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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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lemonade a hobbyist user from finland writes:
Great little rack. I love it :).. All sounds are of incredible high quality. Only real negative thing about it is that the effects doest work like the effects is say novations nova.. Buuut guess you cant have it all.. Anyway buy this and have many many hours of creative joy and stuff. Sounddiver and trinitro are a real must-have also.. And they could have added a datawheel, couse i allways get afraid those small knobs will start beeing all loose and stuff after some years of heavy knob pushing.. or maybe not.. heh .. ill give it 5 anyways. yup

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-16-2000 at 03:03
Don a professional user from USA writes:
Excellent piece of gear. Requires a computer (editing software included with TR) for serious programming, but quick edits are simple from the front panel. I've heard a lot of whining about the user interface, and frankly I don't know why. It has the same large LCD as the SGproX, the editing is very quick and intuitive. And when you want to do some real programming, the software is great. Maybe if you haven't been working with synths and MIDI for a long time, you would find it difficult. But if you have experience and some years behind you doing this, you won't have any problems. I ignored this piece for quite awhile because I believed all the negative press about how hard it is to edit. Silly me. After less than an hour, I knew my way all around it. Especially if you have used lots of Korg gear, it will not be difficult for you. And the sounds are spectacular. Electric pianos are second to none, and the piano is very good. Tweak the decay a bit on the pianos, and they could replace just about anything else you use, except for the real thing. I used to use two or three different sound sources for electric pianos, but have found these to be thick and lively enough to use just on their own. Drum sounds are stellar, and there are tons of them - far more than the Trinity. String sounds are deep and rich. Analog sounds are as good as sample playback can get (so far, anyway), organs are excellent, brass and woodwinds are just so-so, but still better than most. Basses,bells, breathy pads, and 'moving' synths sounds are superb, as is typical for most Korg products. And it's silver, looks good in the rack! Another plus - no wall wart! 4 outputs, a direct connection for your computer, and you can add a digital out as an option. These are great sounds that will be vital and useable for some time. Maybe that's why Korg is still making the Trinity and their newest piece, the Triton, which is really just an improved Trinity instead of a whole new device. One quick tip, another thing I've heard lots of whining about, is that you can't scroll quickly through sounds or commands by holding down the +1 or -1 buttons. This was a little disturbing at first, until I figured it out. You hold the +1/-1 buttons down while pressing the arrow buttons for jumps of 10, either way. Holding the +1/-1 buttons while pressing the Page buttons gives you bank changes. Not a problem at all. Works great for editing too. One quick correction from the previous review. It does have a preview button on the front panel, it's marked A4 and also has an LED that serves as MIDI indicator. Don't believe the naysayers like I did - try it yourself!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-15-2000 at 13:32
Daniel Ahlquist a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
This little piece sounds absolutely great! I've had it in about a month now and the sound potential is very good! It took 2-3 days to get the hang on how it worked but after that everything got easier. The bad things I've found with this thing is, that I really can't use as many effects at the same time, especially insert effects. But that's why I'm buying 2 effect processors in a day or two :) Also, I miss some preview button on it... it takes alot of time to scroll through the banks without any fast way of hearing the sound of each patch... It has some great and cool special effects and pads and I really like the piano... add some reverb and stuff to it and it sounds great! The leads aren't that many and alot of them, are in my oppinion bad... but there are also some rare fierce ones that I love... I would probably not pick up this machine as my first piece of equipment If I could go back in time and change my choices. I make trance and I simply want some more flexibility along with this machine... Next pickup: a nordrack 2 or a virus. A good controller is also very neat to have since the rack misses the versatility of knobtwisting etc. I think I'm gonna give this one a nice 4... for sounds I would rate this a clear 5!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-15-2000 at 09:37
anderson.J+ a professional user from UK writes:
It's small trinity box.

same as trinity sounds. extra 8Mb samples..


cheap and Good design.

KoRg..good works. I LOVE JAPANESE CORP!!(including japanese school girl. hey! Let's travel TOKYO STREET. small girl..aHHHHHHHHHHH!!!)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-06-2000 at 11:31
gim yong jin a part-time user from south korea writes:
wondeful sound...but if you want to edit program/combi sounds...yeah..ok..ok...sound diver is usefulthings..I am performer..NOT SOUND DESIGNER!! was I can understand. it is my GOOD friend... will be.. KORG TR-RACK.

posted Wednesday-Jan-19-2000 at 15:42
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