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Thomas a hobbyist user from Denmark writes:
I once owned a TR rack and thought it was brilliant (besides the fact that you could only manipulate it through SoundDiver). However, I was still amazed by how much better the Triton rack sounds. More neutral, yet more defined and crystal clear. With the TR you could still hear that this was a Korg descending from the M1. Not so with the Triton. Even the samples taken from the M1 (named "something-something M1") are almost impossible to identify.

The filter could be better though. Don't get a Triton for making squabbling techno tunes (unless maybe the MOSS board will do the trick??).

The effects are brilliant. The flangers and phasers are no longer the over-the-top-swish-swoosh they used to be. They are subtle and as such much more usefull (and I'm not the boring guy when it comes to trying out the wild stuff!). I'm slightly disappointed with the distortion, but that's only because I'm a distortion freak that craves the full crunch.

The user interface is as good as it gets on a 2 rack unit, although the menu changes are a bit slow - and more so when the unit is playing at the same time. The screen is big and bright and the information is presented as you would expect. Very easy to use! Still, I considered buying an external keyboard controller only to find out that the Triton does not support MIDI at the level common for most modern synths. There's only midi controllers for the most basic parameters. It's really strange that Korg even considers shipping a piece of professional hardware without this obvious feature!?

When is comes to programs and combinations, Korg is still using the good old receipt, which is not bad at all. I only have two objections: 1) When will Korg learn that editing programs from within combination is what you do nowadays. Take a look at the Supernova and you'll know how it's done! 2) Why on earth are multi-setups not stored in internal memory? I have never seen anything like it! If you use multis, you have to store them on floppy disc! This is laughable. Common Korg!

I haven't tried the sampler yet, mostly because you have to get the optional SCSI board before even considering using it for serious purposes. Who the hell wants floppy discs anymore? At the rate flash card prices are dropping these days, a flash card reader would have been a much more attractive feature. External harddiscs are clumpsy and noisy... I would never buy the Triton for sampling purposes, because of these reasons alone!

The manual is a school example of how a manual should be written. Clear and comprehensible, still very, very detailed. At the same time, it is not needed that much, because the synths is fairly basic and straight-forward to use.

Well, I have mostly focused on the defects of the Triton, and there are some! However, as a whole, the unit is still great and suits my purposes very, very well.


Pros: - Great sound - Great user interface - Good expandability - Great manual

Cons: - Menu changes a bit slow - Not much filtering around - Not full MIDI control - Floppy disc for storing samples and multis!?

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-10-2003 at 11:48
Joe Maffei a professional user from USA writes:
I heard wonderful things about the Triton series until I got my hands on a Triton Rack. I always listen to the piano sounds of a module first, and this one let me down. The pianos are too brittle or too dull, and they're not expressive at all. Compared side-by-side to my fierce Ensoniq TS-12, I didn't like the piano sounds at all.

However, the organs are excellent, the solo woodwinds are very expressive and the guitars are very usable. I did expect more factory presets though.

As a whole, the operation and the navigation through menus is among the best interfaces I've ever seen. But I think it could be more user-friendly. It took me quite some time (without a manual) to figure out how to get rid of the reverb on a certain organ patch. It took me 1/10th of the effort to figure out the same thing on a Roland JV-1080 -- whose interface is not graphical like the Triton's...

Overall, a great synth. I'm giving it 3 out of 5 because it didn't live up to my high expectations. If you wanna hear what this beast is capable of, check out my band's website: (A lot of the sounds were also produced on a TR-Rack)

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Sep-15-2002 at 03:56
Crookedhands a hobbyist user from Hong Kong writes:
Yes, yes - this one better or that one: In the end it comes down to three choices: MOTIF or Triton or XV-88. Anything else is just shallow-sounding, bad workmanship or seriously lacking in features.

I have a Triton-rack, as I don't need a board & sequencer. Get the EXP's and - especially - the MOSS-board and the sounds take on a new dimension. And, can you seriously ask for more features in ONE rack than what Korg put in it - and at that price?!?

- You simply can't beat the XV-88's sound & quality with Roland's great & successsful expansion series, not to mention the hammer-weighted keys. - You simply can't beat the MOTIF if you want an "all-in-one" box with the main fantastic sound staple & sequencing & sampling & expansion - You simply can't beat the Triton-rack because it's THE rack out there with the most (nearly non-exhaustive) features packed in a 2U-rack.

Amen - world funk, everyone.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-21-2002 at 06:05
DMX a hobbyist user from JAPAN writes:
I was new to korg product until bought a Triton-Rack. Most of sounds are great, and useful for writing trance/ambient music. I love SEs most, and I also use organ sounds and pad/synth sounds a lot. I do not like drums much, and I never use bass. Bass sounds too heavy to me. I usually write a song like score music or something classical one. The bass of the Triton never suits my need.

One thing I am really disappointed is only 128*4 program/combi. If you select by category, you will find only 20 to 30 program/combi in each ocategory. I own Roland XV-5080, and 5080 has more patches. Only 128*4 programs avairable with Triton-Rack is big let down to me.

But, if you consider the price, brand new for 130,000 yen(less than $1000 in Japan), I have to give a five stars. I believe this gear is worth to money.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-06-2002 at 00:53
Lalas a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
I've just recently laid my hands on this one and I must say it's a bad mf. Earlier I had the TR-Rack, some of the TR sounds you´ll find here too, but with new effects and filters this one rocks the shit out of them. The expansion possibilties and the integrated sampler are just great. Everyone should have their own Triton-Rack!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-27-2002 at 18:00
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