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Earl Blaize a professional user from USA writes:
The DSM-1 is a very hot sampler in my book. Listen to the good things you've read above. I have 3 DSM-1 samplers. I've used it on a few album projects for Imago & Warp records and it's still getting a heavy workout. What makes it cut above many of these other samplers, is that it receives MIDI volume control messages. This is a beautiful feature for automating the audio for mutes and fades. You can create sounds using the built in waveforms. I give it top votes!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-20-2001 at 20:49
sjmojo a professional user writes:
i owned a dsm-1 between 88-93.the 2nd sampler i bought since the akai s7000(quick disks).i sold the akai and one year later i bought the korg,it's quite dry and digital,but not clean as the akai.the 16 outs is ridiculous 'coz it's only 4-part multi and only one voice per out.the sound tends to hi-freq and digital,later i bought an ensoniq eps16plus and kurzweil k2000s to replace it,both od f them just easily blew it away by their warmth and fatness.i think the only good thing in dsm-1 is the bulti-in synth function,but again,it's all digital sounding,even though it had sine,square,saw,etc so-called analog-named digital osc,useless.but i will still give a 2 due to the korg,the name.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-05-2001 at 14:55
annoin a professional user from USA writes:
I would like to say that I am a faithful fan of Korg designs for over 3 decades. I bought the DSS-1 and used it for 2 years with maximum pleasure, while most of my keyboard buddies went after Akai/Ensoniq. and than I thought that I needed more memory... So I sold it and bought a DSM-1.

What A Mistake! I still kick myself for it.

The DSM-1 is one of the most complicated/un-user friendly sampler out there.. except for the old Yamaha Tx-16w ( the No. 1 complicated !) just try to assign the 16 outputs and you'll understand.

Korg totaly killed the good part of their samplers scheme, and that is why they never did make another sampler again - it was because of the failed and muddy DSM-1.

what is good about it:

1. 16 notes poly

2. 4 banks of sound ( X4 times of the DSS-1 )

3. 16 outputs.

Whats bad about it:

1. NO FILTERS ( VCF) what so ever. that was the "secret" sauce of the DSS-1 - Analog Filters ! the DSS-1 was a sampler/synthesizer.

2. the 16 outputs are MONO ( only 1 note per output..what were they thinking ?)

3. No digital delay or any effects what so ever and a MONO output !!!

4. I did play both units side by side ( same disk) and the DSS-1 sounded better by far ( the synth section).

5. It is just a plain 12 bit sampler with no character at all.

my Casio SK-5 or Yamaha VS-330 has a filter in it !

You have to remember that in those days Korg came out with some of their worse keyboards: 707,Poly 800II, to name a few.

I still don't understand why Korg did not leave the Awsome VCF Filters inside this beast - They would of sold thousends.

I realy think it was one of their biggest mistakes and the main cause for their ultimate economic downfall before Yamaha stepped in and bought them out and put new designers to work.

don't bother at all.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-24-2001 at 03:07
Ted Perlman a professional user from USA writes:
Your review of the mighty DSM-1 is totally inacurate. 1.The unit has 16 separate outputs (not 8) - making it awesome for recording. None of the Akai units have 16. This beast can output all of your drums to a separate input on your mixer. The BOMB! 2.Polyphony is 16, not 8. And it's intelligent 16 - meaning if you have 13 drums set for separate outputs and you only have 3 notes of polyphony remaining, you can set up your loops and samples using the main out and none of the notes will cut off. I do it everyday. 3.It's a 12-bit unit. If you like the sound of the EMU SP1200, you're gonna piss over this baby. 4.Sampling rate goes from 16 - 24 - 32 - 48. I personally sample everything except hi hats and cymbals at 24k, giving me the FATTEST sounds anyone's ever heard - breakbeats, drums, vocals, guitars, basses - yoou name it and this baby gives it something that sounds KILLER. In Closing: I have TWO (2) DSM-1's. If I find another I will buy it immediately. No matter what instruments I get for my studio, this will always be the centerpiece. Not only does it work great, is extremely fast and user friendly, and never fails, but NOBODY has ever heard of it which makes it the ultimate &quot;WORK BEAST&quot; in my book. If you get one just have a little patience with the manual. In typical Korg fashion it, well, for lack of a better word, SUCKS. But once you figure it out - BOO YAH!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:42
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