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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Mark a professional user from Earth writes:
I've had the Nord 1, Ion, ESQ1 Microkorg and I'm really happy that I'm keeping the MS2000 for good. I'm tired of selling, trading etc. I think the MS2000 sounds analog to my ears. I love the 2 lfo's and sequencer.. The Sequencer can come up with electro industrial sequences that's in yer face. I like it for analog type leads, basses, hh, snares(white noise), analog fx, etc. I wish it can do low end stuff like kick drum. Oh and it's cool blue too which looks very slick. All you need to make any music is KOrg Ms2000 and Korg Legacy and your PC with Cubase or Logic running.

I also have a Novation K-Station as my second synth. I like to keep it basic like this.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-09-2007 at 19:16
lilliputian flu hallcination a hobbyist user from france writes:
this synth is the dog's - I have never heard a synth for this price you can get so much out of - if you can pick one up then do so before it becomes collectable - there are still plenty of people out there who bought one and haven't taken the time to really see what it can do - incredibly usable weird noises abound - I can even get mine to make the kind of burning screaming ripping lead sounds you can only seem to get out of an ARP 2600 with the clock output of its randomised sequencer fed back into the square wave input (if you know what I mean) - and who can afford an ARP? - the emulations don't do it at all - the best thing about this synth is the syncable cross sine wave - I have a nord modular g2 now but I would never sell my ms2000 even though feature wise it's a donkey in comparison - I just can't reproduce so many of the things it does with anything else - it's also the only "virtual analogue" synth I've ever heard that sounds analogue - nords, access virus, waldorfs, anything you can name (all two or three times the price too at least, though more feature rich) don't come close with their lush expensive sounds - the korg has much more grit - so now that korg have made the ms2000b (same thing, painted black, with an xlr mic in instead of jack, and 'better presets' - all of which should be deleted once you've worked out how they work anyway unless you like making music that sounds like factory demos) hopefully you might be able to find plenty of the perfectly good orginal blue ones going cheap from people who don't know any better - I'd buy more if I had the money - and who gives a monkey's about 4 note poly? - I only ever use one key anyway

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-24-2006 at 08:31
jon a hobbyist user from england writes:
follow up from previous review i have now bought an ms2000br ,and glad i did the sounds that can be got out of this are incredible .the factory sounds are very usable other sound sets can be got off the net,but the thing itself is user friendly out of the box just turn the knobs save your patch..i wont bore with moog type and 70s synth sounds you can get. other reviewers have covered those well as stand alone synth i slave it with an emu audity(16 arps)..good for layering ,as well ..the manual is good to help you go deeper(needs reading like any synth).4 note poly i use 4 fingers to get round this, organs piano pads etc work for me for most things ,to say its a mono synth with 3 extra notes..been following it for 2 years glad i made the plunge brilliant for the money..vocoder as well for 350.00pounds new love downside keyboard split isnt brill if arp is used one side think thats down to low poliphony.. still for price id buy again if lost or stolen

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-18-2006 at 12:01
a professional user writes:
hey, guys.

I heard this thing and I expect it to maybe, well , help me write ,well, the next, 'Crazy' by Seal? Hmnn? With a dual mono vintage guitar rig ( '65 black face pro reverb with '59 Bassman++) at hand and a fine Yamaha pa, am I being unrealistic? do we not compose from the sound of the sound? no? If not, why bother? Devon Haas

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-06-2006 at 22:27
dg a professional user from USA writes:
I've got a Waldorf Pulse, Oberheim Matrix, Korg Prophecy, Tassman modular VA, and a JV2080. I bought an MS2000 second hand for $400 about six months ago. I thought I got a good deal then, and I feel even better about it now! Here's why:

After messing around with the presets and tweaking deep into the night I stopped playing it for a while because I thought I'd explored it enough to know what sounds it was capable of. I came to the conclusions that it sounded rather thin, had limited but fun uses and would be just an idea/sketchpad synth...Not really able to sound like a big, fat real analog(my Oberheim). I didn't know at the time I was WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Then a funny/horrible thing happened...I was writing a patch I had modified into memory and accidentally turned off the power at the same time. To my horror I dicovered that ALL the patch memory was scrambled into some useless Vocoder patch - all of 'em!

It truned out to be a total Blessing in Disguise. I considered taking it in for service but then decided to try programming sounds from scratch, which I HAD to do if I was going to use the thing anymore. After days of experimentation I figured out exactly how the Oscillators work (tremendous variety-love the Wavetable!) how the Virtual Patch adds life and energy to saounds, and then when I figured out the Sequencer I about sh*t a brick. NOTHING else in this price range will do ANALOG sequencing + Wavetables=WAVESEQUENCING! And I can make this thing sound a hell of a lot like Chris Franke running the giant Moog modular.

Also it is entirely possible to create big FAT, WARM pads that sound identical to a Jupiter or an OB-X. But you HAVE to learn to program this thing and understand the architecture or you'll be out of luck.

Remember, they put those god-awful sounding factory presets in because they know that in a music store it has to JUMP out at you and assault your ears just to be noticed.

This is my favorite synth I've ever had, money no object.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-23-2006 at 19:26
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