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Average rating: 3.9 out of 5
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Thomas BArfod a hobbyist user from Denmark writes:
I am a just a hobby player in a coverband, where we play a lot of genres, so i needed a keyboard with a lot of different sound like piano, ep, organ, strings and synth brass. The reason why I bought the N5EX was because of the exstra 6 ROM with piano, ep and organ sounds compared to the n364. I had a KORG M1, and always been satisfied with some of the sounds on this classic key, but needed better piano and organ sounds. The piano sound and organ a very realistic, but they somehow sound quite thin. It makes the sound very doll and unispiring. I bougth for a very good price, but allready thinking of getting something way better like the Triton wich I tried in a store sounding supberb. I am most impressed of the pads sounds and some of the analog sounds like the fat synth sound. But perhaps for about 800$, you can't complain for the varity of sounds.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-20-2001 at 07:58
paul a professional user from USA (nyc) writes:
There are some decent sounds...pretty good for the money, i guess. The piano sounds are pretty horrible, but i like the ep and organ sounds alot. Drums are really outdated sounding, although it's still usable thanks to an above average effects section. Nice pads and such. Probably the best thing about this keyboard, in my opinion, is it's compatibility with many formats (XG,etc) and it's really easy to get around the editing pages. very intuitive. The manual sucks big time (i know they all do, but korg is the worst). The assignable controller knobs are cool (although what keyboard doesn't have those these days? pretty essential...) and the arpeggiator with midi-capabilities is pretty flexible and easy to use. I wish i had enough money to get the yamaha EX5, but i didn't so i'm fairly satisfied with the N5ex.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-13-2000 at 23:07
WangGuan from China writes:
(It seems not many Asian musicians appear here.)I've just got a N5ex,and I think this should be attributed to reading some rather misleading comments on this site.I have to buy another 2nd-hand X5d now.Because the sounds on N-series (according to some "profetionals"here)are based on compressed samples.So,really ,I find string,reed,piano,etc.on my N5ex are much worse than those on my former X5d.God,its my half a year's saving(here you see what peanuts a colledge language teacher earn in North China.).Also the subtleness of modwheel control is totally lost.You may compare yourself,and see it's the nice wheel-driven vibrato makes the famous Korg rhode sounds alive.But on this shabby N5(also famous,isn't it?) ,the vibrato rate or other parameters are very stupidly set."M1 piano" on my X5d used to be my fivourate patch, But I can't stand the one on N5ex which is far inferior.Ist,the new pcm sample is compressed,so not as realistic;2nd,the original sound's cutoff will repond to the touch velosity,which is the most instinct charicteristic of (m1 piano).No matter how you play,N5ex just give a cheap toy sound. Do you like the Asian pipe sounds on 05rw or X5? Say good bye to them when you sell them and buy a N5. A patch called "big strings"on x5d, will let you hear the bow scratching the string. Compare it with the dull sound "big strings"on N5. Combi is a great idea since M1, it make many of my friends prefer Korg to other brand (Perhaps you don't know , in China You could only find 3 brand, Korg, Roland, and Yamaha.You may also hit upon Akai or Kawai Casio by chance.)But most N5 combis are useless, and not so good as those with the same names on X5d.It very obvious. Appegioater and performance mode are placebo, not practical at all. Besides, you can no longer change the scale setting in global mode.I love that function on X-series,so I can imitate some real accoustic instruments for world music. I wonder what Korg are doing these yrs. Trinity&Tritons?As I know,some Triton owners begin to complain...

N5,Oh my N5,my money...

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-May-05-2000 at 12:43
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