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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Phil MacNutt a hobbyist user from usa writes:
An excellent deal for under $400. Filters are a bit weak, but plenty of good sounds. Excellent drums. NOTE no portamento (glide)!! So even though it has some really good lead synth sounds (square and saw), you cannot glide the thing. Very good organs. Pianos are weak. Very easy to program using a computer and the sound editor program.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-25-1999 at 17:10
Sjoerd van der Kooij a professional user from Holland writes:
The first module I bought. A lovely impact for its fine format, and price. With it's enormous size of beautifull sounds and effects it's a super module for live use, and studio set up. I use it for both (studio + live)..! Just try it

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-12-1999 at 09:27
Bernd Lohse a hobbyist user from Norway writes:
The Korg X5/DR is very comfortable to use in connection with a PC using the Korg X5 Editor. You don't need any further MIDI-extension-cards in your PC because X5DR represents a fully Midi-interface, so that it is absolutely no problem to connect other instruments (I use a Yamaha Pf 80 as a masterkeyboard and a Roland MC 303 Groovebox in X5's backwater ...) All parameters are very easy to control with a common sequencer like Steinbergs Cubase.

The 64-polyphony delivers a good performance even with 16 tracks, so the X5/DR could be used well as a stand alone sound engine. The GM section is unneccesary and bad. You're better of creating your own sounds.

Because of the low price I'll recommend the whole X5 series -to beginners and money-savers.

Sounds: The caracter of the X5 is the one of a real KORG. Melancholic, spherical pads, "rain dropping" bells, guitars and pianos, and don't forget the numberless organs. Layered oscillators can give a very bright sound - ideal for Pad's or lead-synths. Unfortunately there's a lack of reasonable filters. "Resonance" seems to be a foreign word to the creators of X5. And the basses sound thin. The latter makes the X5 unreasonable for professional use. But it could be a fine tool in combination with other instruments.


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-09-1999 at 14:37
Don a professional user from USA writes:
Very good box for meat and potatoes sounds. Sold my O3R/W for $400. and bought this for $399. Saves space and has double the sounds. Nice hot output. Pretty clean. One reviewer mentioned sounds being noisy. Used it in the studio a couple times last week and noticed no more noise than what comes out of any sample-playback machine. Great Wurlitzer piano. Nice brass and analog-type stuff. Drums are punchy and clean, cymbals ring forever. Perc and 808 stuff sounds great. Got talked into an NS5R by the G. Center employee...oops. Brought it back the next day and got what I came for, the X5DR. NS5R is very noisy, low output, very cheesy sounding little non-rackmountable box. Confusing and irritating architecture. Junk. This little guy has already paid for itself and will work alongside my other boxes nicely for years to come.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-07-1999 at 13:29
Patrick D. Rosenbalm a professional user from TN, USA writes:
Not a bad sound in the thing!!! Although Korg could have left the rap shit out as far as I'm concerned. The only week point is the piano could be better. I have a Korg P3 piano that is killer. The X5DR can be edit with a PC with either Korg's software or X-Edit. If you are into your own sounds this is the way to go as the possiblities are endless and so are the sounds when you are scrolling though all 430 of them on the front panel. I highly recommend one!

The real nice thing about this and any Korg gear with the PC interface in it is that if you have an older laptop that won't support a soundcard or any other way of getting MIDI in and out you now have a way if you have a serial port and Windows 3.1 of better running on it. Laptops are great for live, practice and small spaces. I love portablity! Hey, all you need to jam in the wild is 12 volts for an X5DR or 05/RW or tons of other gear that uses 12 volt wall warts. Just check the polarity and make sure it doesn't want AC like Alesis gear.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-28-1998 at 01:35
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