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blue a professional user from Berlin writes:
Korg X911... Was my first analog Synthie ,when I started making electronic-music with just a Digital Keyboard and an Atari 1040 st in 1994. First I saw it as a kinda toy for some crazy guitarists,but with time and a lot of sessions I began to love it more and more. It´s Bass-sounds are very strong and fat. If you choose the lowest oktave of the synthie, and mix Electric Bass and Distortion guitar together you´re in bass-heaven. the X-911 has still it´s place in my studio,and I still use it and love it!!!

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-07-2000 at 12:14
Shayne Cafferata from Moose Jah, Saskatchewan, Canada writes:
Some undesirable characteristics of my unit are:1) A noisy direct out(actually a hum).2) The highest octave on the preset side does not cancel once it has been pressed. 3)The obvious tracking problems in the synth mode(it just makes you play precise and religiously monophonic). Endearing qualities: 1) The way it glitches when you strum a full sustaining barre chord in distortion mode(through a delay, of course). 3) Incredible bass sounds. 4) Guitar and distortion modes actually process the original signal, whereas the synth section detects pitch only.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-10-2000 at 17:36
Shayne Cafferata a part-time user from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada writes:
I've been playing my X-911 for about 1/2 a year and I'm still discovering new things about it . I recently used my E-bow with it and got a feedback that blew me away! I also did some meditative breathing into a mic, processing the X-911 with a long, subtly modulating delay and wound up rather entangled in the rings of Saturn. I have a number of old guit synths including GR 300's, 700, 77B, which all have their own special place in my life, but the X-911 is my drug of choice for now. It does have it's limitations, but don't we all. In fact they are what make us speyshul(spatial).

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-08-2000 at 16:36
Leo Z from Denver CO writes:
The KORG X-911 is the thing to have. If you think for a second that the ROLAND TB303 is hot , than you will burennnnnn with this. it does so many things and its just sound so acidic and fat. I do have many aunth including SH101,SH09,ARP Axxe,MOOG Minimoog,MC-202 TB303 and a lot more.. but when Iv'e got my X911 everything changed. I can run my gtr and synth and a lot more through it.

Its an MS20 engine with up to 11 diffrent sound source running in the same time... If you want to sell it - Ill buy it...

posted Monday-Jan-25-1999 at 16:36
David R. O'Hearn a part time user from Canada writes:
The Korg X911 was a first attempt (for me) using guitar synthesizers. I bought it shortly after it was introduced (was still in high school) and spent many happy hours messing around with it. Yes, the sounds ARE cheesy and sound quite simple; however, you could produce some need doubling effects by slightly detuning it, etc. -or- use it to place a funky bass sound on top of your guitar. Since the sounds were somewhat less than usable a great deal of the time, I also resorted to using the &quot;synth-wah&quot; and distortion by themselves. It still ranks up there as one of my favourite guitar sounds. In fact, I ended up using the X911 in a live setting quite a bit. I would place it on the floor, use a foot pedal to turn it on/off and use my foot (being careful, of course) to &quot;twist&quot; the &quot;wah&quot; knob back and forth (too cheap to buy a proper wah-wah pedal, I guess!). What I miss most is a lack of MIDI implementation. I still think it could be used as a monophonic MIDI input device (for leads, etc.). If anybody knows of any CV-to-MIDI conversions that might be accomplished for this unit, please let me know. All in all, a neat little unit, not extremely useful, but a fun toy to have around. In fact, I think I'll unpack it, plug it in and rediscover its charm ... All in all, a cool

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:42
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