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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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Xabi a part-time user from Spain writes:
See the Sigma here with a lot of parents...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-29-2000 at 12:01
nick a part-time user from canada writes:
man,this synth is the greatest monosynth ever created.i was just listening to an old track i did on mini-disk using this baby from beginnig to end, just laying down textures and jazzy solos over a jazzy break.i almost forgot i ever own that synth,shame on me.althougt its limited control wise,it produce the sweetest sounds. i used to love its grandma's furniture looks and its exotic controls...well gotta move cant kick yourself forever...a piece of gear is still a piece of gear! peace/love/music

posted Saturday-Apr-22-2000 at 20:17
Steveo a professional user from UK writes:
Oops sorry about my spelling there - I think I need some serious sleep.

posted Saturday-Oct-02-1999 at 15:10
Steveo a part-timer user from UK writes:
Well I don't really think the Siggy has 18 oscillators , as AdamT mentioed it has 10 MS20 filter chips but I think it has 2 main voice oscillators , one for the Synthe and the other for the Instrument section - and it employs a devide down c#ircut to extract the multiple tones from each section. Nevertheless this lettle synth is a craker looks rediculous but is capable of absolutley amazing has some serious drawbacks particularly the lack of filter control in the Instrument section and the lack of a good adjustable envelop generator - but it is supposedly a present machine but in truth it's more than that - you do have a fair degree of control , much more than you'd think on a "preset" machine...When get's me is the was you can change from a deep throbbing ringmodulated clangy bass - just by whapping a few rocker switches and transform it into a lovely mellow haunting brass lead......a corking little synth - forget about the rocker switches just buy it and be amazed. Easily hooked up to a midi converter too.....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-02-1999 at 15:09
AdamT a part-timer user from UK writes:
Probably IS the best preset mono, not as haunting or soulful as an ARP Pro-soloist but certainly musters far more power, aftertouch routing is slim and a missed opportunity as it`s feel is excellent as is the Lambda/Tridentesque keyboard action.

mixing presets works with varied success because this synth has only TWO oscillators not 18 as you would think therefore masking / wipeout occurs when two presets are selected in the same bank, eg select 16` PWM and 8` SAW in synthe and you hear more of the preset resonance in the 8` tab than the actual sound though it DOES give a nice timbre change. the VCOs (one for the Synthe section, one for Instrument) are fed through different filter / shaping circuits employing no less than 10 MS20 filter chips in total to create the 20 presets.

one big notable ommission soundwise is a lack of a clean woody squarewave which shows the instrument`s MS20 heritage but the Sigma (or Smegma for Red Dwarf fans) is capable of far better lead sounds than it`s forebear and it`s Ring-Modulator gets closer to the CS80/60 one than anything else I can think of soundwise. I still have a feeling that the Quartertone rocker could have been used for something more useful and the "Noise depth" on the Joystick could have been better put to VCF modulation (like the rest of the Joystick equipped Korgs) instead of introducing a useless racket. Build quality (like the Lambda) is superb and a class above most other Korgs of the era, interfacing (amazingly for a Preset mono) is excellent.

All in all a quirky totally unique mono which happens to be largely preset, excellent powerful (if a little cold) sound which belies it`s MS20 beginnings, it`s worth a 5 because it really IS the best in it`s field like the lambda is in the Ensemble field.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-23-1999 at 05:12
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