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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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carmine a professional user from Canada writes:
I've had the Triton Extreme for about 6 month now. Its a very powerfull machine and can keep anyhone busy for years to come. There are many different ways to tweak sound and/or create original sounds of your own. Tha is why it is an industry standard. I've used Roland before and agree with some of the other reviews that say out of the box the factory sounds from roland sound better, however the eas of use that you get from korg makes tweaking the factory sounds easy and makes the korg sound a hell of allot better. There are 2 problems I have with korg (Minor problemns) but enough to bother me. 1: If you want to max out the RAM you need to purchase 32meg D-RAM memory (Good luck trying to find it, the last time they made it was in the 90's. You can find it on EBAY ( If you want to take the risk of buying there). Why would korg put old memory in a new machine boggles the mind. 2: If I dont use the sinth for a few days, it takes a while for the LCD screen to turn on (This freeked me out a couple of times) I called korg and they said that it is normal...(Never had that problem with the Tritin Clasic) Other than that its a great machine and Im sure it will keep me busy for years to come.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-15-2006 at 14:34
Craig Stuke a professional user from USA writes:
I have found this machine to take some getting used to. At first sounds seemed thin and cold compared to what I heard in the music store. The analog outputs seemed noisy. But when I got better at adjusting the Triton to my own specific desires, I can say it has not let me down at all. It is an instrument in itself, not just a keyboard. It is a tremendous creative tool that I will be using to make music till I wear it out.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-07-2006 at 23:40
steven a professional user from new york writes:
I will admit that I was disappointed too but lets face it triton is a workstation you would the 88 key version weighs 76 pounds

it is designed to shine in the studio'

second have we all forgotten that we can always improve on the factory sounds what happened to us that we take what the factory offers us and just stay content with it.

I know the pianos are not great but some of the sounds on this thing are really good and with tweaking and expanison boards it can hang with the best of them

finally Triton is known as a user friendly workstation to create tracks and it does that very well better and more easily than alll the other three big boys

so if you want live dont buy a workstation by a synth

I am not a triton lover but I have explored this controversey for two weeks now

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-08-2006 at 17:20
Rickair Dogerty a professional user from usa writes:
I am very disappointed in the Triton Extreme. I bought one three months ago and it's failed miserably on the 'live' gigs. Doesn't cut rhough real well. We followed a band where the keyboardist used a Nord and a Motif ES, and I was embarassed to follow them. It sounded great in the store, but doesn't cut through on the live gig. Since then, I heard another group using an Extreme on stage, and one using an LE, and I did not like either keyboard player's sounds. I'm really sorry i bought this thing. By the way: Triton Extreme For Sale!

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-23-2006 at 19:34
tim a professional user from us writes:
i just got a triton extreme today. i had a roland x8. wow, what a letdown. the extreme has a nice distortion to it, but the sounds are generic and not creative at all. the interface is pretty easy to work w/ tho. i can say that much. over all i'd give this board a 2 out of 10. the fantom i'd say at least got a 5. the motif more around a 6 or so. in general i'm not too big on workstation synths. i'm more of an analog modeling/ analog person myself, but i mean, at least give me a sound worth a crap. the piano on the triton is terrible, it's thin and sounds nothing close to real. the roladn has by far the best piano on it, as well as guitars. the triton sounds just sound so fake. they're not even close. if you want something that sounds good, stay away from the triton. even thought they're a standard in the industry, they sound awful. i suppose it depends on what you want...but if it's realism, you won't find it here.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-22-2006 at 01:30
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