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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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jamie munro a professional user from England writes:
Ive had the MS 2000 for three years now and it was the firts synth i bought, since the purchase ive looked elsewhere for other powerful sounding synths to replace it and bought many but was always coming bak to the MS2K, why ??? simply put it is the dogs danglies, o.k it cant run 16 or 24 note polyphony and it isnt multitimbral in the true essence of the word but when you actually learn how to push it properly it just cannot be beat in my opinion. just think, you have 4 oscillators, a three way modular sequence for each two oscillators, arpeggiators that can be assigned to one or more oscillators if needed, cool fx, wavetables(or very close), yeah if you just use thew presets then you may get bored but the joy of this machine is its simplicity to get extremely long evolving sounds that can literally be changing over 8-16 bars if you have the know-how, anybody that rates something like a virus or nord against this synth just cannot program efficiently and needs massive amounts of keys and multitimbral processing to get anything half decent out of their tools, be a beginner or pro the MS2000 has it all, dont be ignorant with this badboy, it may be relatively cheap nowadays and not have loads of functions but it does what it was designed to do better than any other i've tested (and believe me ive tested a few(understatement of the year)). BUY IT USE IT AND LOVE IT.......LONG LIVE KORG AND ALL WHO CAN PROGRAM

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-28-2003 at 05:49
dave a hobbyist user from uk writes:
people did this synth for no good reason. Its a great little board. Why?

1) It sounds exactly like it looks. Ie an early 70's analogue mono synth.

2) This is the best synth for the beginner to learn subtractive synthesis programming on. The front panel is so well laid out (it follows the route you take when creating sound in sub synthesis and has the wave forms etched on the panel) ) and every parameter has a real time controler. This means that you hear the effect of what you are doing and can see its place in the process. Learn synthesis on this gem and it will give you a great grounding in the fundamentals, and allow you to make meaningful use of more complex synths when you want to.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-19-2003 at 14:43
Joshua a part-time user from US writes:
This is my first synth, having been solely a guitar player until recently. I can therefore not compare it to other synths, but rather provide some insight into the MS2000 as an introduction into synthesis for those interested in electronic music but not well-versed in its implementation.

I chose the MS2000 as a first synth because it is affordable, feature-packed, and still of a sound quality that is pure pro. Oh, and its MIDI spec is nice, a requirement as I plan to use it as a sound module in a larger setup when playing live.

I was able to learn how to create sounds from init/blank programs that sounded EXACTLY how I wanted them to sound within a few days. This synth is VERY easy to learn the basics of, and then some. The layout is very intuitive, and even the more advanced features like virtual patches and the mod sequencer are a breeze. The only thing I have yet to try to delve into is its MIDI capability, only because I don't have anything to sync/link it to yet :P

The tonal character is varied and rich. To my ears, it easily rivals the sounds I have heard on many of my favorite recordings in certain areas. Granted, the pads won't be huge, but with the servicable ensemble effect and a bit of LFO patching, they CAN sound impressive. Basses are great... a little TOO agressive if anything (which is kinda good), and all the talk of great leads is absolutely true.

The mod sequencer and virtual patch mode make nearly anything possible, even for a beginner. I have created simple basslines with the seq. that, with one or two twists of a patch knob, can be morphed into thunderous, drum-like rhythms or robotic squeaks completely unrelated to the original sound. The noise feature is especially useful in patch mode when synched to an LFO to drop rhythmic character into an already-established groove. I cannot stress enough how easy to use and useful the virtual patches are. With them, you can create truly rich shimmering, harmonic overtones, or more traditional rhythmic effects by tempo synching your LFOs and using them to modulate various parameters like filter cutoff, ect. Splendid.

I still haven't fully learned this machine, and already it has taught me SO much about synthesis. I feel confident that I will continue to use it as my little studio grows.

So, for anyone in the position I was in only a matter of weeks ago, looking to learn about synthesis affordably but wanting something you can keep after you are ready to produce professional tracks, I highly reccomend the MS2000. Fun, great-sounding across the board (as long as you take the time to learn to program it), versatile, and intuitive. I now addicted to synths and can't wait to add my next one :)

Pardon my 5-star rating, but all things being relative, it is the best synth I have ever played :P

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-10-2003 at 21:55
Ted Kaminsky a part-time user from New York, NY writes:
The MS2000 is a really amazing little synth. Programming new sounds is very straighforward and the vocoder is great. It's a blend between two KORG classics: the MS-20 monosynth and the VC-10 vocoder. It also has become the best buddy of my Yamaha AN1x (another oustanding synth). Peace.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-01-2003 at 13:17
me... a part-time user from norway writes:
This synth is realy awsome! i love the sounds you can make on it. a little week on the strigs tho. and with 4 poly its not so easy to play heavy string colages on it..... But it does EVERYTHING else very well. I also own a virus indigo, and i think the ms sounds more analog than the virus (the virus is also wikked dont get me wrong) And to the guy who said that no pros use this synth...... Well maby hes right, after all Who would cal Bjørk, Dr-dre, BT, Mr-scruff, Fila Brazilia, Junkie xl, Luke slater, Way out west pros??????? You ignorant F..k!!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-04-2003 at 14:00
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