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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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nils a part-time user from germany writes:
the ms2k just got me from the first second (no wonder, i used a ms10 before...) - such a powerful mod.seq ... i think, all´s been said about it, i´m in love with it and the korgish support isn´t really what i would call support, how ever.

if someone´s interested in: --> got some real audios on (tiny german site...)

the songs in which the ms2k were used are:

tender trouble (bassline) hui (everything) karawane (lead sound) praddoeck (seqs)

feedback rules ;-)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-19-2000 at 07:27
c.a. todd a professional user from Your Grampa's basement writes:
I've got one of these, and use it on virtually every track I've done. If i'm not using the tone generator, I've got a beat going through the matrix and filter (both of which are amazing, esp. for the price) or I've got some mad vocoding going on backing tracks. The simple fact is,even if you don't like this thing (*as some actually say), you still can't deny that it's got character, and is in the top 5 virtual analogues ever. and this from an fm junky. Gonna buy another soon... and when korg makes an update -- ms3000 anyone? -- I'll be the first in line.

Hear how i put it to use... listen to "sixty watt bulb". The beats are filtered through the ms2000, and the intro synth line is from it too. post processing on the vocals was done on it (the chorusing) along with a space echo.

posted Saturday-Dec-16-2000 at 05:09
x a professional user from USA writes:
All of the tunes below use the MS2000r extensively. These are fairly easy on the ear but kind of abstract and in most cases with guitar, bass and some sampled percussion. These tracks use mostly the MS2000r for synth parts, on one I'd defy anyone to figure out which one was a Wavestation patch and which was the MS2000r.

The more I use this synth the more I appreciate it. This is the only synth I currently use that I still feel was worth more than I paid.

There's some material that's not online yet that uses the MS2000r with Reaktor and in some cases resamples or uses granulated synthesis on samples. If anyone's interested leave a note at the address and I'll let you know where more music with the MS2000r can be found...

the sleeper wakes, vocooder, ms2000 all synth sounds

midnight at the neutron bar, mostly ms2000 pads and leads

Coda: Somewhere in Space, ms2000 arppegiations, motion sequencing, filter sweeps

my sequestered life, ms2000 motion sequencing, overdriven filter sweeps

posted Wednesday-Dec-13-2000 at 19:17
jay du-guys a hobbyist user from folkestone, kent, uk writes:
this things great, good buzzy sound that has loads of texture, what that filtermonkey twat says belies the character of an ape (very tunnel visioned imagination). the bassstation being predominantly for bass as the name sugests. Iv'e nearly killed my speakers and i make them for a living..the only gripe i have is with the amount of presets, the range of possible sounds makes this very frustrating..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-12-2000 at 15:15
thebru a professional user from USA writes:
Yikes! The introductory review is brutal.

This machine is just fabulous. The size of the chip has nothing to do with it's power, look at a pentium flip chip if you think it does.

On to the real stuff. This machine is FABULOUS. It sounds great, very analog, and is very easy to use. As a owner of analog synths (Remember pro-one, etc).) I found this machine to be exceptional in bang per buck. The sequencers are great, the virtual patch couldn't be easier, Argeppeio (sp) is well done. The "other waves" available for Oscillator one is a GAS. Not to mention it's other features, like built in vocoder. I have the keyboard version. When you consider what this machine costs, how great it sounds and the fact that the analog machines of their day cost just as much with far less features, midi and power it makes this a great tool. The midi implementation seems fine as well. Only once did I run into some "digital goo" when I had things sync'd very close in frequency. Definately not an serious issue. This unit does what is should do and the knob turning fun factor is killer. I want two!! Oh, one more thing, no maintainance. Trust me, trying to maintain older analog synths can try your patience to the limit. Try go get the same patch on a Pro-One consistantly. Good luck. That's another area where this machine shines.

I have a few minor feature recommendations for Korg however. Like a drone setting for emulating surf sounds, put jacks on BACK on rack unit .. like duh, add more polyphony if possible without raising the cost much.

I love this machine. Good going Korg.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-06-2000 at 22:34
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