do with the part copy that is so sweet. As far as sound goes. It can sound very fat as your MPC or ASR10. It isn't velocity sensitive but it gives you control over every note independently....meaning you can event edit in volume. Wow!!! Think about it? Thought about it! It does things no other drum machine/workstation can do. Be gentle with motion and learning how to apply motion chaining sequences is probably the only thing to really master and after that it becomes a legendary sampler workstation. I have had near every damn sampler on the market (Rolands\ensoniq etc..)and I know what it is all about. I currently have the E-MU ESI-2000, just bought and returned The ASRX- PRO (Garbage!) and now the ES-1. I thought the Asr X pro would be my all in one quck writing instrument but it's sequencer at 384ppq can't even count to four. Forget using it as a module...that not what I paid for. It didn't work so I got my money back. Guess what? The ES-1 is a killer on the road. It kicks ass right out of the box!! I can not understate it's new innovative features that even will make a pro say "Damn!" Trust me...a new area of writing on drum machines and sampler\workstations has arrived and I will be the first one to officially say that it is the new Korg ES-1. More later...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-09-2001 at 15:55
dj microflip a part-time user from chicago writes:
here's the deal w/smart media!! i have a 32meg card and 9 banks (atleast i started out with 9). first thing i did was to save whatever factory samples i had left into bank #1. the beauty is that you can either load "all data" (sample, pattern, and song) or just individual samples. for instance, bank #3 has all data saved for a few songs and a ton of non-factory patterns and samples and i can load it all if i wanna work on those patterns, etc... it adds flexibility to your projects. tip: when you get your card, save everything to the card and then delete all samples and clear all pattern and song data (a 30-minute pain in the ass) and then save that in another bank. why? cause now you can load up "nothing" instantly if you want to sample new material without having to delete every sample that's already loaded and you patterns can be created from scratch for new projects. what's the difference between 8, 16, 32, or 64 meg cards? well, each bank takes up nearly 4 meg's (but you can only max 9 banks for this purpose) so whatever room is left on the card can be utilized to save wave files onto it from your pc. once saved, these samples will be saved in a bank designated "E". these can't be loaded like the others (all data or individual samples) just the individual samples can be loaded into the es-1's RAM and once they're loaded, you can save them in those banks when you back up your data. pretty cool cause you can use your pc to sample, alter existing samples, etc... only problem is that whatever is saved in banks 1 through 9 CANNOT be accessed on your pc - this sucks cause you can't tinker with sounds that were sampled with the es-1. sound forge and acid can create endless possibilities for editing samples and such.


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-09-2001 at 11:54
synthe.labo a part-time user from Italy writes:
i love my's pure inspiration. you can change and add notes during playback as the ER-1... the only bug: the memory! i still have not understoudt how the smart media cards function....: if i buy a 16 MB smart card, i can save all my patterns, samples, songs that i have on the ES-1 on it; then i can delete ALL and restart sampling and composing on my ES-1 this true??? cause, in this way, i don't understand the fact that you can put a smart media card of 64 MB, or 32....what change..i mean: if the only thing you can do is SAVE on it all the things you have freezed in your ES-1, who cares about 8 MB or 16 or 32.....???? and that story of 9 new banks of pattern from a smart media card of 64 MB?? someone has a clear vision of all this..? thanx ciao-marco

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-09-2001 at 10:52
steb sly a professional user from Vancouver, Canada writes:
Love the box! BIG problem though... I'm setting up for live gigs with only the ER-S and the ER-1 and I want to use them through ANY stock DJ mixer at whatever club I play at. Once I hook up the midi out from the ER-1 into the ER-S I get BOTH audio signals coming out of either channel in a DJ mixer (I've tried 3 different DJ mixers so far and I have a LOT of experience with DJ mixers so user error is totally ruled out) This problem ONLY occurs once the midi cable is connected and does not happen in my (yamaha) 01v or my 02r or my Mackie 1202!!!! Seems like a weird ground loop but I haven't isolated the prob. just yet. Anyone else with a similar problem or suggestions on how to resolve this problem? The obvious answer is to bring the 1202 when I do shows but I want the least amount of baggage possible...!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-29-2001 at 23:28
Simon a hobbyist user from England writes:
In reply to Richards questions, this machine is a superb entry level machine. It is my first sampler and I bought it to go with my ER!. It opened up a whole new world!! I make house stuff and have found it inspirational. You'll want a SMART media card to hold your stuff as you can only hold 90secs of samples in the machine. Holds 16 songs with a massive length and my 32Mb card can hold 9 banks of info. So 16 songs per bank!!!! Get one and enjoy.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-26-2001 at 05:17
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