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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Rys a professional user writes:
OK so here is my take on this beast after 6 month of owner ship. Its easy to use if you just want to play the piano or other interments, Its also quite easy to use if you simply want a karma or wave station effect to jump around with the preset you picked. However when it comes to deep editing, recording, sequencing or sampling forget it! Its a total nightmare!!! I have had this unit for several months and the more I learn about his machine the more I fine it to be a nightmare do to lack of a flowing interface. I have mastered just about every piece gear worth owning. I have been a working musician for years in the studio and in bands playing and recording. Some of the big mountains to get over were the DX7, Nord Mod, Spectralis, Quasi Midi Serious to name a few. If you put them all together and added their owners manuals the Oasys is still more to come to grips with with lower results and a thicker manual then all the above put together!

The Features are over the top, if you are a piano player who has a bar gig and dose cover songs for a living, or if you are a sound designer working in a jingle house doing commercials and or film scores. However if you are buying this to be an all in one work station and think for a minute your going to be able to work with out a computer you are so SOL. You will still need your computer because the sequencer and HD recorder are absolutely worthless unless of course your one of the type’s who can nail a first take every-time. My QY 20 has a better sequencer and I would take a MPC 500 over the O for sampling and as far as the HD recording goes,editing is, just well worthless! Do not sale other gear to buy this all in one workstation you will still need it!!! Good luck upgrading. RAM max is 2 GIG’s and once you load an instrument or two this is eaten up quick and it leave’s little for sampling. On top of this the USB is 2.0 B only meaning you can not connect it to your computer only HD’s for storage or back up. Korg did give you 4 of these As if you will need more then one! Touch screen is cool and an absolute to navigate the system but it is menu driven (not musical) and its really nothing other then a POS system like in any Bar (no drag and drop!!!) No mouse expansion this is a major flaw they should have put a track pad on the deck for mouse function and then let it function as a KAOSS Pad when needed but this might happen in Oasys extreme after Korg drop the price on these when sale drop.

The Sounds are good, some quite good and some are total crap! Like everything. They are Korg sounds all day long they don’t just sit there they jump out at you if your using a string patch or woodwind till you switch out of combi mode and or drop the effects then they fall through the floor boards. If you are a piano player you will love this rig but if you know the difference between a Moog and a Nord you are going to fall over laughing,,, No Joke. For analogue emulation I would rather have a Alesis Micron! The MS-20 and Poly 6 are cool but they cost extra and I would take Virus TI over them both any day of the week! I now the Virus cost more then the MS-20/ Poly 6 add ons so let me say I would rather own a Virus TI and take my extra $5.5 and invest it into other gear.

She is stable 1 plus here Korg and for extra info you can use the the Oasys form although it has about 2000 threads and can be overwhelming to find what your looking for and why should you need to anyway its an instrument for music not an IT router for IBM.

So if his key board were stolen would I buy another one fuck no I would through a party! I cant even sale mine for 1/2 the price a paid for it on Ebay. IM not kidding I paid $8K 6 months back and I cant even get $4K for it now. Mine is on SS now and I have not even gotten an email. She is in brand new condition never left the home studio. Now days music is just a hobby for me, I opted to buy the Oasys after playing her for a bit but not taking the time to really dig into her. The sounds sold me and the idea that I might at last be buying a bit of gear that would not need to talk to any of my other gear and would not need countless updates and and when one OS change it would not work with the new one and so on (IM a logic user sense the Notator dayz) seemed to good to be true and it was. I was wrong I should have done my home work and saved my self $8K! Just updating this thing is nightmare!!! Korg should have market this boat anchor as what it is re hacked version of gear from the past ten years a Wave Station, Karma, 01W, Triton and soft ware version of the MS-20/Poly 6 in a Windows/Linux based box with a Point of Sale touch screen for Piano players who do Barry Manilow cover and want to split there key section into 4 zones.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-31-2007 at 22:29
Blade a professional user from USA writes:
Anyone out there that is still not sure if this is the one for you WAKE UP! and smell the possibilities. This thing rocks!

I plan to purchase one early 2007.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-27-2006 at 23:18
DAS a professional user from S. Jersey-USA writes:
OK, I'll give my opinions about the OASYS since I first saw it when it was shown at NAMM in 2k5 I believe. I think besides all of the technical sepcs that everyone tries to find about it, that's only half the experience. With any piece of gear, you need to find out how it sounds and functions as an instrument. That would be the same as never actually hearing or having played a real minimoog, but saying it's the best synth around, or worst saying sucks. How would a person know unless they actually touched one? They wouldn't. So having said that here's my take on the OASYS.

The #1 question that is always asked no matter what is, Is It Worth The Money? My answer, Yes and No. Why. Well look at it like this. Before computer chips were cheap to manufacture, and as fast as they are now, there was no such thing as a PC or Mac running a DAW with midi and audio tracks simultaneously. But ask someone who was around in the 70's and they will mention to you something called a Synclavier. A "few" people around the world still own one of these beasts. By today's standards of pro audio recording, it's considered a dinosaur. But some people still "swear" by them. Why? Simply because from what everyone says that owns one, it's straight to the point for creating music, it's totally integrated, and nothing else sounds like it. And plenty systems wish they could sound as good as one today!

Now consider this. A synclavier used to cost more than at least $30,000+ finding a good deal! Now the OASYS can be had for a good $8000, give or take a few dollars. First off, I don't believe that is really a lot of money if you're getting the quality with it. The OASYS exudes with quality. It really sounds excellent. It doesn't blow me away with it's sounds, but it sounds better than anything else out on the market to me, with the exception of a fully loaded Kurzweil K2600.

And true, you do have the option of loading your own samples into the OASYS, has plenty of sample RAM for you to use, it is very quick and intuitive with it's keyboard response, and response to parameters being accessed in realtime from the touch-screen LCD or from the panel. And yes, the color LCD is very nice on the OASYS. To be honest with you, if I were to ever buy an OASYS, I would on buy the keyboard version. What's the point of a rack version OASYS when it's made for integration with a keyboard.

Honestly, if you buy an OASYS you're making a professional investment into your music, hopefully for a career. The OASYS is definitely a complete workstation. But, I don't think it's quite worth $8000, but I don't feel that $8000 is too much money to pay for music gear. Ask a mastering engineer, and they'll tell you that 1 good compressor alone can cost more than $8000!!! But again, I've heard and played mostly everything that's come out since the late 80's. Honestly, if I wanted a high quality workstation that's easy to use for sequencing, sounds fantastic, and extremely powerful, I would buy a Kurzweil 2600/2661. But I do feel that for those that don't want to go with the slightly outdated technology of the Kurzweils, the OASYS is tops. But this is not a gigging keyboard. It is meant for studio/home use. You could gig with it, by I would call you crazy.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-01-2006 at 10:52
A De Jesus a professional user from USA writes:
I would LOVE to own one, if I just could sell this 32 channel Mackie mixer, Ensonique Work Station and Fender Amplifier!

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-14-2006 at 15:46
Jim Jam a part-time user from USA writes:
Hands down, the best music investment I ever made.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-04-2006 at 18:57
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