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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Bell a part-time user from SA writes:
Ok the Ms2000 has only 4 voices , and I don't care for the Mod Seq very much- they should have put in a transposing phrase seq. Howevere this synth is capable of some phat sounds, good basses and pads. If you feel you need a VA synth don't be a fool and buy one for the preset patches, thats not what analog is about. Analog keyboards are meant to be tweaked and fiddled with, and this board invites you to tweak it.So go buy one and make music.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-21-2001 at 08:40
God a professional user from The Pitts of Hell writes:
Well, hmmmm. Quite a picky lot when it comes to the blue beast. Heres my two cents: For anyone who wants to get into programming tones on a VA synths and doesnt want to spend alot of money the MS2000 is a good synth, and its a good synth period. It does have limited polyphony and the volume drops with the cutoff but this is mimicking older synths korg made which did the same thing. As far as construction, I think it looks great, its very light. Knobs....hmmmm. Haven't had any trouble with the knobs they dont feel like they would break, but I wouldn't give it any serious abuse. You might have some problems then. As for tones, you can get some absolutly beautiful tones on this board. My friend sits in the house all day and tweaks his out and I come over to see what he's modelled. He's gotten everything from a 303 to a Juno bass, and although I prefer the real Juno, he did a damn good job. He modelled it off of a Haujobb record and when he played the bassline on the MS2000 to it, there were only slight differences. The difference is, it is a VA and they all have that sound you can hear it with knob sweeps, its almost like a metallic squeak. Va's have a harsh brutal metallic tone them, and perhaps thats what alot of people find to be the problem because they want the analouge warmth but alot of analouge patches sound like atari games. This is the newschool. When analouges came out and didn't sound like acoustic instruments everyone complained. Now the va's bring their own sound and people complain again cause they dont sound "like they're supposed to". Its just a different tool. The Ms2000 does some absouluty beautiful pads and string type noises, which is what I feel the Va's are the best at. It just takes some time to get your own sounds out of this monster. It can also get some really filthy dirty basses and I swear about a million jungle records are using them (because I keep hearing that distinctive sound). I have A1 SoundCarrier pt. 2 which is a mix done by Dj Tonic featuring Emotive Recordings artists and I swear almsot every track done on that cd has an MS2000 kickin out those dirty dirty basslines. Its not a Nord,Oberheim, Virus or anything else. Its a KORG mothafucka! If you dont dig it I guess you just dont, but for anyone reading this, its not a bad machine.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-18-2001 at 13:39
Rick Hils a professional user from Los Angeles, California writes:
I have already commented on the MS 2000 back in Feb. 2001. I still have the one I bought back then. It can still inspire me, but then again maybe so might an Access Virus if I were to have it. It's just another tool in your arsenol.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-17-2001 at 02:49
synthfreq a hobbyist user writes:
The OB-12 sounds horrible...I returned mine. It can't touch the MS2000 for character. My MS2000 and MS2000r are chained together using the MIDI filter feature for more polyphony. Eight notes of sheer madness. ;-)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Sep-01-2001 at 12:49
jomo from Italy writes:
I owned a MS-20 twenty years ago (along with various other anologue synths) and I own a MS-2000R now. No they don\t sound quite the same, (but pretty close) and yes the MS2000 has a nasty cheap plasticky feel to it.... but the sounds and programmability are decent and it is well worth the money. Still wish I\d bought a Oberheim (Viscount) OB-12 though...........

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-28-2001 at 15:27
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