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McKey a professional user from Poland writes:
I've just purchased this machine with sampling option board. This is really great gear - perfect for beginner and perfect for prof player. It has many advantages - and it really sounds great! Sounds: 64MB internal ROM, 470 multisamples - for 384 combis, 640 programs (512 Korg and 128 GM) - very good quality and powerfull - especially synth pads, leads, motion synths. It contains some sound effects as well (noises, birds etc.) Acoustic sound is very good (not perfect, but very good) - but if you upgrade with a sampling board - no problem - just load sample as you like :)) So - sounds: 5 of 5.

Programs: 512 plus 128 GM bank, 24 drum kits plus 9 GM drum kits. Enough :)

Combis: the most powerful mode of this gear. 8 programs at once, dual polyphonic arpeggiators (with user programmed patterns) - perfect for live playing. This makes TR similar to "keyboard" - but far more powerful. You can control the arpeggiators individually by the keyboard, velocity, key range, joystick, 2 switches... 216 arpeggio patterns - programmable. Combi mode is perfect for live playing

Sequencer: standard MIDI file compatible. With addition of RPPR (realtime pattern play/recording) and

SD card slot - in addition to SCSI interface, if you can't reach a SCSI disk or CDROM - you can use standard SD card up to 1GB. You can store samples, combis, arpeggio patterns, programs, sequencer files etc. Ideal. Of course USB port - it's only MIDI interface. Sad. I think USB is more popular than SCSI - better fit it up with full USB support (like SD card and SCSI). Maybe... software upgrade? Who knows... Overall: great piece of gear. Ideal for beginners (especially combi modes with dual arpeggiators...) and for profis - a synth with 64MB ROM samples, sampler (with option board). Synth, sampler, sequencer, two arpeggiators, effect processor (you can connect microphone and connect to internal effect processors). It's a upgraded version of Korg Triton LE - more ROM and better sounds.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-19-2007 at 14:41
Francisco Diaz a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I purchased a korg TR around mid-june, This keyboard is great! The sequencer is amazing. I have the Korg T3 so I use to record my music on the t3 sequencer which only has 8 tracks and only two master effects with 32 effects avilable. On the Korg TR, I have 16 tracks with 89 effects on the insert & master effects. I also have more variety of sounds than the T3. I now use these two amazing keyboards to play at gigs and record my music at home.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-05-2006 at 14:10
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