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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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synthelabo a part-time user from Italy writes:
hello, i'm writing again about the MS2000R. i've sold mine and now i've got a Nordmodular and i'm involved in Waldorf things, but had it for 1 year. my p.o.v.: think about the MS2000 as a MONOPHONIC synth; it's 2 parts, but you'll use it so much in 1 part that it's true to think it as mono; sounds are crispy and lush but with no particular character, so if you want something special go away from here; as mono it's good, xpecially for the basses... at the end THE ONLY ONE REASON to take an MS2000R is the extreme powerful conjunction between motion sequence/virtual patch/arpeggiator: you can build evolving sond/sequences that synch perfectly to external midi clock and go playing while twisting everything in the virtual patch, allowing you to do so much weird things and auto noise oscillations, BUT it's all, i mean: if you want big synth sounds or just something more "yours" buy a Waldorf or a Clavia. for the price it's good, but DON'T think about it as a poly synth like the Nova or Virus: they are another world in specs. and possibilities (even if i HATE Nova!:)... so i give 3/5 again, but don't put it against the JP's or Virus: they CAN'T be compared. ciao-marco

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-11-2001 at 05:19
Bruce Satinover a professional user from United States writes:
The MS2000 station has been updated. Several artists have been added.

posted Wednesday-Mar-14-2001 at 20:31
Kariem Ortiz- Vincenty a hobbyist user from San Diego, CA writes:
I love this synth. Paid well under retail and the cost weighted against the benefit of this module make it a spectacular buy. Wonderful pads and cool Mod. sequencer. Build quality could stand a kick in the butt, and the filters are a bit weak, but overall the sound rocks. If you want an analog, buy an analog. This VA is good at what it does and that's enough for me.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-02-2001 at 16:35
synthe.labo a part-time user from Italy writes:
i wanna tell this : maybe it's wrong to say that the jp8080 sounds deeper then the ms2000r... finally i realized that EVERY v-analogue sounds VIRTUAL. you can take a jp8000, a virus, a nova, the waldorfs, the korgs...ALL of them are V-analogue. so the point is not "how is more similar to the vintage ones...", cause only the real analogue will sound analogue. the point, i think, has to be focused more to the 'character' of the synth... i can love a waldorf Q for it's way of doing analogue with bright, metallic, clean, crystal distortion... at the end, i think that the ms2000 lacks a bit about 'A' own's semms all and nothing...only this...and to me this is BADDDDDD! i owned an ms2000r for a year, so i know well the machine, and now it's sold and forgot, not because it didn't sound 'analogue', but because it focused always in the same ways of sound with no skeleton... anyway a good buy for the price. ciao-marco

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-19-2001 at 04:18
alx a part-time user from Canada writes:
I'm pretty pleased with this thing. Picked one up for $400 in good condition and instantly started to create some sounds with it. It picks up where the EA-1 left off.

It's not an MS20 made for the 21st century contrary to what korg say as that had independant low and hi pass filters - Bandpass gets someway close, but the control is not quite there. The sound is definitely a little thinner too, and much cleaner. Yes, the filters are a little weedy compared to other VA's, but then so were the original MS20's. Fat filters were the domain of the Moog.

It's a verstatile beast with some hidden depths. The assignable modulations give it some character, but only 8 destinations is limiting (mod -> filter freq and mod -> effects would have been nice to see). Maybe I'm spoilt by my Nord Mod.

Still, this does hold a very important place in my racks and don't see myself getting rid of it. I'm even inclined to buy a second.

People grumble about the polyphony too. Personally, I like it with 4 notes. Makes you think a little more...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-22-2001 at 16:04
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