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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Dave Washburn a professional user from Arizona, USA writes:
I've played a number of synths, but the N264 is my first Korg. In a nutshell, I LIKE IT!!! This machine is so powerful it's unbelievable. I see by some of the reviews here that some have problems with the internal sounds; hey, if you don't like a sound, just go into Program Edit and change it! The sequencer is the most powerful on-board that I've seen, and the touch of the keyboard is a lot lighter and more responsive than the others I've played or reviewed. The ability to set up combinations that can split, layer etc. all at the same time is something I use constantly. Pattern Programming is just about the easiest way to build a song in the internal sequencer that I've ever seen. I think what impresses me most about this machine is how much CONTROL it gives me over everything, from tempo to master tune to tweaking individual notes in a sequence in step-time edit mode to giving a sound's wave envelope a little nudge here and there, control of delay and other effects down to the milli- second - virtually everything in this instrument is totally under my control, so if it sounds horrible I have no one to blame but myself :-) There are plenty of online resources related to it, as well; a good place to start is, Ken Jonsson's page. Oh, yes, I also use an Oberheim Drummer as a drum sequencer, and hitching it to my N264 so I can switch voices in the keyboard (Korg calls them "programs") while the drums continue was a breeze. I can also use the Drummer to record drum patterns for use in sequences and songs, and pasting those patterns into a song at any point couldn't be easier. One last feature that I like related to patterns in songs: the "Put to Track" command will insert a pattern into a song, but it won't copy the pattern, it will just insert a pointer to it. This saves a ton of internal memory, and it's about time somebody came up with this. Overall, a machine that I will be able to use for a long, long, long time.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-04-1998 at 17:57
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