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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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Don a part-time user writes:
Yes, this and the MS2000 are the best Korgs in my opinion. If you have both as I do, then you have few sonic limitations. This comes from a man with quite a bit of knowledge about synthesizers. Having tried the Jupiter 8, the forefather of the Wavestation: the Prophet VS, the MS 20, etc, I can only say that for sound and features, the Wavestation (and the MS2000) are two of my absolute favourites, and for music-making will never be swaped for any other analogue (or digital) beast. My advice for those out there keen on buying expensive rarieties, is to try the different machines first and then decide how to spend your money. Don´t let the hype fool you, we are after all just talking about different generators of sound, so testing these out for yourself is the best way to go. The wavestation is one of the best but takes some time to program. Wanna hear what the wavesequences are capable of: check out "Violator" from Depeche Mode.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-22-2003 at 03:43
Terry Hopper a professional user from Ct., USA writes:
This is THE space synthesizer!!! I researched very carefully before deciding on the EX. I bought used on the net, just got it back from service like brand new!!! This synth will be yielding sonic surprises long after today's models are out of fashion. I echo many others in begging Korg to make a wavestation 2003 although I probably wouldn't be able to afford it. One more thing- I love those long-throw pitch and mod wheels, can't imagine how Korg could put that stupid thing on the Karma and triton. And why hasn't anybody reproduced the timeslice synth rom for the rest of us? Oscillate on!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-09-2002 at 20:01
Matthias Andersson a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
I bought my Wavestation EX in 1998 and it has served it's purpose well. The sound from this machine is truly awesome. I find the programming a bit tricky, especially the wavesequencing. But after a while i get the programming done. I only have two negative things to say about it and the first on is the keys. The tend to get sticky. The only way to fix is to open it up and dismantle the keyboard. It's not all that easy but i have done it a few times now. The second thing is that certain sounds get distorted. This seem to be a common problem among other synthesizers too. I think it is really strange that you can push the oscillators so hard that they begin to distort. I know i can turn down the gain but then sounds in the banks has all very different volume between each other. Anyways this machine is a real good one and i won't let it go for anything. Over and out.....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-08-2002 at 22:21
Nick Chan a part-time user from Malaysia writes:
I own a wAvestation 1st version. I love it so much I bought another, EX version. MIDI is not ok, but is EXCELLENT. its f*cking great midi controller. 8 part performance, and more, you can stack 16 performance in multi, and each part/midi channel, u can set internal, both, or external etc...... Nice output, DACs. just so clean, unmistakable ! Effects are too ! Sounds are legendary, fun to play. New Zealand patch must be my all-time fav. EPianos, very good ! Strings beautiful, though I prefer Roland warm strings. Almost every wave here is beautiful, horns HONK, mighty expressive. I own alesis QS7, well OK, 01w, hmmm not bad, N5 , eww sucks, SY77 , ooo FAT, too bad I don't like FM. Wavestation ?? Superb ! Weird that korg didn't include resonant filters for many of their early 90's synths.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-20-2002 at 04:25
filip a part-time user from belgium writes:
Now and then I pick up some gear and start to make music again. I have fun for a while, but everytime something comes along and I start to sell the gear to concentrate (and free up money) on something else. That has happened three times in about 12 years now. Everytime I buy gear I really NEED to have a Korg Wavestation EX. The first time was in the early nineties and I bought it new. The second time was in 1996 and I bought it cheap. The last time was in 2001 and I bought it even cheaper. And that is amazing, because the Wavestation to me is still the only synth that really moves me. It's digital, sure, but aftre spending a couple of days with it, I always end up with truely remarkable sounds that you simply will not find on ANY other synth. Through the past years I owned pretty much everything that is possible: from Roland JD-800 over Korg Trinity to old time classics like Juno, Jupiter and MS-flavours. But nothing compares, I said, nothing compares to a Korg Wavestation (Thank you Prince, for the inspiration :-))

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-27-2002 at 10:02
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