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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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Tom Jennings a professional user from New Jersey USA writes:
I would simply like to say that the Korg Triton Extreme is by LETHAL MOTHER F@#KER of a Keyboard/workstation! I'm just amazed with its protential. I love its Valve Force Tube option...It really brings out the warmth and SNARL out of your sounds if tweaked properly with the right effects and compression. I was able to progam some electric guitar sounds that are truly WICKED!!! I have been told by at least 6 Pro Guitar players that they were totally BLOWN AWAY with the sounds...I was able to progan guitar sounds Lke Queens Riech, Pink Floyd, Rush, MEGA DEATH...EVEN YES... VAN HALEN!!! AND I HAVE NOT EVEN USED THE SAMPLER YET!! I bought this keyboard (Triton EXTREME 76) second hand for $1,500 on May 2006...and to me was the best investment I ever made for my studio! The other sounds like the Pads, Synths (analog & digital), Strings,organs, electic pianos and Choirs are to me...EXCELLENT! The only sounds that lack to me are the grand pianos...but again if you layer different acoustic pianos and tweek with effects (EQ,Chorus,Reverbs,compression,volume, ETC) you can still get a decent Grand Piano. Just for the record... I have over 25 Years of playing/studio recording experience...My specialty is Synth progaming. I have owned many Keyboards (Rolands, Yamaha,Kurzweil,Nord,Oberhiem and Korgs) and though I understand some models do certain things better than other keyboards/synths...but if you have a budget or you are limited on space...and if you are into music like Rock,METAL, Progressive Rock and Jazz, New Age like me...THAN THIS BY FAR IS A WISE CHOICE. The Sequencer by the way is VERY POWERFUL AND IS A BREEZE TO USE! The only thing that I have not used yet is the sampler on it, but according what I read about its protential it truly TOP OF THE LINE...PERIOD. I never had the chance to master the art of sampling. But that is something I'm looking forward to do in the future,and once I master that...WATCH OUT!! Absolutley I give this Keyboard a 5+!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-14-2008 at 09:36
a hobbyist user writes:
I bought my Triton back in 2005 and have never looked back. This is one powerful sleek workstation. I'm not going to compare it with the likes of the Roland Fantom X or Yamaha Motif range. I believe each one of these has its own strenghs and weakneses. The Triton Extreme's strenghts lyes in its sounds, function and playability. I believe the sounds on this board are just wonderful. Beautiful orchestral selection with deep and lush strings and wind instruments that have their own vibrato, great concert pianos plus top notch synths, pads, basses and pretty much everything else. With eight simultanious combinations, you can create some awsome sounds and layering. The Extremes dual arpegiators work wonders on rhythem patterns and everything else you can throw at them. Keyboard action is great, alot better than most other boards currently on the market. Korg are known for their great effect section and the Extreme does not dissapoint. With the added valve, you can warm up your sounds straight out of the box. I believe the Extreme is the last of the Triton series and is also the best. Top marks for a top workstation.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-03-2008 at 14:12
Tim a hobbyist user from United States - TX writes:
Being a analog thick sounding enthusiast I was a little skeptical about jumping in on a "all-in-one" machine like the Triton Extreme. Now I am incredibly happy with my purchase. I've own/have owned Roland Juno 106, JP8000, Yamaha CS2x, Ensoniq ESQ 1, and Korg Micro-Korg. I was choosing between the Motif ES, Roland Fantom X6 and I chose the Triton for a few different reasons. All were so close in features that it was extremely hard to make decision based on the typical "Which is better"

1. I liked the Fantom screen and was worried about working the vast features of the motif which such a small interface compared to the fantom. The triton offered a nice hybrid...(Large touch screen just no color... who cares...)

2. Valve force... This is a nice analog warm touch to the product. It really makes a nice difference to help narrow the analog gap.

3. To me Fantom didn't have the sound out of the box that Motif had or the Triton. I think the motif had incredible sounds and the triton with appropriate use of combinations/valve force equalled/surassed that of the motif.

4. Cost... the Triton was on sale for about $400 less than the other two on the best day.

5. The triton has thousands of programs that come bundled.

6. I waggered that since I'm not hit producer yet (smiles) and this is my first all in one machine the Triton would be the easiest for me to hit the ground running with from an ease of use perspective and I would be very happy with the sonic quality/capability.

While I agree with some of the thin program sounds of the triton that other novice reviews pointed out, this is absolutely not true when you dive a little deeper. As with most modern non-analog synths these days the trick is in the layering the programs. This helps blend sounds to not sound so thin and get closer to sounding real/analog. So in Triton you have combinations which can have up to 8 layers(Each layer having 2 oscillators). Go grab 4+ differing string programs and layer them into one combination... turn on valve force and wow the sound is absolutely phenominal(I kid you not).

So i truly do believe having so many programs available and the ability to layer up to 8 instruments in one single combinations is an immensely powerfull sonic feature that is easy to over the look in the store if you don't switch the button from "Programs" to "Combinations"

Of course you do use up more polyphony but with all of the options available on the Triton to create songs from cue lists, sampling there is no polyphony threat for even the largest productions. There are just to many options for this to be an issue.

Also Triton went out of their way to make it easy for working in the sequencer with "Combinations" not just programs. This is something that many all in ones never do easily.

Overall this is the most expensive equipment purchase for me... and took a very very long time to get the nerve to invest. I was very worried that once I got it home I would be dissapointed... Well I got it home and I quickly learned that it blows me away daily and that I haven't put a heavy dent in using all the capabilities and every day I'm learning something new about the unit that just continues to make me smile about the $1400 bucks I spent.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-31-2007 at 07:16
Chris a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Just purchase a Triton Extreme 88. I am blown away by what this keyboard does. I am an original owner of a Yamaha DX7. I bought that one for $1,850 in 1983. I have waited patiently for 23 years. What keyboards can do now!!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-24-2007 at 08:55
r. a professional user from usa writes:
This keyboard is a powerhouse,I'm very shocked by the reviews i've read on this site..Triton Extreme is the be all to end all of workstations.Some people described the sounds as 'cold',well that's what the 'Valve Force' is for.Bright sounds are a common complaint among PCM instruments,not for myself though,I think the individuals that complain about this are people who expect the instrument to sound as they expected.Let's face it,no instrument no matter how the synth engine is designed or emulates-synthesis sounds close to any other,period.This instrument however is a Sampling Workstation which gives you a massive amount of wave ROM to work with,(the Orchestral and Vintage are incredible,as many others as well) they sound crystal-clear,you have 102 effects to work with,and then we get to the exciting part-The Sampler!It's highly advanced,with alot of editing tools like time slice,time-stretch,reverse,etc.If you want to obtain a sound you want to hear on this instrument,sample it and use the sample as an instrument, or you can use the sample with the internal rom for added flexibility to make a program.I think it's awful to compare the Extreme to ANY Roland instrument,Roland has always had a 'thin sound architecture' since the 90's, they are the casio of the pro keyboard industry,Roland is over-priced and under-imaginative in instrument development.Korg gives more quality and more bang-for-the-buck.I believe also why people downsize this synth because the tritons have been around for almost a decade and this is probably going to be the final Triton and Korg wants this series to end in a big finale,and they have left a milestone with the Triton Extreme..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-08-2006 at 19:59
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