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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Ryan Anderson a professional user from USA writes:
I've been very satisfied with the performance of this fine gem...the band that I am currently in uses the keyboard quite frequently, and have recorded quite a few projects with it...I enjoy it's ability to go anywhere from a precise polyphonic metronome to a nice wavy wash with the flick of a key...this is analog at it's finest, just before the dawn of MIDI...everyone that I know who has one just kind of ended up with it, I don't know anyone who's actually purchased one...out...

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:43
ANDREW MEDINA a professional user from USA writes:
I Think its a wounderful synthasizer ,because of its FMX effects . Sure if you play polka , or classical music or jazz then you have no need for that type of wierd sounds FX. SO DON&quot;T KNOCK IT, Just because you don't know how to use those effects in a creative way Jeremiah M Stanfill.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:43
N8 a part time user from Colorado, writes:
I a monopoly past down from my dad who used it in his rock

band in the early 80's , along with a polysix both of which

I'm now using to produce progressive trance. The monopoly

puts out some crazy sounds through the effects function, most

of which I've never heard on any recording. I've got it patched in

in a couple ways to the polysix, one from the mono trig. out

to the arppegiator of the six, and the mono. CV to the fcM of the

six. It's fun having the two work as one, but I dont have very

much flexibility without sampling power. I do love the sounds I

get out of the monopoly, especially the bass. I dig hitting

a 4 note (in P5's) arpeggio going two 8va's up and down with

effects on and my EG intensity at about -3. It's groovy as hell

and leaves me with so much to manipulate . Keep in mind as you read this

I'm still young and not versed in the ways of synthesis as the big boys

but Ive been experimenting with this synth since I was 15, and I

still find newer phatter sounds. I love the Mono/Poly.

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:43
monkey lewis a hobbyist user from the back of the theatre writes:
well, this little, well, not little...that's precisely it, this synth is amazing because it can crack the bajesus both out of moogs and roland BUT remeber this is a korg. a sound entirely its own. not as wet as a Roland, and not as bright as a Moog...and that arpeggiator is phenomenol. and the chord hold function that plays a chord monophonicaly is super. this lil' bapper is packed with should complete anyone's monophonic collection it does run hot, but it is nice to know that it is really working hard for you, the knobs on mine are a little looser than I like 'em to be. anyway it's cheap to! so why not buy one, cheap is always the way to go with synths, I means after all, no one really needs to spend money on something that makes silly noises, you should just bang on a locker, or kick an animal, or yell into a box, maybe burn someone, or rip some fabric, sound should always be free, but synth are just "confirmed sound" if you say, that you have a prophet 600, a moog prodigy, and an MC-202... you are just confirming to your self and others that you can make noise, but anyone can make noise, I mean slap your inner thigh, or throw a rock at some cans...that is all free, but if free noise isn't enough, and you need to confirm yourself and others that you truly are a "noisemaker" then buy vintage synths, and buy 'em cheap. that is the way of the munke

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:43
Jonas Brogren a part time user from Sweden writes:
I bought my Mono-Poly in the mid 80´s. At that time it costed 490 USD. Now, I´ve found it in a music store in Sweden. Guess the price ? 1000 USD! Quite much for second-hand electronics.

I like the sound of the M.P. very much, especially the flutelike, Zawinulish sounds which you create with a triangular or narrow PW waveform. You can also get nice hornstab attacks by modulating the

PWM waveform by the EG/filter. Another good thing is that you can modulate the timbre (read filter) by the pitch wheel. It makes your sound very expressive. A sad thing is that you can´t store your programs in a

memory bank. I´ve got a big loose-leaf binder with patches, but of course it takes time to change the patches in a concert. Overall, it´s a good synth, but don´t expect natural keyboard sounds ( even if you can program a good synth-clavinet),

and digital-sounding pads. The fonky bassounds are the baddest!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:43
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