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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Inflatable Boy a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I picked up one of these guys for only $175...gotta say, it's one of the best buys I've made in awhile. Coupled with my beloved Roland XP50, I've got all the sounds I could need. Though the piano sounds are a little weak, this unit has some of the best ethereal/ambient patches...and the strings are very rich. For under $200 on eBay, you'll find this unit to be an excellent value for your money, despite the rather clunky interface.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-15-2005 at 19:21
Sven a hobbyist user from Utrecht (The Netherlands) writes:
I was looking for my first soundmodule and found the Korg X5DR in a second-hand shop.Quickly i went back home to look on the internet first for reviews and hit this site.You guys convinced me to buy it within seconds.And guess what..i have only paid 80 euro for it!And guess what..I too love this device way too much!!A new life of professional instrument sounds was blown into my keyboard. The Korg X5DR is just amazing.No questions,just buy this little magicbox!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-24-2005 at 13:27
ian from asia writes:
just got mine cheap no manual,just wanna ask some help from you do you save your voice settings in multi mode...cause everything goes to default after i turn it off...then i had to find and re set really is a pain especially when im onstage...need help guys..thanx! email

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-28-2005 at 23:24
Craig Rodmell a part-time user from New Zealand writes:
GOOD STUFF: I bought one sight unseen after trying out an X5 that was in stock in the shop. I had noticed that the X5 was full of stuff that I would use, at a price that I could reasonably afford to pay; and not overburdened with a lot of stuff that I would never use. The X5DR was only just out, and it had all that the X5 had and more (except a keyboard, which I didn't need). An immediate advantage was 64 polyphony (one only has to play a few chords in a combi like "12 Stereo" (in preset-b) with the sustaining pedal down to realise that polyphony can be eaten up fast. I use this combi all the time. Another stand-out is Whirly. Another is Mr. Tone. There are many many other really good sounds that are too numerous to mention.

I quite like the demo "Around the World", by Stephen Kay. Quite amusing.

STINKERS: Acoustic Piano. 2 out of 10. I like the way it graduates between loud and soft playing - but the basic sample itself is no damn good (I suspect derived from the M1). Korg, please throw this one away and burn it. I ended up getting another Roland U-110 to do the piano chores. Orchestral Strings are another weak point (Again, I use a U-110 for these). Tremolo Strings in the GM section is a joke.

Sending single programs and combis as sys-ex messages is there (and useable) - but cumbersome. This should have been in the Global section.

Power supply. 0 out of 10. I'll never again buy anything using a line-lump power supply. The one supplied with mine crapped out within a month, and couldn't be fixed or replaced. (I eventually found a wall-wart that was okay for it.) I've had nothing but trouble with line-lumps. I'm not greatly keen on wall-warts either.

Why oh why can presets a and b not exist side-by-side together? This would approximately quadruple the usefulness of an already useful module.

Pitch bend. This is only assignable at Program level. Yes, this IS a stinker. I mean, have YOU ever heard of a trombone or electric bass player that confined themselves to two-semitone glissandos? You might say, why not set it at Program level to something else? Reason: what happens when you play a combination with that program in it, and it's set to 5 semitones and the rest are at 2 (or whatever)..... Pitch bend should have been assignable at combination level as well. (Though, to be fair, when it's in Multi mode, you can assign different pitch bends by sys-ex to each part, which override the program settings.)

I'm not a great fan of Korg's habit of transposing sounds (not just bass sounds) down an octave. Possibly that's because I'm a pianist at heart, and I use an 88-note master keyboard. Most of the sounds in bank A are like this, and so were a lot of the combinations, necessitating a lot of laborious transposition.

OVERALL: A good and very useful piece of gear that didn't break the bank. It has it's fair share of warts and clunkers, like most gear; but it's also got more than it's share of good stuff. I've been using mine for 7 years now, and will carry on doing so until it dies.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-14-2002 at 23:19
Theodore Kefalopoulos a hobbyist user from Alexandria-Greece writes:
This is my first-ever module and it seems to be the perfect path to dreams. It's one of the best modules at what they should be used for (pads, FX, noises etc), a LFO to modulate panpot would be great though. In my opinion synthesizers should only be used for sounds that can't be produced by any other instrument. If you want a piano sound, get a real piano and learn to use it. If you want a guitar or a brass sound do the same. If you want abstract, imaginary sounds then use a synthesizer. If you want to make ambient-atmospheric music, use an X5DR and get instant access to the most soporific dreams...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-11-2002 at 10:42
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