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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Lenti Lenko a professional user from Australia writes:
I bought the TR Rack as an exander for my Trinity Plus (which I sold for my new Triton!) The Tr Rack has lots of great extra drum sounds not available in the keyboard version. The new piano sound is also better than the stock acoustic piano. The TR Rack, (like the Triton and Trinity) is a great 'all rounder' synthe which does not sound bad in any particular sonic area. I dislike the fact that you require an external computer (or a Trinity Keyboard) to edit the thing properly. I also don't like the output routing- very inflexible. What makes this module 'rock' are the awesome sounds (512 programs and 512 combinations). It sucks that there is only one 16 part multi-timbral set up! Therefore I only use it in program and combination mode and NOT multi=bimbrally. The 32 notes of polyphony can also get in the way although this is not really an issue when playing one sound at a time. It looks really good in a rack and it has an internal power supply (I HATE EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLIES!!!!). I use it simply as a preset expander in my studio. If you want to do any serious editing, you must remember that it can't be done off the front panel- you must use a computer or a Trinity keyboard. If this doesn't bother you than GO FOR IT!!

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-29-1999 at 08:20
Rami a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
I bought tr-rack about a year ago, and i'm still pretty much pleased with it. It's pretty awesome for just a rack. I sequence all kinds of dance/trance music, and it's features and sounds have been enough for me for all this time. It's got very good drumkits, insert effects, realtime controllers (from sequencer) to control the sounds. You don't even need a 303 to make a decent trancy basslines. Ofcourse it doesn't sound as fat as the real thing, but it's still good for a dance/trance musician with not that much money to spend. Only thing i miss are good dance leads and stabs. But with a wav editor and some patience you can do amazing stuff. The sound diver program that came along, which is supposed to give you possibility to edit the sounds, is just something i didn't want to get into. The first impression of that was just too messy. Maybe i'll get into that when i run out of other ideas to tweak the tr-rack. Check out for my songs made 90-100% with TR-rack. Anyway i give it a 5 minus..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-24-1999 at 11:38
Scott Colebourn a part-timer user from UK writes:
I like the TR Rack, I like it alot. The sounds are polished clear and fat, although the individual presets are somewhat sparse, it the combination that really make the trinity sparkle. Programming new combi and editing existing presets is somewhat a pain via the fron end panel, thus kirg have included soundiver to compensate

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-11-1999 at 14:51
Daniel a part-timer user from Poland writes:
What Korg isn't telling you about this machine, is that it has a lot of new stuff (comparing with keyboard version), especially for drum'n'bass and trance. This means drums (not only that boring 808/909 set you can find on any instrument nowadays), including a perfect Juno Reactor style kick drum, d'n'b ring modulated drums and effects, and many new synths good for trance riffs or those out-of-this-world d'n'b pads. The programmers made a lot of effort to emulate a few of classic TB-303 sounds, and I must admit, that these TR-Rack programs are much closer to the real thing (in terms of sound) than those "30303" sounds from Trinity keyboard. They surely don't sound EXACTLY like a TB, but who really cares? Now the user interface: You may have already heard, that TR-Rack has a "gynecological" user interface. That's true. It takes hours (well, OK - minutes) to program it. There's no data wheel, no "+-10" buttons for data value, no value fast-forwarding (you can find this function on SoundCanvas modules). There's also a trick with the display: it's quite large, but the only benefit you get from this is that you have two lines of VERY BIG chracters. Stupid idea. TR-Rack comes with a custom version of Emagic's Sound Diver, both for Windows and Mac. I don't find it useful at all. The programs's layout uses very big windows (too much to fit on a 1024x768 screen), so there's endless scrolling. The on-screen knobs are tiny, and the graphics resembles early 80's Macintosh (awful). I haven't found a simple function allowing to copy insert effects from a program into a combi. Sound diver doesn't support TR-Rack's multi mode. Last but not least: the program isn't stable. I get MIDI errors very often. I use Cubase VST (Windows) and an Opcode Studio 128X MIDI interface (which has a multiclient driver). I cannot run both VST and Sound Diver at the same time: when VST is started first, Emagic won't start at all. If I start Sound Diver first, Cubase has no MIDI. I have other instrument editors (for Roland synths), which haven't such problems. I wonder why Korg, having such a powerful sound engine, gave it such a poor operating system.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-09-1998 at 20:22
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