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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Dave a part-time user from DC writes:
Patrick NAILED my sentiments; and what's whinging! Indeed the sounds are NOT bread and butter; I didn't want them to be! My Triton fits that bill quite nicely, thank you. There's even a thread on the Gas Station regarding "disappointment" with the MS2000. OK, fine. If you're disappointed, stop WHINGING and sell it to someone who appreciates it; trust me, there's no shortage of us out there. Better yet, write to Bob Moog and lay into him regarding the lack of polyphony and multi-channel MIDI spec on the Minimoog, a prior classic.

Korg has a bona fide winner out there that fully captures all the fun and wonder of its predecessors with none of the headaches.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-29-2000 at 09:03
Patrick Fridh a professional user from Sweden writes:
My God!

I finally bought a MS2000 yesterday, and Yes! It sounds _exactly_ the way I want a really advanced analogue synth to sound. Yet it gives all the advantages that I, as a midi user, excpect in a modern synthesizer. It looks very beautiful, too, really high-tech and inviting to the player. Almost all of the factory presets are immediately useable, not common sense in the world of synthesizers, and even if I belong to those who believe I can program a synthesizer, this isn't always what one wants to do; sometimes it's great just to sit down and play, and if lucky, come up with something good. I got loads of inspiration when playing this new baby. The four voices isn't a limitation, really, since the synthesizer is not suited for all of the bread and butter sounds one needs in a composition; this is why we use several synths, not just one. For me, that's the way it should be; it creates a wider, more interesting sound. This Korg synth is the most cool gadget I've ever had. It's totally complex-sounding, yet easily operated and with a stunning design; I don't care much of the spices and devices which resists on its inside, I care about what made synths appeal me at first; instant playability, instant lovely electronic sounds you'd love to be able to control in real time. A beautiful synthesizer, with just as much credibility as the ones we know as Minimoog, Mono/Poly, Arp 2600, Oberheim SEM & Xpander, Roland SH-2 / 3A / 5 / 7... it fits in the picture damned well. Thank you, Korg!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-29-2000 at 03:46
shane from us writes:
the ms-2000 is the best sounding synth ive ever owned. the effects are super good, the filters are super good, the oscillators are super good, the mod sequencer is unique and very useful... you can get any sound you want out of this thing and that sound will sound GOOD. the ONLY thing i would change about the ms 2000 is the 4 note polyphony, but that isnt really even a big deal considering how good those 4 notes sound. oh, and in response to the review that said this thing has "that cheesy korg sound" what the hell are you talking about?? this is the meanest sounding synth ive come across, and ive yet to meet any other korg synth that sounded "cheesy". i would say roland is where all the chese is.. but thats just me

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-22-2000 at 22:48
scotty a part-time user from usa writes:
I like the ms2000, but there are things it won't do. Expecting a lot out of a synth when you already know its only 4 note poly and uses stacked notes for phat mono sounds, is well silly. I think an ms2000 using an Electrix Filterqueen and a good compressor would sound comparable to what you are expecting. Used in a studio, a casio or other cheap synth isnt sent raw into the mix, it gets pumped up... and if you don't like this synths sound, then move on.

What to like about it is the ease of programming, the ton of knobs and the wide range of tumbres. What to not like is no drive or card slot to back up programs, no internal sequencer of any kind, and a push button distortion.

Thats looking at it objectively. For the money, its worth it, or get a Waldorf XT and you get more poly and a different type of sound.

Its your call, I do miss my sh101 though...

Scotty Tripping in the Fall

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-06-2000 at 02:18
dan @ loopmusic studios a professional user from Hong Kong writes:
Everyone here: there is a very active mailing list at ... search for FriendsOfMS2000 and check / join. There are files with uploaded user sounds [sysex] and useful utilities [dumpster, Cakewalk *.ins def, Cubase setups etc. etc.]

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Nov-05-2000 at 05:42
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